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La Cocina de Dona Luz - July 9, 2008
2 out of 2 people found this review helpful. STAY AWAY FROM THIS JOINT!!!

This restaurant USED TO BE good when they served great Peruvian food in the Latin Market at Milvan Drive, where they were very popular over a decade ago. After they moved to St. Clair however, they jacked up their prices to ridiculous levels and the food quality went seriously down.

Greed and disregard for their customers eventually destroyed their reputation and now no decent Peruvian will go there to eat their low quality 5-day old, reheated, and, on top, overpriced food.

That's not my idea of dining out.

Go to El Fogon instead, a short stroll east, just before Vaughan Rd. will take you there, you will TASTE the difference!

Believe me, yo soy Peruano and know how real ceviche and good jalea taste like....


I do not recommend this place.
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