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The Liberty - June 12, 2008
1 out of 1 people found this review helpful. I have been going to the Liberty for a about 3 years now and my experiences there have been fantastic. Yes there have been a few bad eggs working there but overall I don't blame the restaurant as a whole for that.

The atmosphere is peaceful and cozy, I love the fact that its small.

But of course the reason I go out to eat is to enjoy the food and service. I will say that this is where the Liberty Shines!

I have yet to have a meal there that I didn't like. The pizzas make a great appetizer but if you are really looking for something to share as a appetizer I strongly suggest the white wine mussels!

If you are a meat lover go for the Lamb or steak!
If you like seafood, you will love their specials.
and of course Pasta is always good.

Finally like I said before there have been some bad eggs working there in the past that were un-organized, but I will have to say 99% of the times I have been there the service was nothing short of AMAZING!

(I think the Liberty should pay me for this review, but its an honest one)

I recommend this place.
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