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Date Added: March 18, 2006
Address: 772 Queen ST E, Toronto
Phone: (416) 535-1999
Fax: (416) 535-3129

Nearest Major Intersection: Queen St E & Broadview Ave


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Sunir Shah Overall: October 20, 2006
8 out of 12 people found this review helpful. I went to http://www.carbonation.com. I'm never going there again.

So, I had a very simple and direct order. I wanted the mid-range MacBook?, with 1GB of RAM, Windows XP, Parallels, and a VGA adapter. For the sake of it, I asked the sales guy to compare it against the MacBook? Pro, and he didn't know what the real difference was. I asked him what the external monitor resolution was, and whether or not the MacBook? could span monitors? He didn't know. Already, I was getting a bad sense. He didn't really care about the sale, so I just hijacked one of their Internet stations to find out for myself. Having got the answers I needed, I got the quotes and waited for confirmation that the prices were cool with my contractee. The quotes were wrong, however. They only ordered one extra 512MB RAM stick and they ordered a mini-VGA to VGA adapter, when the MacBook? has a mini-DVI. I repeatedly (about six times), asked to confirm that this was correct, especially about the RAM, since you need two 512MB sticks to get to 1GB. I even explained why it was wrong, but he insisted he was right, and so as a Apple neophyte I decided to defer. (I'm a PC user.)

Later that day after getting confirmation I called back to place an order. Little did I know that the name on my quote was not the sales guy I was talking to, but someone completely different who wasn't working there. So, I get forwarded to voice mail. I thought that was stupid since there was a sales guy available, and they apparently don't work on commission, so I call back and place the order. Later, I get called back by my sales guy and I say I placed the order and I was told it should be ready the next afternoon, and that they would call me back. I made him confirm this before we end the call.

I'm waiting and waiting the next day. I called back, left voice mail, but they didn't return my call. I find that obscene since there are usually 5 people in that store doing nothing at any time. I called again an hour before they closed, got someone, and find out they forgot my order! But they said they had it in, and they'd get it ready for me to come down. I taxi down (expensive), only to find out that they forgot it again in the intervening half hour. Holy shit.

So, I'm standing there, pretty pissed. I insist they get it done, since they said it was going to be ready earlier that day, and I just shelled out big time to get to the store before it closed. He comes back and says proudly it has 712MB of RAM in the machine. I only asked and reconfirmed with him that this would be 1GB a dozen times because I knew this would happen. I am naturally unimpressed. So he says, do you want 1GB? I say, of course, that is what I ordered, so go do it. Meanwhile, one of his coworkers comes by to say he's leaving the store (not sure if quit or fired), which is always a vote of confidence.

He leaves to sort it out, but in truth he just disappears and never comes back for the rest of the night. I have to grab another sales guy, who sorts it out for me (he was awesome). I get him to verify the MacBook? has the right specs, since I don't trust anyone at this point. Ok, it's good. At this point I'm 10% on this place. I might still buy if the manager of the store would finally show up (after asking for him 1/2 hour ago) to tell me why his customer service imploded on this sale, and why it wasn't a normal occurence so I could make this my local Mac store.

The manager comes out hostile and condescending. He doesn't even let me get three sentences into my story. He says to me, condescendingly, "So, do you want me to empathize with you?" Um, no. I want to know that I can give you $2500 and my credit card and not end up with a boat anchor. He also says they did everything they could for this sale, and that it was my responsibility to make sure the order was correct. Um, didn't I just do that? I wonder what his sales guys are for.

Imagine if someone who didn't know what they were doing walked into that store? They would go home with the wrong machine, the wrong parts. Would you be able to return your equipment if *they* ordered you the wrong parts? I doubt it, since the manager doesn't give a crap about repeat business. Or in this case, business.

I'll try the Apple store next week. I hope my experience will be better.

(I'm using my real name because the story is true.)

I do not recommend this place.
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