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Date Added: March 1, 2006
Address: 268 Dupont ST , Toronto
Phone: (416) 922-2241

Nearest Major Intersection: Dupont St & Spadina Rd


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Carly Overall: March 29, 2007
2 out of 2 people found this review helpful. ***************DO NOT GO TO THIS DRYCLEANER!!**************

I'll tell you my experience. I've been going to Brothers and Sons for 10years. The owners are a nice korean couple. She always had a smile on her face and her husband has limited english but he's also a very nice, quiet man. Anyway, i think the true measure of a quality establishment is how they treat you when things go bad, not just when things are good. All these years, i've had no complaints. A couple of months ago i brought in something to be drycleaned and when i went to pick it up, i found that the item was ruined. The stitching had come undone through the Drycleaning process. Well obviously i was upset. I had the item for years and it was worn during a special occasion so it was dear to me for sentimental reasons. They said they didn't have the machinery to fix it and i had to deal with it.
Well i wasn't going to just "deal with it". So i suggested that i won't pay for the item. i'll find someplace else that will fix it and they can pay the bill for the tailoring. They were going to pay the difference. After much arguing she finally agreed. Well i came back recently with the bill. It was just a small bill. no more than 30 dollars.

Well she had a huge fit saying it was too expensive and she refused to pay for it eventhough she agreed to do that in the first place. This is the thing, they admitted wrong doing. they didn't follow the delicate care instructions for the item and now she turned it on me saying i was at fault for bringing it in the first place! well i'm not a dry cleaning professional. i don't know that some items may detiorate the stiching if brought in. Finally her husband came by and he just wanted it over with. he wrote me out a cheque to cover my damages. The whole while his wife or "animal" shall we call her..was arguing and cursing in korean at both me and him! i felt sorry for him that he went out on a limb for me and now he'll have to deal with the witch for just doing the right thing by the customer.

I reminded her after 10years of being a loyal customer, eventhough i don't live in the area anymore, i still kept coming back, that i couldn't believe i was treated so shabbily over a 20dollar tailoring charge.
She said 'Fine, get out! and don't come back! i don't need your money or your business!" so to that i left what i thought was a good business relationship and friendly rapport too. Btw, i was nothing but civil and polite during the proceedings. i had to tell her several times to not shout and scream and to behave in a professional way. it was ironic that i needed to remind her that we're in a business afterall.

When i got home i realized she had kept the receipt from the store that did the tailoring for me. Well i called back to claim it back and she refused to give it back. all the while saying how i robbed her! all i wanted was my receipt from the store that fixed my garment as it had my partial credit card number on it and my store account number. but she flat out refused that i come back to retrieve it. she claimed it's for her records, eventhough it's my credit card receipt! i brought it in to show her the proof of my charge, not realizing she wouldn't return it afterwards.

To sum up, there are a lot of dry cleaning options out there. They were, i thought, fairly good and consistent cleaners. From the way they threw me out of their store, not even apologizing for ruining a valuable garment, i was in total shock. They didn't have to tell me to not come back, obviously after the poor treatment i had, why would i come back at all? like i even needed to be told to not return. come on!

I'm writing my entire story to save someone else the headache and hassle on dealing with what should have been a very routine, uncomplicated transaction.

The funny thing is, despite the fact that my garment needed repairs, i was still willing to continue to bring future clothes in. But the horrible way i was treated ensures that i will never return. And i urge anyone reading this to not try this cleaners unless you want to be thrown out for a similar reason. This kind of situation happens dozens of times throughout the city i'm sure. I wasn't going to sue them for ruining my item. i just wanted fair and reasonable compensation for making me whole again. and that was simply to pay for the tailoring charge. it really should not have come to that level of degradation.

Tell your family and friends, to avoid them like the plague! i wished i knew then what i know now. Steer clear. there is way better options out there. i hope i have saved even one person from going through the same b.s.

thankyou for reading!!!

I do not recommend this place.
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