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Date Added: March 7, 2006
Address: 117 Dundas ST E, Toronto
Phone: (416) 916-2156

Nearest Major Intersection: Yonge St & Queen St E


Reservations Required: No
Dress Code: None
Line Up: No (or n/a)


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Boris Horvat Overall: March 10, 2007
1 out of 1 people found this review helpful. Hello togehter. Guten Tag. Dober dan! :-)
I just can recommend that nice bar. Everybody is friendly, from the owner to the waitress.
I had really all the time a very good time at Good Tymez. I really appreciate that, that I was always welcome. Thank you guys:-). Morover they have a great choice of beers and the food is perfect. Hope to see you soon Good Tymez gang!

Boris & Melly

I recommend this place.
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Laura Overall: December 9, 2006
5 out of 7 people found this review helpful. I went into the bar drunk last night at around 12:30. Half in the bag after a christmas party.
I was served a beer. Minding my own business mostly.
I had my digital camera and took a picture of a lady singing. I was in a pretty good mood. Although, just moving to this city and living in a
pretty rough neighbourhood has been challenging.

Instead of asking me to delete the photo- or turn off my camera- or ask me to leave the bar because i had not asked permission to use the camera -
I was told to get out by the owner who decided he "didn't like me."

I was called a "dyke"
and told that I should go take pictures of my dyke and faggot friends

I'm not gay.

but i did shut down a conversation with an older man earlier on in favour of my beer and camera. I guess if a pretty girl doesn't like to talk to old men she must be a lesbien. Makes perfect sense doesn't it? ((heavy sarcasm))

On the way out that older man aggressively called me a "liar" and "Faker" because I didn't want to discuss Kant just after last call.

Good Tymez Cafe - has an owner who uses hate speech
and now everytime I walk down Dundas Street on my way to school- I get to look at that place and be reminded of the kind of ignorance that can breed in these pubs when an outsider steps in the door for the first time.

Friendly city this Toronto...

I do not recommend this place.
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Steve White Overall: October 30, 2006
3 out of 3 people found this review helpful. Good Tymez is in the midst of a "difficult" neighbourhood -- Dundas St. at Dalhousie St. Without clientèle control, bars in this neighbourhood can get seedy and out of control. Yet Good Tymez is a pleasant oasis and an exception from the "streety" nearby boozehalls.

The owners of Good Tymez exercise a fair but canny kind of triage on potential customers. They don't overserve. They don't tolerate troublesome patrons.

That said, the pub is a cozy little place with a congenial atmosphere. Smoking accommodations vary with that vagaries of City Council, but remain adequate, and not noxious to non-smokers.

You can surf the 'Net or play a computer game while sipping your Keith's at Good Tymez! I've heard persistent rumours that it's possible to sing karaoke on Wednesdays, but I've yet to let loose my exceptional lungs and angelic three-octave voice there, though I'll continue to make an effort to show up Wednesdays to get my yah-yahs out, so to speak.

Owners: congenial and hospitable. Staff: Edgy and humour-sensible.

Leave your attitude at the door and enjoy a chat and a pint at this fine little place.

Steve White
Wordsmith Editorial Services
(This is NOT a paid endorsement!)

P.S.: I understand the nosh is exceptional, though I've always dined =before= visiting the pub, and haven't yet ordered from the menu. Count on good victuals with a nice European touch, if my usually reliable sources are correct. :{]

I recommend this place.
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