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Turtledove Management Corporation - March 10, 2008
13 out of 18 people found this review helpful. The unit I lived in was all inclusive and the landlords were supposed to provide adequate heating in the winter months. The heating provided was severely inadequate or non-existent. If you're living here and experience this, check out the information below from the Landlord Tenant board. Buy a thermometer to monitor heating, call the number below and report Turtledove management. The city will send an inspector. I'd say on average the temperature in my apartment this winter was about 10C, or below. I unfortunately didn’t know what action I could take and because of this I didn’t take any, but you should.

“When does a landlord have to turn the heat on? What temperature does my landlord have to keep my apartment at?

If a landlord provides heat, the Act requires the landlord to keep the heat to at least 20 degrees Celsius from September 1 to June 15. In addition, many municipalities have their own property standards or bylaws about heat. You should contact you local municipal government to find out if your community has a bylaw that sets minimum standards for heat.

What can a tenant do if their landlord does not turn on the heat?

Heat is a vital service. If the landlord is responsible for providing heat and the landlord does not provide heat to the standards identified in the previous question, the landlord may be committing an offence. You may call the Investigations and Enforcement Unit of the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing at 1-888-772-9277 or 416-585-7214 (if calling from the Toronto area).

You should also see the Board’s brochure on Maintenance & Repair for additional remedies available to tenants.”

Also, keep copies of all documents that you sign with management. They’ll give you a form when you first move in where you can fill in all of the defects in the unit. Be very detailed and meticulous, take pictures, and keep a copy of this form for yourself. That way, when you’re ready to move out, management won’t blame you or charge you for things that were in poor condition before you even moved in.

I do not recommend this place.
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