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Y Phung Watch Repair - September 12, 2008
11 out of 11 people found this review helpful. I doubt if "mich" has ever visited Y Phung, but his review is completely ridiculous, which is why I'm posting my review.

Like other REAL reviwers, I also found Y Phung to be very professional and honest and he did a great job with my limited edition Harrods UK watch.

My Harrods watch was my first major horology purchase and has significant sentimental value to me. I've had it for 8 years, but stopped wearing it last year because the timing was completely off (gained approx 5 minutes / hour), so I've been using my Longines. Last year I took my watch to several places to get estimates and had people tell me it'd be at least $500-800 approx and 1-2 weeks to fix my watch. I was actually contemplating buying a new watch vs. fixing my watch, and just writing off my Harrods, but then found out about Y Phung by pure coincidence.

Accordingly, I was VERY happy that Y Phung fixed my watch for just $129 and in 1 day (turnaround)! Actually the original cost to fix the main problem was just $80 for the the hairspring (which he diagnosed in less than 2 minutes), but I left the watch with him and said if he thought it needed to be overhauled, I was ok with that too.

When he called me the next morning to say my watch was fixed and ready for pick-up, he also told me it didn't need overhauling, but he did fix the stopwatch function cause he noticed it wasn't working properly (which I knew beforehand but assumed would be difficult to fix and not very necessary for me) and replaced the gasket that obviously someone else who previously opened my watch forgot to put it back in! So the total was a bit more, $129.

Are you kidding me? I was floored (in a good way!) ... that was the absolute best customer service I've ever had regarding my watch! Everyone else from Harrods in the UK (because I called and emailed them with my problem), Mitsukoshi in Toyko (that also sells & repairs timepieces from Harrod's), a store I visted in Switzerland this summer, and 2 other places in Toronto all quoted me ridiculous prices to fix my watch or wanted me to mail my watch to New York to get repaired (which was Harrods response). So $129? ... I would have paid him triple, but I doubt he would have taken it.

Bottom line, if you have a high end watch and need repairs, go see Y Phung. I now carry 3 of his business cards with me all the time and have already told a few friends about him. Next time I need a repair of any sort on my watches or my wife's, I'm going back to Y Phung.

I recommend this place.
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