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AKI Da Japanese Seafood House - March 12, 2008
2 out of 2 people found this review helpful. We took my Dad to Aki da for his birthday. There were 6 of us in total. We normally go to Akane Ya and use their tatami room but it's a little small for 6 people. We thought we'd try something different. Wrong. We were seated in the tatami room which was larger and more sumptuous than Akane Ya's. Drinks and menus were brought and we settled down for a really nice night. My wife did most of the ordering which is how we usually do things... it works! Anyway when the food started to arrive it was ok, nothing stellar. We ordered a "chef's choice" platter which is assorted sushi and sashimi. My wife made the request of a couple of types of sashimi that we like, such as tuna and salmon. She asked the waiter if this would be permitted on a "chefs choice", the waiter said he would check with the kitchen and there were several trips back and forth before he finally said yes to our request. There was a fairly lengthy wait for the sushi to arrive, when it did it came on one of those wooden boats garnished with lobster tail SHELLS. No lobster meat, just the shells. The sushi was ok, no complaints there, but definitely not spectacular. Ditto the sushi pizza. At the end of the meal the server brought a platter of fruit to end the was completely average: sliced apples, sliced bananas, and sliced tomatoes. I figure if you get obtain sushi grade fish year round in Toronto you should be able to lay your hands on a couple of melons, maybe some grapes, a fresh about a can of freakin LYCHEES!?
Oh well, chalk it up to experience. Nothing more to be said.

But wait!

When we got home my wife told me that they had charged us A LA CARTE for the sushi platter, they even charged us for the the fruit platter (which we never ordered!) the bill was over $400.00!!!!!!!!!!!
She was pissed off. She let it stew for a day or two, then called the restaurant to let them know she wasn't too pleased. Their answer: Oh, so sorry, sometimes the servers have not too good english, maybe next time we can take 10% off your bill. So: they used the infamous language excuse, as if we'd EVER set foot in this establishment again and they had the nerve to offer us 10% off, "next time" That will never happen. I will NEVER go to Aki Da again. What is more, I will tell everyone I know not to frequent this restaurant. We got stiffed. It doesn't happen often, but we definitely got stiffed. Too bad we hadn't just gone to Akane I love that place...Annie is always waiting for us with a welcome smile, the sushi chefs that were working there when we started going there 6 years ago are still there... the sushi pizza is too die for... there is always a language barrier with the servers BUT they don't use that as an excuse to disrespect us as customers. They value our business and we in turn go there again and again. Shame on Aki da.

I do not recommend this place.
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