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Young Thailand Restaurant - April 17, 2008
0 out of 0 people found this review helpful. Please note that this restaurant is now located at 2907 Dundas Street West in the Junction and is no longer at the church street address, to the best of my knowledge. I too have had very rude treatment at the time of pickup of a take out order. I also have had the sudden surprise that they don't accept credit cards. Still we decided to order again from this restaurant yesterday. It was our wedding anniversary and my husband had ordered for pick up at 5:30. They accepted his order earlier in the afternoon. I popped over to pick it up and they said "we only fill orders for the evening if you order at 5 PM or late". They said "the person you placed your order with no longer works here". So we had no food. As we had another committment and were hoping to have something to quickly take home and eat with family we could not re-order nor would I have given them the business. They just were angry and rude to me and told us that we didn't order at the right time but in the first instance they had accepted the order without any difficulty.

I have never had a pleasant experience in terms of a smiling person at the front and I think there is a problem with this restaurant which for years has had a great reputation in Toronto.

I will not go back there. I will not recommend to anyone that they go there.

I do not recommend this place.
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