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Quality Response Inc - July 28, 2008
7 out of 11 people found this review helpful. Quality Response

Don't be fooled by this new Modern day scam that Quality Response is now currently involved in. Are you use to recieving calls from Quality Response? I was receiving about 1-2 calls every month from them about bogus surveys they are conducting. They claim to pay you 45 for the first hour & more if they want you to stay. They tell you that they just need to ask you a few questions before selecting a survey date. Generally the questions they ask are very personal and very misleading as they are very sneaky con artists that ask useless questions to trap you in answering something that could ultimate hurt you. They slowly build a profile on you gathering very personal peice of information you can imagian. They then tell you that you declined & they will call you next time. This is the whole scam because even if you speak to 5 managers and tell them never to contact you unless there serious they still contact you telling you that they have something that matches your profile and that they need to ask you a few questions. THEY WILL NEVER ACTUALLY TELL YOU WHAT THE PAID SURVEY IS ABOUT! They claim its because of privacy which is abunch of scam tractics!

These new age scam artists at Quality Response have mastered the art of stealing personal information with a simple phone call! Don't be fooled it can be anyone on the other line and even worse it could be Quality Response! These peices of low life dirt buy and sell your private information to companies in the USA & CANADA.


If you ever recieve a call from these low lifes tell them where the should go!

All the best and always think smart, never give anyone your personal information!

Quality Response

I do not recommend this place.
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