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Salad King & Linda Restaurant - October 28, 2006
5 out of 7 people found this review helpful. A great place for fast and very delicious Thai food. The atmosphere is almost always busy, yet always friendly as you commonly find yourself sitting at long tables with several other guests. You'll probably have more luck sitting and eating quickly if you go in smaller groups (best luck with two people.)

I've never had any trouble with service, the waiters & waitresses have always been polite and helpful, and fast. Management as well has always seemed polite.

Prices are very reasonable; few menu items are above nine dollars, and portions are very good for the price.

The food is excellent, the staff is very good and the atmosphere is always interesting. A restaurant you should definitely check out. Although I will stress that it is meant to be almost a fast-food environment, where guests are typically expected to eat, enjoy themselves, and be on their way. So if you feel like staff is pressuring you to leave, remember that there are probably anywhere from two to thirty people who are waiting to eat as well.

Upstairs is a more restaurant feeling atmosphere, where it is typically less crowded, and where they take reservations.

I recommend this place.
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