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Official Website: click here
Date Added: March 1, 2006
Address: 480 SPADINA AVE , Toronto
Phone: (416) 763-9139

Nearest Major Intersection: College St & Spadina Ave


Reservations Required: N/a
Dress Code: N/a
Line Up: No (or n/a)


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Overall: April 13, 2008
7 out of 11 people found this review helpful. If its normal to you to shit backwards on a toilet seat and just leave it, its the place to go, if its normal to clog sinks,flush plastic cups down the toilet,tear things out of the walls,its the place to go,if its normal to puke in the corners,leave all your shit,although big bins are just in front of you,its the place to go.
But they do have great music. Addy is just divine.Not to forget the staff.; - )
Please tip the cleaners,show them respect for being able to keep up with your people, they are having a hard time,trying to keep the toilets okay, they have to stay out there 24/ 7 just to keep up. God bless the cleaners.

I recommend this place.
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Andrew Overall: July 3, 2007
16 out of 18 people found this review helpful. I find it difficult to go anywhere other than the Comfort Zone to party for two reasons. First, the music is 100 % guaranteed to be outstanding. Second, the people who come to this club truly respect your space and you won't be bothered if you do not want to be (an exception would be Gay Pride where tons of visitors show up and start pinching and slapping, which can be annoying if you are there to dance and dance with no shirt on).

The first point above is self-explanatory but the second requires more texture. There is an area in the middle of the club that seems to attract a plethora of great looking gay men. I have met quite a few now and the vast majority will approach me and, 9.5 times of 10, ask me about my abs versus hitting on me. Further, most seem to like partying with a diverse crowd. Finally, there are some fantastic dancers. Versus a style that I have which is more about style and flow (somewhat ethereal), there are a lot of guys here that have a real direct, hard, almost guttural or animalistic approach to dancing. Much harder on the calves, hamstrings and lower back, but great to incorporate or change the pace. To conclude, I move around alot in there even when it is crowded and have never hit anybody (unless they move suddenly, stupidly, or both) since they all know what they are doing. Great group of guys.

My new favorite area, however, is toward the exit to the smoking area behind the men's bathroom. There are a ton of Asian folks there and not many non-Asians hang out there for too long. However, there are two major redeeming qualities pertaining to this group. First, they don't talk to you. They are doing their thing and you are doing yours. Awesome. Second, they have a wonderful sense of spacing with regards to dancing. Watch any of them dance for 15 to 30 seconds and you will see their movements rarely deviate beyond 1 to 2 yards in either direction. You are completely safe and won't get hit in there. There are a few exceptions, meaning guys that can move around alot and quickly, but the majority of them are "legendary" dancers, "Michael Jordan" like. If u see them, u should sit down, watch and learn and then head to a quiet area and practice. I have learned a ton from some of these people. Not only are the moves innovative and challenging, but the confidence derived from executing against them is an ancillary benefit that permeates through your whole routine as well.

Finally, the majority of people are actually quite friendly if you push it. This weekend I was feeling kind of funky and needed cigarettes. None of my crowd was there, so I asked an Asian girl that I always dance with to come with me. Her English is kinda non-existent but she came with me after my lame non-verbal communication of the situation. Once outside, I realized my money was in my car, which was parked in a back alley behind my business (always good, or maybe bad, to have a business near cozo), and she trusted me enough to make sure I got there ok. Anyway, I got the $, we went to the store, and then she came back to cozo with me. Then she disappeared. No need for pleasantries, fake hugs and kisses, etc. Glad to help now "see ya"! Love that. If I did that at another club, I don't think the people would be as trusting.

Finally, I have had a ton of CoZo folks at my place and at my business (what the freak do you do between 4 am when it closes and 6 am when it opens on Mondays?). None of them has ever stolen anything or acted inappropriately. This includes men, women, Canadians, and various folks from all over the world.

If u love great music, love to dance, and want to meet a real eclectic group of individuals, the Comfort Zone will not disappoint. Just don't be aggressive. That doesn't go over well there!

I recommend this place.
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Chris Overall: April 7, 2007
9 out of 10 people found this review helpful. Comfort zone is definitely worth hitting up if you're into DIRTY electro house beats. Like people have said before me, there are definitely sketchers there, but what place doesnt have it's form of 'sketch' people??? i mean seriously. Even an innocent university pub has it's 'creepers'. Like liz said- if you're a stuck up snob, theres no place for you in the zone, but if you're open minded (and most people will be by the time zone opens) you'll have a great time !
I recommend this place.
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