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Asuka - February 18, 2008
0 out of 1 people found this review helpful. We went on a friend's suggestion. While the restaurant is charming and homey, the service was anything but. Once the waitress brought our food, we were never to see her again; she did not check in even once until it was time to get our bill (and there were only 4 tables total.)

The food was very clean and sufficient, but uninspired. Our futomaki was fresh but boring - no gourd, just some crab, cucumber, egg, and a bit of avocado and reconstituted mushroom. No particular care was put into presentation, with maki end pieces unevenly slapped on the platter. The spicy maki (salmon and tuna) was fresh, but too subtle to call itself spicy. Our shrimp tempura was doughy and clearly cooked at a temperature too low to be effective (although the shrimp inside was delicious and moist, and the vegetables in the tempura were perfectly cooked.)

Most disappointing of all was the stomachache my dining partner got after eating the melon that was presented to us (and as it was the only food I did not share, remains the greatest suspect.)

Not sure what the big rave over Asuka is - perhaps becasue some famous folk grace its tables from time to time? While that might be enough for the vacationing pedestrian who happens upon the place, it's certainly not enough for us.

At these prices, you're best off paying a bit more and dining at one of the big boys [Hiro and Sushi Kaji come to mind] or save some money and go to Sushi Island [where the sushi is just as good and the service is much better].

(As a p.s., take a good look at the review below - I suspect it was written by someone at Asuka...)

I do not recommend this place.
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