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Upcountry - August 15, 2007
6 out of 6 people found this review helpful. Upcountry operates to deceive people. They are very quick to take your orders and deposits, but does not give anything back in return. They are a mafia in disguise.
We ordered a couch, paid $1800 as a 50%deposit, supposed to be due in 10-12wks (yeah right), it is now 7-months, we have no furniture, worse, they don't know where our sofa is. No one in the store is able to take responsibility for our complaints.

I spoke to Daniel, Pat Rogers, Marina, Michele. It is the same story, over & over again.. they probably have a script and say the same thing to irate customers day in day out. Daniel & Marina are the only ones who returned my calls, but bottom line, I did not get my refund back. There is a Jean Kim who is the manager in Accounts Payable I heard, but it seems like she does not exist, as NO ONE in Upcountry ever responds to emails. This probably is because they don't want any proof that they received your email/complaint - part of their scam.

I have contacted the Ministry - Consumer Protection Agency, who confirmed that this store has violated the Consumer Protect Act. They are in the midst of mediating, but if this company is going under, I am not putting my hopes too high about getting my refund. It looks like my only hope is a "miracle".

Buyers, if you ordered before 90days and paid with your credit card, ask your credit card to reverse the fees, it's not too late yet. I was patient waiting for months, and am paying a hefthy price for it. Visa won't reverse charges after 90-days.I just learned about this after all these troubles happened.

If you wish to contact the Ministry, the number to call is

I am so regretful I came to know about this lousy company called Upcountry. This store is a joke!

Never shop in Upcountry!!

I do not recommend this place.
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