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4U Furniture Inc. - June 20, 2007
25 out of 26 people found this review helpful. BEWARE of this store!!!My experience so far has been nothing but unpleasant.

I purchased a glass dinner table from this store in April and after a delay in delivery, received a defective product (when put together, one leg was different in angle). With not much resistance, they agreed to replace it. However, the other table, once delivered, was severely scratched. This is when I decided to return the product all together. The personnel there was extremely rude, confrontational and deceitful. The manager (Kim) refused to stand behind the quality of her products and was clearly indifferent about general satisfaction of her customers. After numerous phone calls and days of negotiations, she finally agreed to issue the refund. Although the table was picked up by them sometimes in early May,I am still waiting for my money back ($683.99). It's been a couple of months and so far they've given me every excuse in the book as to why this is still pending. With so many unsatisfied customers, how is it that this store is still in business?

It is worth mentioning that at the time of purchase, they issued a receipt dated in 2006. When confronted about this, it was blamed on the computer system. Is it really a glitch in the system or are they trying to scam the government for taxes?

I will never shop here again!

I do not recommend this place.
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