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Listings Added

Butterfly  (Retail)

The Drake Hotel  (Bars / Clubs)

Golden Wheat Bakery & Pastry  (Restaurants)

Shoppers Drug Mart (#1027)  (Retail)

Cute Stone  (Retail)

Shoppers Drug Mart (#806)  (Retail)

Shoppers Drug Mart (#1281)  (Retail)

Shoppers Drug Mart (#813)  (Retail)

206 St George  (Residences)

25 Sunrise  (Residences)

77 Avenue Rd  (Residences)

4968 Yonge  (Residences)

390 Dixon Rd  (Residences)

51 Mercury  (Residences)

295 Shuter  (Residences)

20 Gamble  (Residences)

22 Acorn  (Residences)

30 Godstone  (Residences)

44 North Drive  (Residences)

87 Portland  (Residences)

700 King West  (Residences)

715 finch west  (Residences)

619 Queen West  (Residences)

33 Empress  (Residences)

6010 Bathurst  (Residences)

38 Elm Street  (Residences)

15 Garnock  (Residences)

161 Fulton  (Residences)

928 Greenwood  (Residences)

3000 Bathurst  (Residences)

6200 Bathurst  (Residences)

111 Avenue Rd.  (Residences)

2500 Bathurst  (Residences)

3 Buller  (Residences)

112 Rory  (Residences)

192 Grace  (Residences)

60 Clipper  (Residences)

14 Spadina  (Residences)

102 Alcorn  (Residences)

701 Don Mills Rd.  (Residences)

15 Beatrice  (Residences)

467 Grace Street  (Residences)

305 Shaw  (Residences)

5444 Yonge  (Residences)

4455 Bathurst  (Residences)

475 Unwin  (Residences)

1444 Dupont  (Residences)

45 Sunrise  (Residences)

412 Wilson Ave.  (Residences)

18 Tams  (Residences)

4979 Bathurst  (Residences)

82 Laws  (Residences)

20 Maud  (Residences)

22 Winnett  (Residences)

148 Sellers  (Residences)

130 Neptune  (Residences)

21 Green Bush  (Residences)

3700 Ellesmere  (Residences)

37 Mystic  (Residences)

40 Riverdale  (Residences)

82 East Drive  (Residences)

214 Codsell  (Residences)

362 The East Mall  (Residences)

3190 Kingston Rd.  (Residences)

58 Goodview  (Residences)

103 Lauder  (Residences)

10 Teesdale Place  (Residences)

50 Glen Manor Drive  (Residences)

19 Wilderness Drive  (Residences)

132 Jones  (Residences)

110 Marlee Ave  (Residences)

152 St Patrick St  (Residences)

50 Coleman  (Residences)

40 Alexander  (Residences)

305 Morningside  (Residences)

1731 Victoria Park  (Residences)

8 York  (Residences)

91 Merryfield  (Residences)

45 Huntingdale  (Residences)

5 Concorde Place  (Residences)

280 Simcoe  (Residences)

141 Lyon Crt  (Residences)

6 Deeside Crt  (Residences)

2500 Keele  (Residences)

668 Wilson  (Residences)

1 Massey Square  (Residences)

77 Harbour Sq  (Residences)

18 Mondeo Dr.  (Residences)

1031 Midland  (Residences)

500 Avenue Rd  (Residences)

5 Creston  (Residences)

55 Howard Park  (Residences)

65 Keewatin  (Residences)

21 Silbury Dr.  (Residences)

4800 Jane  (Residences)

10 Gladsmore  (Residences)

45 Hearst Circle  (Residences)

18 Keelegate  (Residences)

118 Firgrove  (Residences)

160 Chalkfarm Dr.  (Residences)

50 Panorama Crt  (Residences)

20 falstaff  (Residences)

50 Torbrick  (Residences)

274 Sackville  (Residences)

92 Dunkirk  (Residences)

211 Hallam  (Residences)

100 Brown's Line  (Residences)

545 The West Mall  (Residences)

18 Roycrest  (Residences)

185 Hollywood Ave  (Residences)

564 Caledonia Rd  (Residences)

105 Clement  (Residences)

205 Millwood  (Residences)

25 Maitland  (Residences)

10 Yonge  (Residences)

61 Seaton  (Residences)

208 Grandview Way  (Residences)

435 Glen Park  (Residences)

12 Cheetah  (Residences)

5 Donofree  (Residences)

22 Close  (Residences)

67 Bala  (Residences)

77 Howard  (Residences)

330 Dixon  (Residences)

1038 College  (Residences)

2353 Dufferin  (Residences)

424 Yonge  (Residences)

11 Wincott  (Residences)

43 Riverdale Drive  (Residences)

1844 Dufferin  (Residences)

70 Cork  (Residences)

32 Mansfield  (Residences)

3010 Dufferin  (Residences)

46 Garfield  (Residences)

770 Marlee  (Residences)

333 Donlands  (Residences)

40 Bracken  (Residences)

66 Broadway  (Residences)

1840 Bathurst  (Residences)

3345 weston  (Residences)

131 Minerva  (Residences)

73 Oakley  (Residences)

271 Grace  (Residences)

452 Coldstream  (Residences)

54 East Liberty  (Residences)

3000 Yonge  (Residences)

701 Don Mills  (Residences)

805 College  (Residences)

121 Trudelle  (Residences)

225 Markham Rd.  (Residences)

8 Godstone Rd.  (Residences)

15 Canyon  (Residences)

900 Queens Plate  (Residences)

30 Denarda  (Residences)

58 Waterton  (Residences)

80 Parkhurst  (Residences)

10 Gateway  (Residences)

275 Bleecker  (Residences)

3945 Lawrence Ave. E.  (Residences)

38 Hollyberry Trail  (Residences)

156 Holborne  (Residences)

3248 Dundas West  (Residences)

3886 Bathurst  (Residences)

27 Gamble Ave.  (Residences)

65 Broadway Ave.  (Residences)

40 Gerrard East  (Residences)

58 Bedford Park  (Residences)

320 Dixon Rd.  (Residences)

1360 Danforth  (Residences)

69 Davisbrook  (Residences)

470 Horner  (Residences)

2 Huntley  (Residences)

2777 Kipling  (Residences)

72 Westhead  (Residences)

2214 Keele  (Residences)

85 St. George  (Residences)

2570 Kingston Rd.  (Residences)

107 Yorkview Dr.  (Residences)

786 Gladstone Ave.  (Residences)

644 Woodbine  (Residences)

55 Prince Arthur  (Residences)

300 Mill Rd  (Residences)

52 McAdam  (Residences)

2000 Sheppard Ave. West  (Residences)

100 High Park Ave.  (Residences)

1770 Wilson Ave.  (Residences)

2000 Bloor West  (Residences)

31 Massey  (Residences)

30 Burn Hill  (Residences)

200 Ellsworth  (Residences)

498 Dufferin  (Residences)

251 Roywood Dr.  (Residences)

40 Falstaff  (Residences)

78 Millcar Dr.  (Residences)

4325 Kingston Rd.  (Residences)

25 Four Winds Dr.  (Residences)

30 Teesdale Pl  (Residences)

234 Albion  (Residences)

7 Capri  (Residences)

190 Danzig  (Residences)

9 Haldon Ave  (Residences)

43 Goldwin  (Residences)

370 Dixon Rd  (Residences)

220 Oak  (Residences)

107 Humber Blvd  (Residences)

30 Charles W.  (Residences)

64 Struthers  (Residences)

120 Littles  (Residences)

70 Clipper  (Residences)

17 Harrington Crt.  (Residences)

1 Summerhill Rd.  (Residences)

67 Westglen Cres  (Residences)

26 Barrymore  (Residences)

52 Goodview  (Residences)

644 Sheppard Ave. E.  (Residences)

62 Killdeer Cres  (Residences)

48 Shamokin Dr.  (Residences)

177 Linus Rd.  (Residences)

60 Callowhill Drive  (Residences)

1780 Eglinton East  (Residences)

1780 Victoria Park  (Residences)

942 Yonge  (Residences)

1286 Wilson  (Residences)

190 Broadway Ave.  (Residences)

273 Pharmacy Ave.  (Residences)

25 Silver Springs  (Residences)

1555 Finch East  (Residences)

10 Dean Park  (Residences)

57 Rushley Drive  (Residences)

270 Palmdale Dr.  (Residences)

10 Macey  (Residences)

5 Brockley Dr.  (Residences)

5754 Yonge  (Residences)

260 Seneca Hill Drive  (Residences)

304 Jones Ave.  (Residences)

276 Clinton  (Residences)

11 Savoy  (Residences)

Fido  (Retail)

751 Markham Rd.  (Residences)

64 Cassandra  (Residences)

5 Graham Gardens  (Residences)

592 Lawrence Ave. W.  (Residences)

7 Edmund Ave  (Residences)

707 St. Clair Ave. W.  (Residences)

1 Aberfoyle Cres.  (Residences)

65 Harbour Square  (Residences)

71 Merton  (Residences)

60 Glen Manor Dr.  (Residences)

88 Wellesley E.  (Residences)

236 Carmichael  (Residences)

35 Gracefield  (Residences)

414 Willowdale  (Residences)

3434 Eglinton Ave. E.  (Residences)

165 Barrington  (Residences)

960 College Street  (Residences)

457 Main Street  (Residences)

8 Pettit Dr.  (Residences)

783 Cummer Ave  (Residences)

907 Dovercourt  (Residences)

18 Beverley  (Residences)

119 Balliol  (Residences)

243 Castlefield  (Residences)

20 Humberline Dr.  (Residences)

1901 Weston  (Residences)

605 Whiteside Pl.  (Residences)

55 Belmont  (Residences)

109 Waverley  (Residences)

60 Callowhill Dr.  (Residences)

2567 Yonge  (Residences)

740 Kennedy  (Residences)

25 Edgecombe  (Residences)

8 Bushell  (Residences)

22 Strathearn Rd  (Residences)

40 High Park Ave.  (Residences)

797 Jane  (Residences)

47 Spruce Hill  (Residences)

80 Montclair  (Residences)

120 Dundalk Dr.  (Residences)

1206 Davenport  (Residences)

5 Cedar ave.  (Residences)

458 Hidden Trail  (Residences)

1775 Eglinton W.  (Residences)

240 Heath W.  (Residences)

1649 Eglinton Ave. W.  (Residences)

52 Mabelle  (Residences)

3390 Weston  (Residences)

12 St. Dennis Dr.  (Residences)

65 Thorncliffe Park Dr.  (Residences)

36 Cowan  (Residences)

31 Apache Trail  (Residences)

51 Wynford Heights Cr.  (Residences)

10 Ruddington Dr.  (Residences)

65 Gamble  (Residences)

17 Wildwood Cres  (Residences)

130 Gowan  (Residences)

2599 Lakeshore Blvd W.  (Residences)

135 Marlee  (Residences)

232 Dovercourt  (Residences)

9 Leita Crt.  (Residences)

Claire's  (Retail)

Costa Blanca  (Retail)

Cotton Ginny  (Retail)

Dollar Power  (Retail)

Dollarama  (Retail)

Exco  (Retail)

Faces  (Retail)

Fairweather  (Retail)

Battery Plus  (Retail)

Baskin Robbins  (Restaurants)

Bagel Stop  (Restaurants)

Bachio  (Retail)

Churrisimo  (Restaurants)

Carlton Cards  (Retail)

Cameo Fashions  (Retail)

bcpbank Canada  (Other/Misc)

Bell World  (Retail)

Benix & Co.  (Retail)

Bentley Leathers  (Retail)

Black's Photography  (Retail)

Blue Junction  (Retail)

Chantele  (Retail)

Bluenoted  (Retail)

Champ's Sports  (Retail)

Dufferin Mall  (Retail)

Aldo  (Retail)

Anna Bella  (Retail)

Ardene  (Retail)

Ardene Styles  (Retail)

Mango  (Retail)

Marciano  (Retail)

Melanie Lyne  (Retail)

Mendocino  (Retail)

Mexx Women  (Retail)

Mirabelli  (Retail)

Denise  (Retail)

Cotton Ginny  (Retail)

Costa Blanca  (Retail)

BCBG Max Azria  (Retail)

Axara  (Retail)

Aritzia  (Retail)

A/E Sports & Co.  (Retail)

Addition-Elle  (Retail)

Dynamite  (Retail)

Esprit  (Retail)

Fairweather  (Retail)

Union Station Go Terminal  (Other/Misc)

Yorkdale Go Bus Terminal  (Other/Misc)

Laura Plus 14+  (Retail)

Laura Petites  (Retail)

Laura  (Retail)

La Senza  (Retail)

L'Officiel  (Retail)

Jacob Connexion  (Retail)

Jacob & Jacob Lingerie  (Retail)

Femme de Carriere  (Retail)

Sherbourne Subway Station  (Other/Misc)

Christie Subway Station  (Other/Misc)

Bathurst Subway Station  (Other/Misc)

Ellesmere Subway Station  (Other/Misc)

Bay Subway Station  (Other/Misc)

Midland Subway Station  (Other/Misc)

Scarborough Centre Subway Station  (Other/Misc)

Castle Frank Subway Station  (Other/Misc)

McCowan Subway Station  (Other/Misc)

Bayview Subway Station  (Other/Misc)

Bessarion Subway Station  (Other/Misc)

Leslie Subway Station  (Other/Misc)

Don Mills  (Other/Misc)

Lawrence East Subway Station  (Other/Misc)

Kennedy Subway Station  (Other/Misc)

Warden Subway Station  (Other/Misc)

Woodbine Subway Station  (Other/Misc)

Chester Subway Station  (Other/Misc)

Pape Subway Station  (Other/Misc)

Donlands Subway Station  (Other/Misc)

Greenwood Subway Station  (Other/Misc)

Coxwell Subway Station  (Other/Misc)

Main Street Subway Station  (Other/Misc)

Victoria Park Subway Station  (Other/Misc)

Broadview Subway Station  (Other/Misc)

Sheppard-Yonge Subway Station  (Other/Misc)

York Mills Subway Station  (Other/Misc)

Lawrence Subway Station  (Other/Misc)

Eglinton Subway Station  (Other/Misc)

Davisville Subway Station  (Other/Misc)

North York Centre Subway Station  (Other/Misc)

Finch Subway Station  (Other/Misc)

Rogers Centre  (Entertainment)

Exhibition Place  (Attractions)

Ontario Place Cinesphere  (Entertainment)

Ontario Place  (Attractions)

Sears  (Retail)

Islington Subway Station  (Other/Misc)

St. Clair Subway Station  (Other/Misc)

Summerhill Subway Station  (Other/Misc)

Dufferin Subway Station  (Other/Misc)

St. Clair West Subway Station  (Other/Misc)

Eglinton West Subway Station  (Other/Misc)

Glencairn Subway Station  (Other/Misc)

Lawrence West Subway Station  (Other/Misc)

Yorkdale Subway Station  (Other/Misc)

Wilson Subway Station  (Other/Misc)

Downsview Subway Station  (Other/Misc)

Royal York Subway Station  (Other/Misc)

Old Mill Subway Station  (Other/Misc)

Jane Subway Station  (Other/Misc)

Runnymede Subway Station  (Other/Misc)

High Park Subway Station  (Other/Misc)

Keele Subway Station  (Other/Misc)

Dundas West Subway Station  (Other/Misc)

Lansdowne Subway Station  (Other/Misc)

Dupont Subway Station  (Other/Misc)

Spadina Subway Station  (Other/Misc)

F/X  (Retail)

Rosedale Subway Station  (Other/Misc)

Bloor-Yonge Subway Station  (Other/Misc)

Wellesley  (Other/Misc)

College Subway Station  (Other/Misc)

Dundas Subway Station  (Other/Misc)

Queen Subway Station  (Other/Misc)

King Subway Station  (Other/Misc)

Union Subway Station  (Other/Misc)

St. Andrew Subway Station  (Other/Misc)

Hot Box Cafe  (Restaurants)

St. George Subway Station  (Other/Misc)

Museum Subway Station  (Other/Misc)

Queen's Park Subway Station  (Other/Misc)

St. Patrick Subway Station  (Other/Misc)

Osgoode Subway Station  (Other/Misc)

American Apparel  (Retail)

Roach-A-Rama  (Retail)

American Apparel  (Retail)

American Apparel  (Retail)

The Docks  (Bars / Clubs)

The Green Room  (Bars / Clubs)

Opera House  (Bars / Clubs)

Courage My Love  (Retail)

Nature's Health Food  (Retail)

American Apparel  (Retail)

Bovine Sex Club  (Bars / Clubs)

Horseshoe Tavern  (Bars / Clubs)

Gerrard Square  (Retail)

Gateway Newstands  (Retail)

KFC  (Restaurants)

Come As You Are  (Retail)

Good For Her  (Retail)

Women's Bookstore  (Retail)

Gerrard Square Sewing Centre  (Retail)

Les Baggage  (Retail)

Lisa's Flowers & Gifts  (Retail)

Mmmarvellous Mmmuffins  (Restaurants)

Payless Shoe Source  (Retail)

Subway  (Restaurants)

Stiches  (Retail)

Telus  (Retail)

T-Shirt Gallery  (Retail)

CIBC  (Other/Misc)

Boardwalk Shoes  (Retail)

Kipling Subway Station  (Other/Misc)

Islington Subway Station  (Other/Misc)

Royal York Subway Station  (Other/Misc)

Air Canada Centre  (Entertainment)

Home Depot  (Retail)

Zellers  (Retail)

Kathedral  (Bars / Clubs)

Silver Dollar Room  (Bars / Clubs)

Reverb  (Bars / Clubs)

Holy Joe's  (Bars / Clubs)

Ricoh Coliseum  (Entertainment)

Best Buys  (Retail)

Bijou  (Retail)

The Source by Circuit City  (Retail)

Rancho Relaxo  (Bars / Clubs)