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Date Updated: April 27, 2006
Address: 900 Dufferin ST , Toronto
Phone: (416) 537-2561
Fax: (416) 537-2534

Nearest Major Intersection: Bloor St W & Dufferin St

Wal-Mart - Dufferin Mall Torontonian Listing


Hours of Operation:
M-F: 8AM - 9PM
Saturday: 8AM - 6PM
Sunday: 9AM-6PMabout us


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Overall: November 12, 2007
9 out of 23 people found this review helpful. i agree alot of people taking about walmart it sucks like shit! the services is revolting, no respect no manners, as well the most important is getting help! for questions.. when you call for services nevermind getting services in the store it worst on the phone. to call one of the department no ones answer the phone i have to go back on the main line again and i guess who i was talking to the manger and i asked "do you have any employees working there? so she said "yea" , "so i said..." so why aren't they picking up the phone then " and then she sounds like "awwww.. hold on... sorry about that it"...and in my mind i'm like whatever... bout she sorry my ASS! so anyways when she reconnect with me someone, someone answer within 2seconds i'm like wow...then the services i was getting like "i don't work in the pet department" and he not here"...so read....what i said viewers... "i just said he does not work in the pet department"! so i complain a little to him...and he like "ok,ok,ok,can i help you?", so i just asked him "how much is a cat carrier and stratcher?" and he said hold on! it like i was getting a fucking run around just to get that infomation first, to call if they a have cat stracher and a cat carrier cause that store never had nothing stock up in that place! is fuck up!..anyways it took 5 mintues to get him back on the phone to tell me. remember, he doesn't work in that dept so he had to search rite?! rite.. then he told me the price... ok and i asked him is Do u have alot in stock?" you viewers need to know what he said... he said "no" "only 1 of each" and i asked "if you can hold those stuff for me cause i'm on my way" he said we don't hold stuff" but now im saying to myself "madness" as well he stupid, walmart as layaway hello!!!!! .. anyways that a fuck up , that place is revolting place that everybody should really shop a place that as respect, have descent manners and be friendly! and as well i don't also recommend anyone at all to go walmart at duffrin mall! be in the lookout! go somewhere that is good services, respect, manners, that is all!
I do not recommend this place.
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Reviews: 1Badges: 0This user has a UserRank of 0
Overall: September 11, 2007
23 out of 34 people found this review helpful. It was the worth experience in my life. I went yesterday Sep, 10 around 3:00pm to Wall-Mark at #900 Dufferin Mall in Toronto and I was treated with no respect at all.
The people who work there have no manners and no customer services orientated.
I start to select my items and put it in my shopping car. I had a least a minimum of $1000 or more in the items selected. I was shopping for at least 3hours.
Suddenly I start to feel dizzy and drowsy (I am 4 weeks pregnant) so I knew It was time for me to stop shopping and purchase my things. When I went to the cashier...Oh my lord. The line was so huge and I wasn’t feeling well. I feel was going to pass out. So, I talked to an employee who was there just watching people coming in and out. He is a mature Indian background male. I explain to him how I feel and asked him if I could leave my shopping card in a select area for 10min while I go and eat to feel better. He told me “yes, problem I will watch it while u comes back.”
I went to a closer fast food place get something to eat and go back to purchase my select items. I ate as faster as I could and rush to Wall-Mart to purchase my items.
Well… To my surprise my shopping car was no longer at the private place where I leave it and most of my items were no longer there. The Indian employee wasn’t there either.
How it could happen in 10 minutes? Where are my stuffs? Did I just go to Wal-Mart to waist time? Can someone give me an answer? I asked to a Young guy who was at the same place where the other Indian employee was. I explain my situation. Well …No one care about anything. They sent me to talk from one person to another person. Finally I went to talk to a Manager at customer services. I just wanted my select items to buy them…where are they?
Well the unprofessional manager didn’t give an answer. They don’t know anything and who cares? They didn’t even give me an apology.
What the fuck is that? What a fucking and low business is Wall-Mart and his employees.
They just told me they are no responsible. So who the fuck is responsible?
Why the fuck the Indian guy told me that he will take care of my stuff?
When nobody did?
Now, they just lost a good client and all my friends, they lost at least $1000 of my shopping items and they are creating a really bad reputation in the society.

I do not recommend this place.
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Reviews: 2Badges: 0This user has a UserRank of 1
Overall: August 4, 2007
17 out of 25 people found this review helpful. yes' it's fine
I recommend this place.
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