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Official Website: click here
Date Updated: May 5, 2006
Address: 456 Wellington ST W, Toronto
Phone: (416) 260-9393

Nearest Major Intersection: Bathurst St & Queen St W


Reservations Required: No
Dress Code: Casual Chic
Line Up: Yes


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Bhanu Overall: October 29, 2006
1 out of 1 people found this review helpful. On Oct 28 2006, I celebrated my birthday at C Lounge. Before deciding on where to party, I read many many horrible reviews of C Lounge, and frankly was very worried about how my night would turn out. However I'm very thankful I didn't experience anything close to that. I got hooked up very nicely because of the work done by the Guest Services at the hotel I was staying and the driver of car that we arrived in. It's a decent lounge! Atmosphere was very nice! Seating was comfortable! Drinks were well made! Music was amazing! Service in the washroom/spa was kind and polite! My only complaint was one of the bartenders that had a slight misunderstanding of our order. It was later in the evening, and we orders a few waters. She apparently clarified that they were vodka-waters and not just waters. None of my party recalls her doing that. However after she brought the vodka-waters, and we told her we just wanted waters, she didn't bother bringing us the waters, and she also didn't look at us again. Not really an issue, because she knows she wasn't getting any money from us on that order, but accepting a mistake in the service industry has never been down upon. Overall I rate C Lounge: 4 indoor designer water fall fixtures out of 5!

Thanks toronto.ibegin.com!!!!

I recommend this place.
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Reviews: 99Badges: 11This user has a UserRank of 7
Overall: June 11, 2006
1 out of 4 people found this review helpful. its a hassle to get into this place. there is no line. its more like a semi circle of ppl waiting at the door hoping the bouncer looks at you after consulting with the guest list checker. my buddy made reservations with guest list but for some reason our name wasn't on the list. so we had to wait a little longer. good thing it wasn't a very busy night or we could have been waiting for quite a while. kudos to the bouncer tho, who was the most respectful and polite bouncer i've ever encountered. cover is $10 and dress code is strict.

once inside tho, the atmosphere is really nice and the female staff are friendly and hot. in the back is the pool with big lounge couches and cabanas, which totally kicks butt. the food is open late as well, which is a bonus.

the drinks are on the higher end but not outrageous, and their is VIP booths with bottle service if you can afford it ($150 was the cheapest bottle i saw, not sure if there is a minimum bottle order).

overall i'd give it a thumbs up, i had a great time.

I recommend this place.
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Reviews: 38Badges: 9This user has a UserRank of 7
Overall: February 16, 2006
4 out of 7 people found this review helpful. In terms of atmosphere, C Lounge is very very nice. In summer, they have a big area outside and a pool in the middle (which you are not allowed to swim in!), surrounded by V.I.P. cabanas. Indoors, the mood is relaxed with a soft ambient music and candlelights. There are a couple of V.I.P. booths inside which I think each one requires the purchase of 2 bottles (in 2005, I think a bottle of Smirnoff cost around $150).
The service is ok. It seems I'm not the only one who thinks that the staff seem a bit stiff sometimes. But if you enjoy giving your order to beautiful ladies behind the bar, then you won't be dissappointed.
The lounge is a bit pricey. I think they have a $10 cover charge after 11, and the drinks cost a dollar or two more than other places.
I would recommend this place to everyone. I partied my birthday here last year, and I'm doing it again in 2 days.
***UPDATE***: I ended up not going to the place after all, but I hear they have an ICE LOUNGE as well! It's a bar made of ice, and to get to it, you need to stand in another lineup AGAIN! (so 1 at the door, and 1 for the ice lounge) and pay a separate cover charge!! Wow! And they also provide you with jackets once you enter it, because apparently, it's really really cold!

I recommend this place.
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