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The Liberty - July 8, 2007
7 out of 9 people found this review helpful. I had a horrible experience at this restaurant earlier today. The waitress served another couple before us who had arrived after us. Then she forgot to submit our order and didn't realize it until 45 minutes later. She told us she would "take care of something" on our bill because of the mistake she made. After receiving our food the waitress didn't come back AT ALL even well after we were finished eating.

So I walked my girlfriend's leftover food up to the counter and asked them to wrap it up and also had to ask for my bill. She then told me that she would take our orange juice off the bill because she had forgotten our order. I couldn't believe that we had been there for over an hour and 10 minutes, and all she was going to do for us is not charge us for our orange juice. Then in a bitchy voice they said "The orange juices are $7" as if they are doing me a big favour.

So I finally convinced her to charge for the orange juice and take off one of the 2 meals. Then we walked out and realized they hadn't wrapped the leftover chicken wrap we had asked them to package for us to go.

I'll never go back to this place. NOW magazine had a similar experience back in 2005 posted here: _foodfeature3.php

For the full write-up of my bad experience at The Liberty, see my blog site:

The Liberty Restaurant Review

I do not recommend this place.
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