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Le Trou Normand - July 18, 2007
1 out of 3 people found this review helpful. My friends and I have always looked forward to both Winterlicious and Summerlicious. So far this current Summerlicious, we have dined at five of the choices on the featured restaurants list and have more to attend this week. Tonight, we dined at Le Trou Normand. We have never experienced such bad service.

When we first got there, the server asked us if we would like anything to drink. When we did not order alcohol, he did not come back to our table for the longest time. After 30 minutes of no service, he came back only to ask again if we wanted anything to drink. The most pathetic moment was when we actually had to ask for the menus. The restaurant was practically empty and there were plenty of servers so there was no excuse for us to be ignored for so long. We also noticed that other patrons who arrived after us had much more attentive service and actually left before us.

The food was mediocre at best. The soup was good but the salad was completely bland in taste because they skimped on vegetables as well as the dressing, leaving us with only the bitter leaves. When they offered pepper, it was if they could barely muscle any pepper out of the mill. When we got to the entrées, things looked rosier but when we got to dessert, that was another story. We all ordered the lemon cheesecake and we had never ever seen such thin slices of cake. Then, one of us noticed a pubic hair lying on the plate against the dessert. When we pointed this out to the server, he apologized but only offered another piece of cake; a more appropriate gesture would have been to offer a free meal. Finding a hair in one’s food, especially a pubic hair, is the most revolting experience in dining.

Another peeve was that the servers never came back to refill our water. Each time we ran out of water, we had to ask numerous times for more water. The number of times we had to ask for water was ridiculous. We could not figure out if the servers were deaf or did not care about their tip. All other restaurants we frequent fill water glasses automatically; they are attentive enough to realize when their patrons need water. Water is not something anyone should need to ask for in a restaurant, especially not a restaurant like Le Trou Normand which has been in business for almost 35 years. It made us wonder how this restaurant has managed to stay in business all these years.

This was definitely one of those dining experiences that left us fuming, and not only over a waste of time and money. It is quite shameful that Le Trou Normand was chosen over other restaurants to be featured in Summerlicious. Le Trou Normand is a disgrace to the food and service industries.

I do not recommend this place.
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