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Toronto Gateway Inn - July 28, 2007
8 out of 9 people found this review helpful. I gave this place a 2 star rating because I have stayed in a place that was actually even worse than this!

This is not a very classy place and the lack of common amenities show it. There is no coffee maker, no hair dryer, no clock radio and no grab rails nor any anti-slip strips in the shower making it quite dangerous if you happen to slip. There was also no plug for the bath tub so a shower was the only option.

The telephone is located on the far side of the room away from the room's single end table.

The rate was $60.00 CDN, paid up front to a clerk in a glass booth. Upon payment he gives you a single room key and the TV remote.

The room was an average sized one and could use some repairs. The air conditioner worked but lacked any instructions so it was set by trial and error.

The wall paper in places in the bathroom was peeling in a few spots, probably from age/humidity.

Housekeeping leaves something to be desired as the toilet had to be flushed upon our arrival and the used condom found behind the dresser in the morning was a real nice discovery!

The bathroom had a face cloth that had been washed but was permanently stained in the corner with a dark liquid and there was a cloth bath mat and 2 small sized bath towels. Nothing else provided except for some soap.

The bed linens were clean (thank goodness)and the bed comfortable but there was some holes in the top sheet from someone's cigarette.

The real nice touch? Mirrors! Lots of mirrors! A full length one on the wall beside the bed, a medium sized one on the wall directly at the foot of the bed and the nicest touch of all? The one directly OVER the bed!!

Simply put, this is a motel one would go to if your last names aren't the same as they asked no questions but not a place where one would take your family nor stay for more than a few hours unless you had to.

I do not recommend this place.
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