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Watch Repair Services - November 19, 2008
6 out of 6 people found this review helpful. This place feels great. You will feel good spending money here as if though it is going to a good cause.

They still have the same flashing light in the front area, only now it comes in LED's !!!!. I remeber back in the early 1980's when they were an orange color.

The watch service area I saw in the new area should be on the discovery channel. That NASA space lab or something is so neat and tidy and bright. Those computers were like doing micro laser wheel alignments on watch movements. On my tour I saw watches from jewellers from Niagra falls to Alberta. They look so small on the outside. If you have never been there, think espresso machine. Compact, powerfull and tasty.

They fixed my Rolex Daytona quick and fast and at half the price Rolex quoted me for the past 14 years. They even refinished the case and band at no charge.

My Grandparents pocket watches all came from this one store. I still remember when they bought me a digital watch when I was a kid around Halloween time in grade six. I took my late grandfathers pocket watches in expecting to pay a lot for a cleaning because I wanted to pass them on to the next generation. After my free espresso and tour at the new area I was told all that it needed was a small part, and that I could pick it up in about an hour. I fell off the stool. You got my vote.

My parents and stepfathers wedding gifts also came frome here and they still tick fine. My 2006 Bulova marinestar his and hers matching set with diamonds needs a new battery, They changed it and even fixed the locking mechanism for my at no extra cost.

I just wanted people to know that you can still get honest old fashioned " Andy Griffin of Maybarry" customer service in the blackberry age we call home. I really admire a business such as this one that dont flip or take off or go under. These people are genuine people with hearts. If you want quality service and trust go Canadian Watch Imports. Or on the other hand, if you want a fancy store and decorations with ripp off prices go to the Bay.

P.S. These guys are really into the environment green sustainability stuff. TRUST ME. Don't take a bag or ask for wrapping or a bow etc. You'll see. Instead if you be quite and dont ask they will give you $20 worth of free coupons and stuff for your next visit as a thankyou.

I recommend this place.
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