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The Madison - March 16, 2008
10 out of 10 people found this review helpful. ***GET YOU IN. GET YOUR MONEY. GET YOU OUT.***

Similar to "Waldo"s experience of the Madison, I was also met with the staff's cold demeanor almost immediately.

While my initial impression of the cleanliness (or should I say the strewn human excrement and the over flowing garbages in the washroom) was less than favorable, what followed shortly after left a much worse taste in my mouth.

After spending one sober hour in the bar (sober because I was driving) I was confronted by a bouncer and humiliated in front of my friends and told not to drink anymore or I would be thrown out.

I was shocked and speechless. Of course I approached him a few minutes later and asked to speak with the manager to resolve the issue. At this point the bouncer replied "If you talk to him, he'll throw you out just for wasting his time".

It's pretty clear that the management is aware that they are a popular location, and respecting their patrons isn't necessary in getting their money.

I recommend heading a little further west on Bloor St. and checking out some of the many other excellent bars/clubs in the area.

I do not recommend this place.
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