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CAP REIT - September 17, 2008
29 out of 31 people found this review helpful. These are the worst landlords ever they have created a Slum/Ghetto. Here is the last letter I had to send to them.

There is
Illegal Drug Sales
Prostitution right in the building
biological hazards

They do nothing and yes false promises all the time. I have almost a years worth of letters and very little has been changed

Good Morning XXXXXXX

This morning when I was heading off to work there was a tenant ringing her apartment to be let in and she got the message "...Please hang up and redial using the 10 digit number...." They could not contact their husband to let them in.

I brought this issue to your attention July 10th as I realized that the intercom system is set up to our phone numbers. I would think that would have been enough time to reprogram the intercom system to add the (250) area code so the calls could get through. Please be advised that I am aware that if repairs or services are not available a portion of the rent can be deducted until these services are in place. I am also going to be looking into that and the fact that the pool is seldom in service which was an amenity as part of the rental agreement.

No longer can anyone visiting me or deliveries that I may have be able to contact me through the intercom system. Heaven forbid should I need ambulatory or police services at any point where I could not get to the door to let them in.

Another consideration and of great concern to me is that there are more than likely a number of people in my building that have health care providers that attend them. How would they be able to perform their duties if they cannot even contact their client. The concerns are many more this is just an example..

Again, I will ask that the bushes be cut down the one in my second bedroom has almost completely covered my window. It is NOT safe. Not only that it blocks any light I get into my apartment which is very dark anyway. This window faces a different direction than the others and seems to be the only one that provides any significant natural light. I have now asked to have this done for over two months. It appears my request on this never gets answered or addressed. Especially now when just last week I came home from work to find the police surrounding the building with their dogs and a police officer at each entrence not allowing us to enter the building. What if one of these criminals had entered my suite because the bushes afforded them the ability to enter unseen. As it was they jumped over the Pool patio fence and were let into the building through that entrance. No doubt one of the criminal elements that reside in our building.

Also, I am aware that you have been informed about the calibre of tennent that are residing in my building. Last night I watched a steady steam of people come in the back way (through the patio) in apartment 204. Earlier I saw a young girl sitting on the patio who did not live there. I asked her what she was doing there she said she was waiting for her Sister that lived there to come home, she had already gained entry to the suite. This person did not appear to be in good health. They were shaking and appeared to be under the influence of drugs. They also had another male person with them who was walking around the inner court making cel phone calls. Shortly after that there was a steady stream of individuals coming in and out of the apartment staying only for minutes. One particular observation was two male individuals exited through the patio each caring a small bag. one went into the middle of the court yard and kept looking around then went off to the right. The second individual came out seconds behind the first one and walked directly with head down and quickly headed off to the left. I am pretty confident that there is illigal activity operating out of suite at 202-155 Gorge Rd, East.

When we spoke a long time ago when I was concerned about my rental increase being the maximum each year. I also mentioned that I thought a good tenent would be one that you would want to keep but if you kept putting my rent up to the maximum that I would soon be forced to move simply because I could not afford it after living here for 17 years. You mentioned to me at that time that your Company was inceasing rents to the maximum so that you would get more reliable tenents because they would be people that would be more suitable due to the fact that they had higher incomes and perhaps better lifestyles. Well I think the opposite has happened here in this building. I think what it is doing is people on fixed incomes have had to move and replacing them are people with criminal intentions (ie prostitution, robery, drugs, vandalizm and other) seem to have been moving into this apartment building. They are the ones that can afford the high rents. These same people urinate in the elevator and deficate in the hallways. Not to mention leaving bags of trash by the underground parking hallway that spill out and break open and attract flies. These bags consited of used sanitary napkins amongst other things. Again I tell you this is a biological hazard.

Please also note that I am including my concern about often the garage door to the underground parking has been left on open and does not close. I have seen this on several mornings over the last while. I understand that at nights we have homeless people sleeping in our stair wells. I suggest that perhaps this may be a way they are getting into the building as through the garage there are no keys required to enter the building.

I am also forwarding this to Rus Godfrey, Advocate for Tenant Resouce and Advisory Committee, as well as my Lawyer Mr. Robert Gill of Clay and Company. I am obtaining legal advice from him to see just where I as a Tenent stands and what action I need to take.

Given the news last night about apartment buildings and owners in Esquimalt which have addressed the safety concerns of their tenants. I am considering contacting Check TV to tell them that while the apartments in Esquimalt have been made safe and comfortable it has exposed us and moved the criminal element to our buildings where these people have been accepted as tenants in our building.

It appears to me that the bottom line here is just that the "bottom line" for Cap Riet. It appears to me they don't care who lives here, what the conditions of the place is (filthy) as long as they can continue to charge the top dollar regardless of who is there. There does not appear to me to be any concerns for the type of tenant they have nor any compansion for those who are good tenants but cannot afford to pay these prices. It is more important to maximize the profit margin than actually care about the well being of their tenents.

I have been trying to have things remedied for more than 6 months here. Some have been done others have not and I continue to have to ask to have things done. You offered to paint my apartment after 17 yrs of living here but as you well know I live alone and cannot possibly move all the furniture myself plus there is no where to put it the bedrooms are to small to move things away from the wall. I have tried and tried through many many communications with Cap Riet to have things resolved. It saddens that I have to resort to considering legal action. If I do there will be more than just fixing things as a remedy. I will be asking for costs. I do believe there must be something in law that suggests that a Landlord must provide adiquate safety protection for their tenents.

Thank you

I do not recommend this place.
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