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Kent College Dental School - January 24, 2008
8 out of 9 people found this review helpful. I am currently enrolled in the dental hygiene program at Kent College. First day of classes commenced this past Monday. I have decided to post on this website because I know how difficult it is to find a good school. Since I am not originally from Toronto, I had to do most of my research online.

Before choosing Kent, I looked into many different schools and researched what accreditation is. While researching, I came across this website and saw the comment posted by 'anonymous'. Naturally, I became hesitant with Kent but at the same time didn't rule it out. From that point on, I did a lot of detective work. I spoke with faculty members from different schools, facebooked hygiene students from various institutions. When I finally arrived in Toronto I was able to visit schools and compare them to each other. In the end, I did not hear anything bad about Kent other than what was on this website.

When dealing with admin at Kent, they were nothing but helpful to me. Whenever I had a question about anything, they were there to provide the answers right away. Thus, I decided to follow my gut instincts and base my opinion of the school through the communication i had with them directly and not through what i read on this site.

So far, everything has been just as they said and i am happy with my decision. I have committed myself here for the next 18 months and am going to make the best of my time here. I am hoping that Kent gets accredited this December but even if it doesn't, i'm sure things will still work out in the end. What's most important to me now is that the quality of education i receive here will prepare me for the national board exams and clinical. So far, I am happy with the teachers and their level of competency. More importantly i am very happy with my set. All the girls get along great so far and everyone seems to be willing to help each other which i think is very important. Hopefully it will continue...

This is only week one and things may change. I intend on documenting my experience on this site and if anyone has any questions please feel free to email me at

I recommend this place.
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