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Date Added: March 20, 2006
Address: 807 Saint Clair AVE W, Toronto
Phone: (416) 652-7430

Nearest Major Intersection: St. Clair Ave W & Atlas Ave


Reservations Required: N/a
Delivery: No (or n/a)
Dress Code: N/a


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Overall: July 9, 2008
2 out of 2 people found this review helpful. STAY AWAY FROM THIS JOINT!!!

This restaurant USED TO BE good when they served great Peruvian food in the Latin Market at Milvan Drive, where they were very popular over a decade ago. After they moved to St. Clair however, they jacked up their prices to ridiculous levels and the food quality went seriously down.

Greed and disregard for their customers eventually destroyed their reputation and now no decent Peruvian will go there to eat their low quality 5-day old, reheated, and, on top, overpriced food.

That's not my idea of dining out.

Go to El Fogon instead, a short stroll east, just before Vaughan Rd. will take you there, you will TASTE the difference!

Believe me, yo soy Peruano and know how real ceviche and good jalea taste like....


I do not recommend this place.
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Overall: April 24, 2008
5 out of 5 people found this review helpful. You know, i used to love this place. great food friendly environment. TIL TODAY! The owner luis barreto was a real peace of work. First of all, he was being the waiter and didnt even come once to see how we were doing. he gave me a cracked can of pop, and didn't offer anything. i gave him a coupon and then he overcharged me. When i was looking at the bill he had the nerve to ask me "What is your delay?" Excuse me? then when i told him the math was wrong he yelled in my face and said i dont understand and i was wrong. who treats a customer like that? I told him to tone his voice down, and this former favourite restaurant of mine will never be visited by me again. EVER. Even the other workers took his side. No customer deserves treatment like that. On top of it all, at the end without previous notice he mentions...oh yeah..cash only, debit is broken...excellent. Please pass this on.
I do not recommend this place.
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Overall: April 22, 2008
1 out of 3 people found this review helpful. For 15 solid years, the unstoppable Dona Luz Barreto and her family have been offering generous servings of Peruvian staples to Canadians and Latinos alike at their St. Clair West location. "Dona Luz," says her son Luis, who does the lion's share of cooking at the restaurant, "never wants to retire. She prefers to cook!" He tells me she's got more energy than he does and often flies back to Peru to see what's new and exciting in their home country's culinary repertoire. Back in Toronto, Luis whips up some wonderfully aromatic fare, including his terrific take on the Peruvian coastal favourite, the Parihuela or seafood soup. One serving is quite ample for most, so bring your appetites because you get a deep soup bowl full of golden red broth flavoured with seafood, onions, tomato and fresh herbs. Rich and robust, Luis piles calamari rings, clams, shrimp and lots of mussels into the dish; this really is a soup that eats like a proverbial meal! For those that like a little heat in their broth, you can ask for the aji or hot sauce. Just remember, a little dab will do you -- even heat seekers usually find this chili sauce flame-inducing. If you need to quench the fire, ask for one of signature house cocktails, the Pisco Sour. There's some debate as to who can lay claim to this famed drink -- the Peruvians say it's theirs as do the Chileans. Geopolitical drink debates aside, La Cocina de Dona Luz makes a lip-smacking version with pisco (a type of grape brandy), lemon juice, sugar and crushed ice. Think upscale slushy with a citrus twist and you've got a refreshing, not-to-sweet national cocktail that's patio perfect with or without the beach! La Cocina de Dona Luz 807 St Clair W. 416-652-7430 www.donaluz.ca Looking for authentic global flavours on your TV? Catch "Street Eats" every Sunday at 6:30 p.m. on SUN TV.
I recommend this place.
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