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Gwartzman's Canvas & Art Supplies - January 20, 2008
8 out of 9 people found this review helpful. I've been shopping at Gwartzman's since i seriously started my artistic venture in 1978. Occasionally i've tried other stores but, have always been disappointed with their pricey supplies cold smiles. I have always been satisfied with the canvas and the brand of acrylic paint Gwartzman carries. The friendly familiar faces at Gwartzmans makes my trip downtown very enjoyable.
I hope that their family business continues to thrive and serve for many many many more years.

the canvas is perfect
just the right texture
i'm not in for fancy stuff
give me the basic simple things
a brush that works
prices that don't hurt the old
poor pocketbook
and with all this a smile
an exchange of words
a story that i can carry
with me on this journey
of colour and form

Angela S.

I recommend this place.
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