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Upcountry - November 28, 2007
3 out of 4 people found this review helpful. I went into the King street store today to buy about $3000 worth of stuff. They are bankrupt and the secured creditors are now selling off stock. One of the things they are trying to do is to provide good, proper, if you will, customer service to try and repair the damage that the owners did when the store was in financial trouble. that sort of practice of taking people's money knowing that they are just trying to recover but my risk bankruptcy in my opinion is totally unethical. the secured creditors are not only trying to sell off stock to recoupe loss but they are also thinking about re-opening as a legit business, although scaled down to a point where it makes sense.

anyway, i did buy the stuff and delivery arrangements will be made tomorrow. i will report back on how it goes but at this point they are not selling anything that isnt on the floor already and they have 3 different suppliers for delivery door to door.

right now stuff is marked down quite a bit and in some cases is 1/2 half an already discounted price. so there are some good deals to be had.

i have a good feeling about the "new" upcountry that may come fruition in the next few months. but for now i think you can rest assured buying from the store as its under trustee control and you get what you see.

they will take credit cards which is great too. and no tax on the prices.

I recommend this place.
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