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Date Added: February 7, 2006
Address: 366 Eglinton AVE W, Toronto
Phone: (416) 322-5996

Nearest Major Intersection: Avenue Rd & Eglinton Ave W


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Overall: September 19, 2008
72 out of 79 people found this review helpful. I found a contact who is on the board of the OPA which is the Ontario Pawnbrokers Association. I've written my complain against this animal!!! There is a code of ethics which I will try to copy and paste below. This man should be locked up. There is NO doubt in my mind that he is very dangerous and a crook! I can't even begin to tell you how upset he made me!!! When I left from speaking with him I was shaking and crying. Please read Number 3. Also please do whatever it takes to close this business.

# Each member shall endeavor to operate the business in a professional manner at all times.

# Each member shall obey the laws that are enacted by the local, provincial and federal governments. Specifically, MEMBERS WILL NOT DEAL IN STOLEN MERCHANDISE AND WILL ASSIST IN PROSECUTING THOSE WHO DO.

# Each member shall treat all customers and competitors with due consideration and respect.

# Each member shall cooperate with law enforcement personnel with respect to their own rights, the rights of their customers and the rights of The Law enforcement officers.

# Each member shall assist the Ontario Pawnbrokers Association in preserving the good name and image of the Association.

# Each member will operate his or her business in such a manner as to enhance the image of pawnbrokers.

# Each member will cooperate with the officers of this Association when dealing with the day to day business of operating the Association.

# Each member will assist the Association in identifying new members so that the Association will increase its members.

# Each member shall assist in the election process to determine the leadership of the Association.

# Each member will endeavor to keep its financial commitment to the Association.

I do not recommend this place.
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Reviews: 1Badges: 0This user has a UserRank of 0
Overall: August 27, 2008
55 out of 62 people found this review helpful. Oliver Jewellery is an asshole son of a bitch.
I had a very bad experience with that no-good Jive-ass trifling son of a bitch as well... He is just a conartist who takes advantage of people who are vulnerable and some time in need of quick cash.

He is just a GESTAPO son of a bitch!!!

I recommend this place.
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Reviews: 1Badges: 0This user has a UserRank of 0
Overall: June 1, 2008
141 out of 147 people found this review helpful. Russell Oliver is the lowest of the low. I had a terrible experience when I went to sell two rings. Since this was my first time selling jewelry, I went to two different buyers to compare what they would give me.

The first guy said he would give $130.00, then $150.00 and when I thanked him and said I was going to do some comparison shopping, he said if you come back he could go to $200.00. One ring was $1000.00 retail and other I had no idea so I really didn't know what I could get for them.

I went to Oliver's and he low balled at first(which is expected). I told
him that the other buyer had offered as high as $200 and he told me to go back to the other guy and if I have any trouble, come back to him and he would give me $180. I went back to the first guy who lied through his teeth and claimed he had not told me anything about how much he would give me if I came back so off I went again to Oliver's. Keep in mind this is all within 30 minutes so neither of these bastards could forget what they had just said.

I came into Oliver's and he said,"I'll give you $120 for both rings. My mouth dropped open. I reminded him that he had just offered me $180.00 fifteen minutes ago. He said I just playing the two buyers against each other and that wasn't nice. I reminded him again that he told me to come back if the other guy didn't follow through. I was enraged. What kind of person does that to another. As I walked out he kept shouting $120,$120, $120.

I would go out of my way to tell anyone NOT to ever go to Oliver's. The man should be dragged off and put away. He has no class, no scruples and no conscience. AVOID him at all costs. No amount of money is worth being taken advantage of my this man.

I do not recommend this place.
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