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Capezio - June 13, 2008
0 out of 1 people found this review helpful. I got a lot of respect for this company. I worked there myself for about 2 and a half years and it definitely good times. The shoe industry is a competitive business especially here in Toronto, so one might wonder why Capezio? Well they've been actually around for a long time now. Longer then aldo or any of the other shoe retail stores but they also have an interesting history. Apparently the owner of this company came to Canada as a little boy and found himself going around knocking on peoples house doors and being like "you wanna buy some shoes mr?" hehe yeah. It is also told that he had a little wagon with him and a collection of shoes.
Also, Capezio always did and still sells ballet shoes. Most ballet dancing schools advice their students to search at capezio for their dancing products.

I recommend this place.
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Dollarama - June 13, 2008
7 out of 13 people found this review helpful. yeah guy. I'm working there right now and just like it's been said "dollarama only cares about making money" and for starters, that place is infested with mice. that is also why none of their damaged products never go to charity. they just throw it out into the garbage. the staff that works there lacks social skills and they fight among each other for store equipment. When I got there, I started cooling the employees down. they all seem pretty stressed out and afraid of their owner. If you try introducing a smarter way to get things done in an efficient way, they will tell you "no the owner doesn't't like that" but he's never there to confirm things either.
So yeah, next time you're buying things at dollarama, think of how hard some people need to work in order to make these dollar products (outside of north america) and think about how we could actually feed third world countries,....easily.

And we could of been feeding them since long time ago. Instead our government makes these cheesy "help and donate" commercials, while dollarama is running their capitalistic show.

but yeah, it seems that if you start a merchant account, you too can easily enjoy the wealth of ripping people off.

I do not recommend this place.
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