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7 West Cafe - October 2, 2007
3 out of 4 people found this review helpful. Walked in at 9pm for a late dinner and drinks with a some friends from out of town. Waited 5 minutes for a welcome so we could get seated. Waited 20 minutes to order our food and drinks. Our waiter forgot all about my friend's drink and brought it mid-meal. I had a martini and my friends had sleeman and stella. The martini was weak. Our appetizers came 20 minutes after our order.

The soup was oily, boring and tasted much like it was canned. The 7 west sampler tasted a bit stale.
The cheese even seemed hard and dry on the outside like it was left sitting for the afternoon.
There wasn't enough hummus and it took more than 10 minutes to flag down a waitress to ask for more.

15 minutes after finishing our appetizers, the main courses came.

The Lasagna was disgusting - there was almost no meat and the sauce was very watery. One friend ate about 1/3 of their meal, while the other ate 1/4 of it - they didn't want to eat the rest. Since the service was bad, we didn't even want to complain and wait for them to fix the situation, so we paid, left and went to our for drinks elsewhere afterwards.

I swear... this place leaves you feeling like you got ripped off. Two hours of my life I will never get back.

I do not recommend this place.
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