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Spadina Towers Inc - June 25, 2007
26 out of 30 people found this review helpful. I am a student who has live here at a Bachelor apt for over one year. There are several important flaws with this building that has made for a poor living experience. I would not recommend this building to anyone.

1. This building either does not have a ventilation system, or a very poor one. Fresh air does not get into the building and the corridors usually have some leftover stench. There is no central air conditioning, so the lobby and the corrdors in the summer are filled with a hot, stale stench.
The same goes for inside the apartment. Because there is no central air ventilation system, the only way for air to flow into the apartment is to left the patio door open. (There are no windows that I can open - the only other opening outside is used for the air conditioner). Obviously I cannot leave the patio door open when I am away. Without central ventilation the apartment basically is sealed in a vacuum. Each day when I return from home I find the apartment stale and uncomfortable.

2. The other result of this lack of ventilation is that in the summer, the apartment constantly stays 5 degrees celsius above outside temperature. I am sweating inside the apartment even when its quite cool outside. If you decided to move in, an oversized air conditioner is a must.

The central heating does not work in the winter. I was instructed by the superintendent to turn on my over and leave the over door open for heat.

3. The apartment lacks basic amenities - there is no exhaust fan in the bathroom, nor in the kitchen. As a relatively inexperienced renter I did not look out for these things. Now I regret my decision because I cannot even make scrambled eggs in the apartment without the whole apartment smelling like oil and grease for hours.

4. The rent is exhuberant for the quality of housing offered. For about $100 more you can have a nice bay street apartment that comes with a 24 hour concierge, free in-apartment laundry, pool and gym.

In summary I would strongly recommend against anyone from renting this apartment. The architect who built this terrible apartment decades ago must have been a complete moron. The only thing this apartment has going for it is its location, which is convenient for students.

I do not recommend this place.
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