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Date Updated: March 21, 2006
Address: 579 Church ST , Toronto
Phone: (416) 966-5122
Fax: (416) 966-9823

Nearest Major Intersection: Yonge St & Bloor St W


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Reviews: 1Badges: 0This user has a UserRank of 1
Overall: November 5, 2007
13 out of 15 people found this review helpful. I just had the most horrible experience with this place. My little Yorkie had a sore tummy and the vets totally scared me into doing all kinds of unnecessary tests that cost over $1000.00 in less than 24 hours. I told them that if she responded to just antibiotics and some zantac that they wouldn't go ahead with all the other tests. They did anyway! She was fine all she needed was some Imodium. I am mortified that this has happened and have been asking around the neighbourhood and found that many people have had this same thing happen.
This is not pet care, this is totally taking advantage of me, my pet and my bank account!
The man who is at the front desk is not welcoming and very bad for business.

I do not recommend this place.
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Mick Overall: October 21, 2006
9 out of 10 people found this review helpful. Doctors are great; support staff is terribly lackluster.
We've taken our little guy in anumber of times, and where DAH fails is in their promise to keep their patients up-to-date on tests and medicinal matters. We gave them the stool sample, they promised to let us know of the results within days. In the first case, it took a month, and WE had to call THEM to find out that the dog was tested POSITIVE for an ailment and the dog should be put on medicine RIGHT AWAY. Their explaination? "We tried calling but the number was out of service." (Bull$#!&) And why didn't you call the second or third numbers to our cel phones to tell us?

The second time it happened again. Despite being told "We'll call you with the results in a few days", no call was received, but a call was made to the hospital to find, yet again, that our dog tested positive for another ailment.

Don't make promises you don't intend to keep and don't tell us the animal's health is of utmost importance if you're willing to let a positive test result be forgotten or filed away. We're taking our dog elsewhere.

I do not recommend this place.
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Reviews: 79Badges: 15This user has a UserRank of 8
Overall: October 23, 2006
18 out of 21 people found this review helpful. When we first got our puppy, and looked up vets near us (on iBegin of course), this was the first one we considered. Having lived nearby, we had walked by this place quite a few times.

The overall experience was satisfactory. The vet was very nice, and very patient and explained things great. She did try selling us pet insurance, but wasn't too pushy about it.

The support staff are friendly but overworked. Every time I go there they are always busy with phone calls, other people, or what not. It is a successful business - that is good, but hire some more people to help out. Been there about 5-6 times, and always the same - very rushed.

As we had a puppy, we did give stool to test. We were told that unless there is something wrong, we won't get a phonecall. Unfortunately we did - he had some worms. We did give the medication as required, and after giving his stool, did not hear back. In retrospect (and reading Mick's review) perhaps we should have called just to make sure.

The one problem was when we were driving through the US (and taking our puppy), we called to ask if we could get the necessary paperwork. The woman I talked to was completely confused, and would not get a hold of someone who would. Instead of arguing with her, I just waited and called back an hour later. That time the guy who picked up knew what was going on, and was very helpful.

So - the vets are nice, and they do seem to genuinely care about pets. Just beware of how everything feels very hectic.

I recommend this place.
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