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Official Website: click here
Date Updated: March 2, 2006
Address: 57 YORKVILLE AVE , Toronto
Phone: (416) 785-9100
Fax: (416) 782-9485

Nearest Major Intersection: Yonge St & Bloor St W


Hours of Operation:
Monday to Wednesday 10 - 8
Thursday & Friday 10 - 9
Saturday 8 - 8 & Sunday 10 - 7


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Overall: July 22, 2008
6 out of 9 people found this review helpful. This is a review mainly intended for rich people who HAVE NOT gone to Pusateri's yet.

Once you enter the undersized mousehole of a store, you get lost in the spotlights and Gucci-clad people, get stars in your eyes and the food just happens to appear good. People have a tendency to associate MONEY with QUALITY, but this is something you do not want to do at Pusateri's.

Everything is priced at at least double of what it is actually worth and I don't care how much money you have - why would you WANT to be ripped off? I find it funny that people here are talking about quality; did you know the sandwiches in the deli are stuffed with left-over veggies from the night before? The cheese is expired or nearly expired, if you actually look under the bread you will see the brown on the veggies and the clumped up salt in the cheese. Trust me, my friend works there and she's amazed at the hoards of people lining up for sandwiches with veggies from a week ago!

As for their "exotic appetizers", ask any manager there and they will admit to you that those spring rolls and pakoras are not made on site, indeed they are bought from other small companies and kept frozen in the deep freezer - SUCKERS!

The same goes for all their pastries except their banana breads and tiramisu (which tastes just like any recipe you could find on the internet). Even their smoked salmon is bought from small companies and priced at about 500% more their worth.

Pusateri's is a store set up to get your money, to play the rich, vapid and dumb. Even a $3 Big Mac has more quality.

I do not recommend this place.
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Overall: February 19, 2008
11 out of 15 people found this review helpful. The following review refers to the Yorkville location and no others:

Ah Pusateris, do I have a review to give you!

Many people have issues with the fact that the prices at Pusateris are high. I do not. If you don't want to buy something, you don't. They do cater to a more affluent set although the majority of their customers are really after buying the prestige of shopping there and are not necessarily rich. So let's say that this is really more of a social climbing atmosphere than an affluent one.

However, it is their disgusting and completely discourteous service/workers/managers that blow my mind. Since they are less than 1 block away from my Condo, I normally shop at Pusateris if I'm lazy. I have rarely heard a thank you from ANYONE who works there. From the servers, to the floor staff who have no problem in PUSHING you out of their way, to the attitude of the tall lanky manager who must be a relative, to the nasty stares of the counter staff who look like they hate the world, to the sharp and ungrateful women at the cash registers, this is a MESS of an establishment. I'm almost ashamed that I've continued to shop there but for me, it's been convenient.

Now, we could pretend that these poor workers are just responding to weeks of dealing with attitude-driven rich folks. No way. This is Toronto and the clientele at Pusateris are quite polite, with exceptions but no more than any other spot in town. In any case, this is no excuse.

If the food at Rabba was not half-rancid, I would shop there but I have purchased my last batch of rotten chicken and will stick to Pusateri's Kosher alternative.

Honestly, the momos running this store think that since their business is good, they are good. Well, they could possibly have had Pusateris all over the world if they had any sense of management, etiquette and organization. I give this spot the worst rating of any grocery store that I have ever been to. Such a shame that their food is usually good.

Advice - get in a taxi and go someplace else.

I do not recommend this place.
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Reviews: 529Badges: 15This user has a UserRank of 10
Overall: March 26, 2007
5 out of 11 people found this review helpful. What do you expect from the name Pusateri's???when you heard the name it means fine foods,imported good from Europe,fresh,up scale items,clean,they are like a luxury/gourmet store...High class area,good service,one of a kind product comes with a high price tag here...

They do deliver if you are busy,nice staff,convenient place to shop for those who have the money,or who appreciates luxury in life.If you are the type of person who is practical & more into savings you can go to exclusive grocery store for less price.

I recommend this place.
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