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Youthdale Treatment Centres Limited - August 5, 2007
7 out of 12 people found this review helpful. For those looking to talk with Laurie, the journalist who previously posted here, I have her contact information, as we supply her with names and contact information of people interested in talking to the media about Youthdale.

She is a journalist for one of the major national TV stations, for a national investigative TV show. Unfortunately, I cannot say which show she works for, but its just what we need to get those government investigators and the Ombudsman in there and cause havoc! I can only imagine the mess they'd make-files everywhere! We really need as much help as we can get-the ombudsman apparently has the power to shut Youthdale down for good.

To get in contact with Laurie, please go to http://www.youthdale.com and go to the 'submit your information' page, and fill in our contact form. Once we've reviewed your situation, we will get back to you and if necessary forward your information to Laurie.

The organization I co-founded, the Anti Child-Drugging Movement (or ACDM for short) is specifically targeting Youthdale at this time.

We work with various people and organizations, such as Laurie. Our members currently include former patients of Youthdale, parents, and others.

Our site, http://www.youthdale.com, features various facts about Youthdale you'd never expect to see with such a well-known institution, including documents showing things Youthdale has done in the past that were clearly illegal, such as placing an 11 year old in their isolation room for over 25 hours for 'homesickness', which is in violation of section 127 of the Child and Family Services act, and what might just be Youthdale's biggest slip-up, a 'Psychotropic Medication Consent Form' that was almost 9 years out of date when it was signed by this former patient's mother in 1998; which is in violation of section 132 of the Child and Family Services Act. It was also proven that Youthdale was administering some drugs without any kind of consent.

I therefore ask, that if you're a former patient of Youthdale, please go to http://www.youthdale.com and fill in our contact form on the 'Submit your Information' page (http://www.youthdale.com/contact.html). These completed forms are then automatically forwarded to me, and yes, they're also forwarded to Laurie.

Ive come up with a thought as to why Youthdale hasn't been shut down or investigated yet...

Just out of curiousity, I've been running Youthdale's credit reports on occasion from Equifax. This is the easiest way to find out if they're being sued by anyone, and at this time it appears that no one is sueing them, other than for wrongful dismissal.

BTW, former patients should follow the instructions on the site for obtaining their medical records; this is what Laurie and I will need to help you determine if Youthdale DID indeed commit any violations.

We'd also like to see some files from 2004 and onwards, so please, if you are able to pull your Youthdale file, again, please do so by following the instructions on Youthdale.com. Should you need help requesting your file, or if Youthdale gives you problems (ie if they don't respond, or refuse your request), please let me know, as I've got ways of helping you.


Horace M.

I do not recommend this place.
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