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Bamburgh Food Mart - June 21, 2006
1 out of 7 people found this review helpful. Bamburgh Food Mart was trying to keep the coupons from Pepsi Cola away from the costumers and owns it. I am really concerning their business practices. The following was my experience:

I visited a grocery store call Bamburgh Food Mart in June 9, 2006 afternoon. I noticed their staffs opening packages of 24 cans Pepsi cola (24x355ml cans) and sale those cans individually in a very low price, 10 cents per can, max 20 cans per costumer, and the cardboard cases are kept away from the costumers. My father and I had pick up a unopened case (24x355ml cans) of Pepsi cola and try to pay it at the cashier, but one of the staff yelled and stopped us to return the cardboard case to them, and use the plastic bag instead. I asked that staff why keeping those packaging wastes, he casually answered, gThose are moneyh, then I realize it come with coupons. So here is the problem, those packaging are meant to be sale as one, since it comes with coupons and contest numbers inside the packages. And how could they take it away from the costumers.
This experience is leading me to wonder, why and how this store would use those coupons. And are they able to collect cash with those coupons without any actual selling of any goods that mention from the coupons?

I wonder is it truly lawful for their practice? As in my case, this grocery store stops the flow of coupons to their costumer hands and keep it as itfs own; I am talking about in a large numbers and values ($15 per case) of coupons. I find that is extremely unfair to both the consumers and the businesses, as in their position, which be capable of consume a massive numbers of goods in comparative low prices, and as a retail that is the place for public to buy goods in a small numbers. Bamburgh Food Mart had distorted and abuses the purpose of coupons and its culture and traditions. Is it truly lawful for their practice?

I do not recommend this place.
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