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Date Updated: April 11, 2006
Address: 523 QUEEN ST W, Toronto
Phone: (416) 504-1168
Fax: (416) 504-7392

Nearest Major Intersection: Bathurst St & Queen St W


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Overall: August 5, 2008
19 out of 19 people found this review helpful. I do not recommend just one store in Queen West although you will not find those cheap prices anywhere else consider yourselves very lucky! Michael's crafts is the only place you can find beads in most places!

Arton's is cheap and you're paying for the quality... but that also depends on what you're talking about. In regards to glass, wood, resin and shell they're the best place to buy. Unless you really know your gemstones Artons isn't ideal although they offer great deals they do not know enough to tell you what is glass and what is not, or what is dyed and what is real. So if you are just going for the look then definitely go there.

I worked for the better part of a year at Fancy Gems until I couldn't stand it anymore. To select people the owner appears 'nice' but she is no more knowledgeable than any other bead store owner. She knows high quality gemstones but where she buys in China doesn't know their product and she continues to sell poor quality cause it sells. Not everything she has is top quality believe me I have bought a lot of it and a lot has broken or tarnished almost instantly despite her telling every customer that her product is the best and will NOT tarnish.

The Beadery's product is no better or worse than any of the stores on that block they simply chose to go the publicity/media route to make more money. Their product is exactly the same as Arton's or the others they simply smack a big price tag to make you think its more expensive.

Sassy Beads is one I would not recommend unless you are only buying a select amount of beads for a specific piece - as they sell mostly individual beads at a pretty steep price. Their strands are also not reasonable when you see that they are only half strands - whereas Queen West has full strands for half the price.

I recommend this place.
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Overall: April 28, 2008
6 out of 7 people found this review helpful. Anyone who's shopping for beads along Queen West has to expect that they'll only find poor quality. Arton Beads is great for cheap beads (ie. seed beads) and overpriced strings of pearls, but avoid Queen West if you want anything of decent quality. Arton's among the best of the worst, but that's not saying much. (P.S. Watch out for one of the stores across the street -- the guy running it changes his prices depending on the race and gender of the customer. Scary.)
I do not recommend this place.
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Overall: April 10, 2008
3 out of 3 people found this review helpful. Arton Beads is awesome, it's such a small store packed with lots of goodies. I absolutely love the sterling silver section they have. The staff do their best to help even though their knowledge is limited. From all the trips I've made.. everyone was nice & accommodating except for this annoying girl with long blondish hair as if asking any questions was a chore! Don't bother asking her, go to someone else.
Checked out Fancy Gems - the owner seems really friendly, but is a bit upscale & the selection is limited.
Overall Arton has a wide assortment of merchandise at affordable prices!

I recommend this place.
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