Jove's Listings Added

Listings Added

Le Firme  (Retail)

Taissa Lady's Accessories  (Retail)

Columbus Centre  (Attractions)

Dave & Buster's  (Restaurants)

L'Elegante Ltd  (Retail)

Lowon Pope Design  (Retail)

Lance Lorents Ltd  (Retail)

Laurel  (Retail)

Psychic Book  (Other/Misc)

Penny Williams Herbs & Root Supply  (Other/Misc)

The Mystic Room  (Other/Misc)

Benedetta's Psychic Studio  (Other/Misc)

European Psychic  (Other/Misc)

Omega Centre for Psychic Healing  (Other/Misc)

Armstrong Robin Astrologer  (Other/Misc)

Psychic Studio  (Other/Misc)

Sonya's Tea Room  (Other/Misc)

Just Hockey Source for Sports  (Retail)

Advantage Fitness Sales Inc  (Retail)

The Treadmill Factory  (Retail)

Fitness Depot  (Retail)

Dotmar Athletics  (Retail)

Boomerang  (Retail)

Taps Bath Centre  (Retail)

Palazzetti  (Retail)

Ginger's Bath & Summerhill Hardware  (Retail)

Elte  (Retail)

Scollard Carpet & Interiors  (Retail)

HorseFeathersHome  (Retail)

Tiles Plus Bath & Tile Centre  (Retail)

Petrous  (Retail)

Mille Luce Designs  (Retail)

Sistemalux  (Retail)

Nord Sud Home  (Retail)

The Gracious Living Centre  (Retail)

Loewen Windows  (Retail)

Fute Design  (Retail)

L.S.D. Lighting Solutions  (Retail)

Bulthaup  (Retail)

David Mirvish Books  (Retail)

Experimetal Jewellery  (Retail)

Swipe Books on Advertising & Design  (Retail)

Ballenford Books on Architecture, Landscape & Design  (Retail)

Balfour Books  (Retail)

Another Man's Poison  (Retail)

Acadia Art & Rare Books  (Retail)

Jessica Bradley Art + Projects  (Attractions)

Toronto Sculpture Garden  (Attractions)

Toronto Public Labyrinth  (Attractions)

Cosmopolitan  (Hotels)

Poggenpohl  (Retail)

Artemide  (Retail)

Modern Source  (Retail)

Eggplant  (Restaurants)

The Foundation Room  (Restaurants)

Umbrella Lifestyle Concepts  (Retail)

Distinctive Appliances Inc.  (Retail)

Morley's Appliance Centre  (Retail)

Parkett  (Retail)

Ciot  (Retail)

Selene  (Retail)

550 Wellington West  (Residences)

Eyespy  (Retail)

DOM Toronto  (Retail)

Barbara Barry Realized by Henredon  (Retail)

Klaus By Nienkamper  (Retail)

Mangia & Bevi Restaurant  (Restaurants)

EQ3  (Retail)

High Tech  (Retail)

Primelite Products Inc.  (Retail)

Body Blitz  (Other/Misc)

Roseland Gallery  (Retail)

FLUF Design  (Retail)

Style Garage  (Retail)

Ecoitaly Interiors  (Retail)

Inabstracto  (Retail)

fos  (Retail)

Karir Eyewear  (Retail)

Karir Eyewear  (Retail)

Relative Space  (Retail)

Uptown Spa  (Other/Misc)

Shizen Spa  (Other/Misc)

Pantages Anti-Aging & Longevity Spa  (Other/Misc)

The Men's PowerSpa  (Other/Misc)

Hammam Spa  (Other/Misc)

Dermedica Spa  (Other/Misc)

Minotti Cucine  (Retail)

Commute Home Inc  (Retail)

The Bedroom & Futon Shop  (Retail)

HotSpot Cafe  (Restaurants)

Lucie's  (Retail)

Joe Singer Shoes  (Retail)

Olly Shoes  (Retail)

Jayn Simpson & Tricia Cochran Collection  (Retail)

The Gem Bar & Grill  (Restaurants)

Lettuce Eatery  (Restaurants)

Kiva's Bagel Bakery & Restaurant  (Restaurants)

La' Zeez Shawarma  (Restaurants)

Bliss Yoga Studio  (Other/Misc)

Romni Wool Ltd.  (Retail)

San Remo Boutique  (Retail)

Sugar n Spice Studios  (Other/Misc)

Gee Beauty  (Other/Misc)