Cindy S.'s Listings Added

Listings Added

7 Numbers Restaurant  (Restaurants)

Abercrombie & Fitch - Toronto Eaton Centre  (Retail)

Soho Metropolitan Residences  (Residences)

Post + Beam Reclamation Ltd.  (Retail)

Brigitte's Cafe  (Restaurants)

Forever Interiors  (Retail)

Kendrick Astro Instruments  (Other/Misc)

The Book Exchane  (Retail)

Curry Twist  (Restaurants)

King Aloha  (Entertainment)

Caribbean Flava  (Restaurants)

Pandemonium  (Retail)

The Coach House  (Hotels)

Bonnevue Manor Bed & Breakfast by the Lake  (Hotels)

B&B My Guest Bed & Breakfast  (Hotels)

LitenUp Food Science  (Retail)

Bamboo Spa  (Other/Misc)

Choice Bedding Inc.  (Retail)

Creative Children's Dance Centre  (Other/Misc)

International Pool & Spa Centers  (Other/Misc)

Storage Locators  (Other/Misc)

Philips Moving & Storage  (Other/Misc)

Black Creek Self Storage  (Other/Misc)

AJ Self Storage  (Other/Misc)

Aaron's Mini Storage  (Other/Misc)

Wild Water Kingdom  (Attractions)

Whirly Ball Toronto  (Other/Misc)

Co-op Cabs  (Other/Misc)

Leaside Therapy Centre  (Other/Misc)

SanLyn Wellness Centre  (Other/Misc)

Scarborough City Cabs  (Other/Misc)

Boutique Biba  (Retail)

International Refund Services  (Other/Misc)

Easyfile Tax Preparation  (Other/Misc)

Business and Tax  (Other/Misc)

Segal LLP  (Other/Misc)

Davies Curran Chartered Accountants  (Other/Misc)

Cross Border Tax Services Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Tempation Island Tanning  (Other/Misc)

Bulloch Tailors  (Retail)

Prime Advertising  (Other/Misc)

Perennial Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Partners and Edell  (Other/Misc)

Padulo Integrated Inc.  (Other/Misc)

OSL Marketing Communications  (Other/Misc)

Proximity Canada  (Other/Misc)

Sharpe Blackmore Euro RSCG  (Other/Misc)

Snuffbox  (Other/Misc)

Stirred Creative Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Strateco Strategic Objectives Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Earl Bales Ski Centre & Centennial Snow Park Centre  (Other/Misc)

Miko Toy Warehouse  (Other/Misc)

Raceworld  (Other/Misc)

Bikeshare  (Other/Misc)

Toronto Bicycling Network  (Other/Misc)

R G Perkins Antiques  (Other/Misc)

Mastro's  (Restaurants)

Tasco Distributors  (Other/Misc)

Sobie's Barbecques & Appliance Service  (Other/Misc)

McKenzie Construction  (Other/Misc)

George Bigliardi's Dining Lounge  (Restaurants)

Anatolia Restaurant  (Restaurants)

Thai Royal Orchid Restaurant  (Restaurants)

Olgilvy & Mather  (Other/Misc)

MVJ Group Inc.  (Other/Misc)

McDonnell Haynes Integrated Communications Partners  (Other/Misc)

Marshall Fenn Communications  (Other/Misc)

The Mann Group  (Other/Misc)

Romela Antique Lighting  (Other/Misc)

Leon's Landscaping Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Albern Windows & Doors  (Other/Misc)

Eastend Stairs & Railings  (Other/Misc)

K.I.D.S. Kid's Interior Design Store  (Other/Misc)

S.A.C. Summer Camps  (Other/Misc)

Showtime! Day Camp  (Other/Misc)

Gibson House (1851)  (Attractions)

Dance Place Summer Camp  (Other/Misc)

Discovery Gymnastics  (Other/Misc)

The Drama Workshop  (Other/Misc)

Camp Green Acres  (Other/Misc)

Camp York  (Other/Misc)

Bayview Glen Camp  (Other/Misc)

Bob Rumball Centre for the Deaf  (Other/Misc)

Beach Arts Centre  (Other/Misc)

Branksome Tennis Camp  (Other/Misc)

Camp Eden  (Other/Misc)

Children's Theatre Project  (Other/Misc)

Children's Theatre Fairyland  (Other/Misc)

The Frame Maker  (Other/Misc)

The Carpet Mechanics Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Excellence in Art  (Other/Misc)

Jeevana Furniture Finishing  (Other/Misc)

Robby's  (Other/Misc)

Mashal Rugs  (Other/Misc)

Watts Current  (Other/Misc)

Lighting Palace  (Other/Misc)

Cottage in the City Bed and Breakfast  (Hotels)

Lakeview Victorian Bed and Breakfast  (Hotels)

Waldon House  (Hotels)

Islington House Bed & Breakfast  (Hotels)

Castlegate Inn  (Hotels)

Royal Lighting  (Other/Misc)

Norfinch Glass & Mirror Mfg. Ltd.  (Other/Misc)

Dream Mattress Mfg.  (Other/Misc)

Kashin Carpets  (Other/Misc)

Majestic Tile  (Other/Misc)

Satin Finish  (Other/Misc)

Finecraft Group Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Nukrete  (Other/Misc)

Yorkdale Hardwood Flooring Centre  (Other/Misc)

Allan Rug Co. Ltd.  (Other/Misc)

Pete Spence & Sons  (Other/Misc)

Dedora Custom Framing  (Other/Misc)  (Other/Misc)

Of Things Past  (Other/Misc)

La Compagnia  (Other/Misc)

Choice Leather Furniture  (Other/Misc)

ASHOWRCO  (Other/Misc)

HRM Canada Inc.  (Other/Misc)

The Hotbed  (Other/Misc)

Holmes and Lee  (Other/Misc)

The Henderson Robb Group  (Other/Misc)

Grip Limited  (Other/Misc)

Goodgoll Vendramin  (Other/Misc)

Giant Step  (Other/Misc)

Gee Jeffreys & Partners Advertising  (Other/Misc)

Garneau Wurstlin Philp Brand Engineering  (Other/Misc)

Innovision Image Consultants  (Other/Misc)

Integra Business Development Services  (Other/Misc)

Admiral St. George Bed & Breakfast  (Hotels)

242 Gerrard Street - Toronto Bed & Breakfast  (Hotels)

Cozy Suites Inn  (Hotels)

A Gardenview House  (Hotels)

Acorn Restaurant & Tavern  (Restaurants)

ABC Bakery Shop  (Restaurants)

Key Gordon Communications  (Other/Misc)

John St.  (Other/Misc)

Jeffrey Simbrow Associates Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Anderson DDB Health & Lifestyle  (Other/Misc)

Arango Communications  (Other/Misc)

Armstrong Partnership Ltd.  (Other/Misc)

Arnold Worldwide Canada  (Other/Misc)

B Street Communications  (Other/Misc)

Ambrose Carr Linton Carroll Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Allard Johnson  (Other/Misc)

AES Company  (Other/Misc)

The Adlib Group  (Other/Misc)

Ad Guru Inc.  (Other/Misc)

a5Media Inc.  (Other/Misc)

GLAM Studio+Gallery  (Other/Misc)

Beacon Creative Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Beakbane Marketing Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Foote Cone & Belding  (Other/Misc)

Flip Publicity  (Other/Misc)

Fat Free Communications  (Other/Misc)

Deutsch Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Cundari SFP  (Other/Misc)

Cundari Integrated Adverising  (Other/Misc)

Caspian International  (Other/Misc)

Bensimon Byrne  (Other/Misc)

Bos  (Other/Misc)

BrandAbility Name Creation & Branding  (Other/Misc)

Calexis Advertising  (Other/Misc)

Capital C  (Other/Misc)

Cundari Health  (Other/Misc)

Benjamin Communication Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Enterprise Creative Selling  (Other/Misc)

Eden Advertising  (Other/Misc)

Dutton Group  (Other/Misc)

Craig Scott Gallery  (Attractions)

Kossman Audio  (Retail)

Rob Fiocca Photography  (Other/Misc)

Richard Furhoff Photography & Digital Imaging  (Other/Misc)

Raina Kirn & Wilson Barry  (Other/Misc)

Peter Reali  (Other/Misc)

Pete Soos  (Other/Misc)

Paul Kim Studios  (Other/Misc)

Orlando Marques Photographer  (Other/Misc)  (Other/Misc)

Ron Elmy Photography  (Other/Misc)

Roswell Anderson Photography  (Other/Misc)

Vicki Saunders Photography  (Other/Misc)

Vast Photography & Production  (Other/Misc)

Swavek Photography  (Other/Misc)

Summers Pictures  (Other/Misc)

Stuan Photographic Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Steven Carty Photographer  (Other/Misc)

Steinke Photography  (Other/Misc)

Star Photography  (Other/Misc)

Stacey Brandford  (Other/Misc)

Seven Stock Photography VII  (Other/Misc)

Blackwell Duct Cleaning  (Other/Misc)

Fresh and Clean  (Other/Misc)

Junk King  (Other/Misc)

Gale diLullo  (Other/Misc)

Kiddie Proofers  (Other/Misc)

Ashley Custom Furniture  (Other/Misc)

Pacific Passage  (Other/Misc)

Toronto Home of Audiophile Ltd.  (Other/Misc)

Recycling Streams  (Other/Misc)

Magical Pest Control Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Rubinoff Design Consultants  (Other/Misc)

The Construction Guys  (Other/Misc)

Dominion Antiques  (Other/Misc)

Selyan's Flooring & Interiors  (Other/Misc)

Royal Furniture  (Other/Misc)

Al's Home Services  (Other/Misc)

Modern Linoleum  (Other/Misc)

Crystal Tile & Marble  (Other/Misc)

Number One Sound  (Other/Misc)

RTD Computer Centre  (Other/Misc)

Irwin Hardware Co. Limited  (Other/Misc)

Deer Park Home Hardware  (Other/Misc)

Parkdale Home Hardware  (Other/Misc)

Edwards Home Hardware  (Other/Misc)

College Maple Leaf Hardware  (Other/Misc)

Royal Home Hardware  (Other/Misc)

Pape-Danforth Home Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Networks  (Other/Misc)

Home Hardware Building Centre  (Other/Misc)

Wiener's Hardware Limited  (Other/Misc)

The Viking Center  (Other/Misc)

Hunter Douglas  (Other/Misc)

Sun Shades  (Other/Misc)

Neutral Resources Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Panoramic Shades  (Other/Misc)

Ontario Paint & Wallpaper  (Other/Misc)

Custom Crown Moulding  (Other/Misc)

Downtown Lumber  (Other/Misc)

Emcoss Window Blinds  (Other/Misc)

G.S. Hardwood Floors Ltd.  (Other/Misc)

Persian & Oriental Rugs  (Other/Misc)

Jiffy Self Storage  (Other/Misc)

Antica Tile & Stone  (Other/Misc)

Cores Construction Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Bath Master  (Other/Misc)

Invision Distribution Network Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Artisan Mosaics  (Other/Misc)

Drapes and Sew Much More  (Other/Misc)

Douglas Bradshaw Photography  (Other/Misc)

DW Dorken  (Other/Misc)

Ed O'Neil Photography Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Erin Riley  (Other/Misc)

First Light  (Other/Misc)

Frances Juriansz Photography  (Other/Misc)

G Biss Photography  (Other/Misc)

Gibson & Smith Photography  (Other/Misc)

Precision Kitchen & Bath  (Other/Misc)

Hamin Lee Photography  (Other/Misc)

Roman Bath Centre  (Other/Misc)

Leaside Studios  (Other/Misc)

Lorne Bridgman Photography  (Other/Misc)

Lorne Fromer Photography  (Other/Misc)

Mark Zibert  (Other/Misc)

Masterfile Corp.  (Other/Misc)

Michael Graydon Pictures  (Other/Misc)

Mir Lada  (Other/Misc)

Nadia Molinari Photography  (Other/Misc)

Antique Door & Hardware  (Other/Misc)

Classique Kitchens & Vanity  (Other/Misc)

Hiep Vu Photography  (Other/Misc)

Valentini Kitchens & Home Design Centre  (Other/Misc)

John Hryniuk Photography  (Other/Misc)

Ciot Habitat Toronto  (Other/Misc)

Emporium Fine Stone Crafting  (Other/Misc)

KC Armstrong  (Other/Misc)

Greystone Home Comfort Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Kevin Viner Photography  (Other/Misc)

BMR Studios  (Other/Misc)

Brian Pieters Photography  (Other/Misc)

Caroline Ryan  (Other/Misc)

Channel One  (Other/Misc)

Christopher Campbell Photography Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Clint Adam Smyth Photography  (Other/Misc)

Colin Faulkner Photography  (Other/Misc)

Daniel Alvarado Photography  (Other/Misc)

Sudden Storm Productions  (Other/Misc)

Spitfire Pictures  (Other/Misc)

Spank Films  (Other/Misc)

Ruckus Films Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Revolver Film Company  (Other/Misc)

Postman Films  (Other/Misc)

Suneeva  (Other/Misc)

Vertigo Reps  (Other/Misc)

B. Prost Photography  (Other/Misc)

Andrew Maidanik Photography  (Other/Misc)

A-Frame  (Other/Misc)

B&M Models  (Other/Misc)

Armstrong Models  (Other/Misc)

YYZ Pictures  (Other/Misc)

Rogers Promotions  (Other/Misc)

Rogue Editorial  (Other/Misc)

School Editing  (Other/Misc)

The Barman Film Co.  (Other/Misc)

Trailer Park Films  (Other/Misc)

Triune Arts  (Other/Misc)

4 Lanes Production  (Other/Misc)

Channel 500  (Other/Misc)

The Linoleum Group  (Other/Misc)

Maxx Films  (Other/Misc)

Newnew Films  (Other/Misc)

Pester Productions  (Other/Misc)

Radio Radio  (Other/Misc)

Medianet Communications  (Other/Misc)

loopmedia inc.  (Other/Misc)

Imported Artists  (Other/Misc)

Fever Films  (Other/Misc)

Red Seal Notary Public  (Other/Misc)

The Great American Backrub - The Exhange Tower  (Other/Misc)

The Great American Backrub - The Sheraton Centre  (Other/Misc)

The Great American Backrub  (Other/Misc)

The Great American Backrub - TD Centre  (Other/Misc)

The Great American Backrub - Toronto Eaton Centre  (Other/Misc)

The Great Canadian Backrub - Hudson's Bay Centre  (Other/Misc)

The Great American Backrub - Commerce Court  (Other/Misc)

Red Seal Notary Public  (Other/Misc)

Red Seal Notary Public  (Other/Misc)

Red Seal Notary Public  (Other/Misc)

Red Seal Notary Public  (Other/Misc)

Red Seal Notary Public  (Other/Misc)

Red Seal Notary Public  (Other/Misc)

Red Seal Notary Public  (Other/Misc)

Red Seal Notary Public  (Other/Misc)

Red Seal Notary Public  (Other/Misc)

Red Seal Notary Public  (Other/Misc)

Club V  (Bars / Clubs)

Apache Burgers  (Restaurants)

Chris Stone Audio Productions Ltd.  (Other/Misc)

Company X Audio  (Other/Misc)

Canaz  (Other/Misc)

Capital j Films  (Other/Misc)

The D Squared Pcitures Co. Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Eagle.Com Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Elephant27  (Other/Misc)

Generator Films  (Other/Misc)

Candy Sound  (Other/Misc)

AAA Audio  (Other/Misc)

Burger Flame  (Restaurants)

City Burger Restaurant  (Restaurants)

Johnn's Hamburgers  (Restaurants)

Real McCoy Burgers & Pizza  (Restaurants)

Shake N Burger  (Restaurants)

Pancer's Deli  (Restaurants)

Abbey Pub and Steakhouse  (Restaurants)

Audio Creation & Imagination Co.  (Other/Misc)

Red Seal Notary Public  (Other/Misc)

Red Seal Notary Public  (Other/Misc)

Red Seal Notary Public  (Other/Misc)

Red Seal Notary Public  (Other/Misc)

Red Seal Notary Public  (Other/Misc)

Red Seal Notary Public  (Other/Misc)

Pace Law Firm  (Other/Misc)

Rotfleisch & Samulovitch  (Other/Misc)

Freedom 55 Financial Centre  (Other/Misc)

Freedom 55 Financial Centre  (Other/Misc)

Village Tire  (Other/Misc)

LDL Woodworking Products Ltd.  (Other/Misc)

Belyea Bros. Ltd.  (Other/Misc)

Brudner Herblum & McDougall LLP  (Other/Misc)

Freedom 55 Financial Centre  (Other/Misc)

Freedom 55 Financial Centre  (Other/Misc)

Freedom 55 Financial Centre  (Other/Misc)

Freedom 55 Financial Centre  (Other/Misc)

Artika Collection Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Canada Immigration Services Network Inc.  (Other/Misc)

All Over Again  (Retail)

2 The Beat  (Retail)

Tome Dress Salon  (Retail)

Free Style Fashion  (Retail)

Long Haul Travel  (Other/Misc)

Total Travel Service  (Other/Misc)

Vogue Tours  (Other/Misc)

Rex Travel  (Other/Misc)

St. Martin Dreaming  (Other/Misc)

Team Canada Tourism  (Other/Misc)

Talk Of The Town Travel Ltd.  (Other/Misc)

Touchstone Travel  (Other/Misc)

Alternative Youth Centre for Employment  (Other/Misc)

JobStart  (Other/Misc)

ACME Shelving and Store Fixtures  (Other/Misc)

Rosedale Universal Travel  (Other/Misc)

WoodGreen Youth Job Centre  (Other/Misc)

West Scarborough Neighbourhood Community Centre - Toronto Youth Job Corps  (Other/Misc)

The Career Foundation/Completing the Circle West  (Other/Misc)

The Career Foundation/Completing the Circle  (Other/Misc)

PARC (Pape Adolescent Resource Centre)  (Other/Misc)

Greystone Youth Pre Employment Program  (Other/Misc)

Yarn Boutique  (Retail)

The Wool Mill  (Retail)

Passionknit LImited  (Retail)

The Naked Sheep  (Retail)

Melodie Crochette  (Retail)

The Knit Cafe  (Retail)

Little Army Store  (Retail)

Stylessence Fine Jewellery  (Retail)

Tilley Endurables Inc.  (Retail)

Silverstein & Son Limited  (Retail)

Binodon Limited  (Retail)

Highland Trophies  (Retail)

Wrap-It-Up Inc.  (Retail)

Peter's Paint & Paper  (Retail)

Hardware Monarch  (Retail)

Hardware Sam's  (Retail)

Hillcrest Professional Hardware  (Retail)

I N T Hardware  (Retail)

Jacobs Hardware  (Retail)

John's Hammer Hardware  (Retail)

Lee Valley Tools  (Retail)

Handyman Shop Building Suppiles Limited  (Retail)

Halberts Hardware  (Retail)

General Hardware  (Retail)

Dudley Hardware Limited  (Retail)

Bloor-Landsdowne Hardware  (Retail)

Bayview True Value Hardware  (Retail)

ABSO Lock Inc.  (Retail)

Sunrise Landscape & Building Supply  (Retail)

Pam's Bakery  (Retail)

The Cathedral Church of St. James  (Attractions)

Lee Valley Tools  (Retail)

Lee Valley Tools  (Retail)

Mr. Case Inc.  (Retail)

Crosstown Battery Sales Inc.  (Retail)

Village Hardware Inc.  (Retail)

Upper Canada Specialty Hardware Limited  (Retail)

Tracy Hardware  (Retail)

Summerhill Decorative Hardware  (Retail)

St Lawrence Hardware  (Retail)

Spector's Hardware  (Retail)

Regal Hardware  (Retail)

Ralph's Hardware  (Retail)

Lisboa Hardware and Building Supply  (Retail)

Naru True Value Hardware  (Retail)

Nettleship's Hardware  (Retail)

Nobel Haus  (Retail)

Polytechnic Hardware Store  (Retail)

Professional Hardware Simply  (Retail)

Q & B Hardware  (Retail)

Harry Young Shoes  (Retail)

Elegant Home Decor & Furniture Ltd.  (Retail)

THINK  (Other/Misc)

Torontos First Post Office  (Attractions)

West Toronto Art Newspaper  (Other/Misc)

Yoga In Riverdale  (Other/Misc)

Variety Thrift Shop  (Retail)

PR Cosmetics & Spa  (Retail)

Wonderful White  (Retail)

B&M Salon  (Other/Misc)

Wellington Chiropractic & Massage  (Other/Misc)

Valet Service Cleaners  (Other/Misc)

Jacadi  (Retail)

Andrew's  (Retail)

Andrew's  (Retail)

Neoset Canada  (Retail)

CDN Accountancy  (Other/Misc)

Cabbagetown Chiropractic Health Centre  (Other/Misc)

John Hoskin's Antiques & Collectibles  (Retail)

2-4-1 Video  (Retail)

Here & Now Gallery  (Retail)

Joyner Fine Art  (Other/Misc)

Catherine Tammaro Art/Design  (Other/Misc)

Moss Design  (Other/Misc)

Design Consulting Services Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Accessorize  (Retail)

69 Vintage  (Retail)

Dorplex Industries  (Other/Misc)

Positive Changes  (Other/Misc)

Positive Changes  (Other/Misc)

Studio Brillantine  (Retail)

Recruiting On A Budget  (Other/Misc)

Prime Imaging  (Other/Misc)

Skinhealth Canada  (Other/Misc)

F.G. Lister and Co. Ltd.  (Other/Misc)

The PC Answer Guy  (Other/Misc)

Poondy Bread Bakery  (Retail)

Poondy Bakery  (Retail)

Esthetics by Debra Ann  (Other/Misc)

Coffee Bar & Restaurant  (Restaurants)

Art Starts  (Other/Misc)

Big Daddy's DVD Shop  (Retail)

Centre for Ayurveda & Indian Systems of Healing (CAISH)  (Other/Misc)

The Bulletin  (Other/Misc)

Debra Rob Photography  (Other/Misc)

Genova Tours  (Other/Misc)

Head Massage Toronto  (Other/Misc)

Bobby Five  (Other/Misc)

She & I Aesthetics  (Other/Misc)

A Roy Miller Funeral Home  (Other/Misc)

Phyllis' Esthetics  (Other/Misc)

CENCOM M.I.S. Limited  (Other/Misc)

Colourful Image Fashions Ltd  (Retail)

Double Take  (Retail)

Joses Shoe Shop & Repair  (Retail)

Fashion Accessories  (Retail)

NB Cleaners  (Other/Misc)

Andrew's Barber Shop  (Other/Misc)

Kulhay Wellness Centre  (Other/Misc)

Axmith Shoes  (Retail)

Vegetable Kingdom Organics  (Retail)

The Sweet Gourmet  (Retail)

Restaurants On The Go  (Restaurants)

Organic Abundance  (Retail)

Get Out Side  (Retail)

Joe Singer Shoes  (Retail)

Kahnert Furs Limited  (Retail)

Performance Plus Rehabilitative Care  (Other/Misc)

Votre Beaute European Day Spa  (Other/Misc)

Spa Party  (Other/Misc)

Venise Verte - Fairview Mall  (Retail)

Images That Suit  (Retail)

Quiltmakers  (Retail)

Eldorado Textiles  (Retail)

New Choice Discount Store  (Retail)

West End Custom Photo Labs  (Other/Misc)

Plastic Laminating Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Krown Body Maintenance  (Other/Misc)

Dragon Leather Goods  (Retail)

Maximum Woman with Maximum Style 14+  (Retail)

The Quilter's Palette  (Retail)

Kids Turf Inc.  (Retail)

Decibel  (Retail)

Voluptuous - Dufferin Mall  (Retail)

Voluptuous - Sheridan Mall  (Retail)

The Sheepskin shop  (Retail)

Second Nature Boutique  (Retail)

Irina Fashions  (Retail)

Flavour Hall  (Retail)

Fashion Crimes  (Retail)

Boutique Biba, Issetti, Il Bisonte  (Retail)

B.M. Optical Lab Ltd.  (Residences)

FWP Trading Inc.  (Retail)

Electragroup Appraisers Auctioneers Liquidators  (Other/Misc)

State of the Art Gallery  (Retail)

Afriquelle Inc.  (Retail)

Swiss-Master Chocolatier  (Retail)

Raindrops  (Retail)

Wenches & Rogues  (Retail)

Furs By Leonard  (Retail)

Horsefeathers Antiques  (Retail)

Floyd & Rita's Antiques  (Retail)

Simply Elegant  (Retail)

Courtesy Chev Olds  (Retail)

Golden Mile Motors Ltd.  (Retail)

Humberview Chevrolet  (Retail)

Black Market Clothing Megawarehouse  (Retail)

Jacadi: Paris Children's Wear  (Retail)

ShiSha Bridal  (Retail)

Premier Jour  (Retail)

Nina Duong Haute Couture  (Retail)

Bride 2 B  (Retail)

Best for Bride  (Retail)

Toronto Computer Books  (Retail)

Nicholas Hoare Books  (Retail)

Bicycle Warehouse  (Retail)

Basics Food & Convenience  (Retail)

Athletes World & Bata - Cedarbrae Mall  (Retail)

Athletes World & Nike Shop - Scarborough Town Centre  (Retail)

Athletes World & Nike Shop - Fairview Mall  (Retail)

Bay Coin & Stamps - Atrium on Bay  (Retail)

The Beauty Supply Outlet  (Retail)

Bang-On  (Retail)

Automobile Protection Association (APA)  (Other/Misc)

Assessment Review Board - Toronto Eaton Centre  (Other/Misc)

Aram Polishing & Gold Rhodium  (Retail)

Antwerp Diamond Co  (Retail)

Ani Jewellery - Toronto Eaton Centre  (Retail)

Anglican United Church  (Other/Misc)

Amica Mature Lifestyles  (Other/Misc)

Big It Up - Toronto Eaton Centre  (Retail)

The Beauty Supply Outlet - Lawrence Plaza  (Retail)

The Beauty Supply Outlet  (Retail)

Iron Dreams  (Retail)

Toronto Furniture  (Retail)

Dian Furniture Ltd.  (Retail)

B.O.F.F. Wall Bed Furniture  (Retail)

Aristocrat Lamps & Lighting  (Retail)

Ante, Modern Furniture and Home Decor  (Retail)

ANLE Contemporary Furniture  (Retail)

Browes 'N' Byte  (Other/Misc)

Net Plaza  (Other/Misc)

Big It Up - Square One Shopping Centre  (Retail)

Benetton - Yorkdale Mall  (Retail)

Big It Up  (Retail)

Bento Box - Atrium on Bay  (Restaurants)

Benetton - Fairview Mall  (Retail)

Cyber Zone  (Restaurants)

7D's Convenience  (Retail)

Serano Bakery  (Retail)

Sun Valley Supermarket Inc.  (Retail)

Divisoria  (Retail)

Carravetta Fruit Market Ltd.  (Retail)

Macelleria Potenza  (Retail)

Toronto Organics Ltd.  (Retail)

Thai Dish  (Restaurants)

Xzphire  (Restaurants)

Mirra's Place  (Restaurants)

Sunshine Spot Restaurant  (Restaurants)

Hong Yu Chinese Restauratn  (Restaurants)

Henna by Holly  (Other/Misc)

Gala Travels  (Other/Misc)

Comfort Travel Inc.  (Other/Misc)

African On Safari Inc.  (Other/Misc)

DCA Travel & Cruise Service Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Savvy Travel Agency  (Other/Misc)

All The Best  (Restaurants)

St John's Bakery  (Restaurants)

A & W Family Restaurant - Toronto Eaton Centre  (Restaurants)

A Fashion Watches  (Retail)

A Taste of Satay -Toronto Eaton Centre  (Restaurants)

Alcohol & Gaming Commission of Ontario - Atrium on Bay  (Other/Misc)

Adli Jewelery  (Retail)

ADIO Chiropractic Centre  (Other/Misc)

Adexa  (Other/Misc)

Aden Camera  (Retail)

Accountant of the Supreme Court of Justice - Atrium on Bay  (Other/Misc)

Accord Travel Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Aleksander Travel  (Other/Misc)

Alexander Guarnes Law Office  (Other/Misc)

Allan Ross Gibson Psychotherapist  (Other/Misc)

Alliance for South Asian AIDS Prevention  (Other/Misc)

Alpha-Toronto Centre d'Education Populaire  (Other/Misc)

Altimate Systems Inc  (Other/Misc)

AMA Jewels  (Retail)

HNR Jewellery Centre  (Retail)

AA Diamonds  (Retail)

All Leather  (Retail)

Spring Rolls  (Restaurants)

Richlee's Restaurant  (Restaurants)

Satay on the Road  (Restaurants)

Satay on the Road  (Restaurants)

Sushi Kai Japanese Restaurant  (Restaurants)

Riz  (Restaurants)

Miami Grill Restaurant  (Restaurants)

Java Joe's  (Restaurants)

Java Joe's  (Restaurants)

Marvellous Edibles  (Restaurants)

Tutto Pronto  (Restaurants)

Keating Channel Pub  (Restaurants)

Bairrada Churrasqueira  (Restaurants)

A. Holliday & Company Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Stodgell Investment Management Ltd.  (Other/Misc)

Home Front  (Retail)

First Spice  (Other/Misc)

Kiu Luen Co. Chinese Grocery  (Retail)

K & S West Indian Tropical Grocery  (Retail)

Rubini East & West Indian Grocery  (Retail)

European Meat & Food Centre  (Retail)

European Deli Stop  (Retail)

European Sausage House  (Retail)

Keil's Meats & European Delicatessen  (Retail)

Lily's Eurpean Delicatessen  (Retail)

Poka European Deli Inc.  (Retail)

Hartman's Kosher Meats  (Retail)

Kolbo Kosher Foods Inc.  (Retail)

Kosher City Plus Inc.  (Retail)

Kosher and Natural Foods  (Retail)

Manor Kosher Meat Market  (Retail)

Richman's Kosher Bakery  (Retail)

Stroli's Strictly Kosher Food Products  (Retail)

Deena Halal Meat & Grocery  (Retail)

Iqbal Halal Foods  (Retail)

The Fax Engineer  (Other/Misc)

Librairie Champlain A French Book Store  (Retail)

Sai Woo  (Restaurants)

Chinese Palace  (Restaurants)

Wah Too Seafood Restaurant  (Restaurants)

Phnom Penh Restaurant  (Restaurants)

Pacific Restaurant  (Restaurants)

Kingdom Barbecue Restaurant  (Restaurants)

Happy Palace  (Restaurants)

King of Kings  (Restaurants)

Mandarin Cafe  (Restaurants)

Chinatown Seafood Stir Fry  (Restaurants)

Excellent Peking House  (Restaurants)

Dia HIng BBQ House  (Restaurants)

Dragon City Chinese Cuisine  (Restaurants)

Kom Jug Yuen Restaurant  (Restaurants)

Viet Thanh Restaurant  (Restaurants)

Fantastic Chinese & Thai Cuisine  (Restaurants)

Lettieri Espresso Bar Cafe  (Restaurants)

Danube Restaurant  (Restaurants)

Aren't We Naughty  (Retail)  (Retail)

He and She Clothing Gallery  (Retail)

Hair'n After  (Other/Misc)

Gladstone's Wine Bar & Grill  (Restaurants)

M. Fibres Inc.  (Other/Misc)

La Bicicletta  (Retail)

Icard Systems Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Cador Textiles  (Retail)

Music Marketing  (Other/Misc)

Efloor Inc.  (Retail)

Groundhog Pub  (Restaurants)

Matisse Restaurant & Bar  (Restaurants)

In The Mood Restaurant & Jazz Lounge  (Restaurants)

Mr. Sub - National Office  (Restaurants)

Pizzaiolo Gourmet Pizza  (Restaurants)

Embrujo Flemenco  (Restaurants)

Acme Decalcomania Ltd.  (Other/Misc)

Evergreen Labels Inc.  (Other/Misc)

MacFarlane Nameplate & Anodizing Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Marcam Printers Ltd.  (Other/Misc)

Partners Labels Ltd.  (Other/Misc)

Stanley Manufacturing Co. Ltd.  (Other/Misc)

Toronto Nameplate & Mfg. Co.  (Other/Misc)

Buchanan Floor Coverings Ltd.  (Other/Misc)

A & A Carpet Supplies Inc.  (Other/Misc)

A & K Hardwood Flooring Ltd.  (Other/Misc)

Pollitt & Co. Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Teach Magazine  (Other/Misc)

Zebrano  (Other/Misc)

One Up  (Restaurants)

The Marlowe  (Restaurants)

Fly Nightclub  (Bars / Clubs)

It Nightclub  (Bars / Clubs)

Tango  (Bars / Clubs)

The Stables/The Barn  (Bars / Clubs)

Zippers  (Bars / Clubs)

Sneakers  (Bars / Clubs)

Beaconsfield Bed & Breakfast  (Hotels)

Toronto Townhouse Bed & Breakfast  (Hotels)

Department of Justice  (Other/Misc)

Magazines Canada  (Other/Misc)

SBLR Group  (Other/Misc)

80/20 Solutions  (Other/Misc)

Doug Agency  (Other/Misc)

Iva Health & Beauty Clinic  (Other/Misc)

Eglinton Avenue Massage Therapy  (Other/Misc)

Pharmax  (Other/Misc)

Kwik-Fix Depot Ltd.  (Other/Misc)

Wize Guyz Wood Oven Pizzaria  (Restaurants)

Spectratone Graphics Limited  (Other/Misc)

Radical Performance  (Other/Misc)

Hooplah Interactive Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Morecraft Associates  (Other/Misc)

Oriole Landscaping  (Other/Misc)

Barager Mechanical Installations  (Other/Misc)

Interior Dimensions Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Terrace Manor Ltd.  (Other/Misc)

Maypole Dairy Products Ltd.  (Other/Misc)

427 Auto Collision  (Other/Misc)

CFA Communications Ltd.  (Other/Misc)

Conrad Metal Spinnign Co. Ltd.  (Other/Misc)

Prague Sausage Limited  (Other/Misc)

Lindberg Homburger Modent  (Other/Misc)

Nortown Air Systems  (Other/Misc)

Speight Van Nostrand & Gibson  (Other/Misc)

Armatek Controls Limited  (Retail)

Andrew Merrilees Ltd.  (Other/Misc)

Noahs Marine Supplies  (Retail)

Joseph Robertson Foundries Limited  (Other/Misc)

Eclipse Pen & Pencil Co. Ltd.  (Retail)

W.H. Way & Co. Plumbing  (Other/Misc)

Software Dimensions Inc.  (Other/Misc)

T.E. Investment Counsel inc.  (Other/Misc)

William F. White Limited  (Other/Misc)

Godin Productions Limited  (Other/Misc)

Hughes, Dorsch, Garland & Coles  (Other/Misc)

EMI Music Publishing  (Other/Misc)

Radioworld Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Archaeological Services Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Community Media Management Ltd.  (Other/Misc)

Northland Logistics Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Snug As A Bug Clothing  (Retail)

Fox Distribution Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Shaw-Pezzo & Associates Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Spence-Thomas Audio Post (Studio 1 & 2)  (Other/Misc)

JM Vacations  (Other/Misc)

A & D Fabric Systems  (Other/Misc)

Canada Czech Republic Chamer of Commerce  (Other/Misc)  (Retail)

Pointsaver - The Traffic Ticket Professionals Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Professional  (Other/Misc)  (Other/Misc)

Lumina Photography  (Other/Misc)

Apple Store - Yorkdale Shopping Centre  (Retail)

CNNMathews  (Other/Misc)

Danier Leather - Eaton Centre  (Retail)

Danier Leather - Scarborough Town Centre  (Retail)

Danier Leather - Factory Outlet  (Retail)

Danier Leather - Sherway Gardens  (Retail)

Danier Leather - Fairview Mall  (Retail)

Danier Leather - TD Centre  (Retail)

Danier Leather Factory Outlet - Eglinton Town Centre  (Retail)

Danier Leather - Yorkdale Shopping Centre  (Retail)

Deck & Dock  (Retail)

IKEA  (Retail)

Pre-Lock Security Services Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Mark Hart Guitar  (Other/Misc)

Procureit Management Solutions Ltd.  (Other/Misc)

Talbots - Eaton Centre  (Retail)

Talbots - Yorkdale Shopping Centre  (Retail)

Talbots - Bayview Village  (Retail)

Talbots - Sherway Gardens  (Retail)

Laura Canada - Yorkdale Shopping Centre  (Retail)

Laura Canada - Toronto Eaton Centre  (Retail)

Laura Petites - First Canadian Place  (Retail)

Motherhood Maternity - Yorkdale Shopping Centre  (Retail)

Mirabelli  (Retail)

Sigrid Olsen - Yorkdale Shopping Centre  (Retail)

Athletes World & Bata  (Retail)

Athletes World & Nike Shop - Toronto Eaton Centre  (Retail)

Athletes World & Nike Shop - Yorkdale Shopping Centre  (Retail)

Dominion on Queen Restaurant  (Restaurants)

Electronics Workbench  (Other/Misc)

Canada Lands Company Limited  (Other/Misc)

Pre Main Services Ltd.  (Other/Misc)

Crosstown Engine Remanufacturing  (Other/Misc)

Clarkson Auto Electric Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Hedonics  (Retail)

Summerwood Products  (Other/Misc)

Re:Print Copy & Printing  (Other/Misc)

Advanced Laser and Cosmetic Centre  (Other/Misc)

Ipex Inc. (Flexible Products Division)  (Other/Misc)

Canadian Process Equipment  (Other/Misc)

Cotton Smyth Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Task Force Security Guard Services  (Other/Misc)

Alias/Wavefront  (Other/Misc)

Aludra Studios Inc.  (Other/Misc)

The Animation Group Ltd.  (Other/Misc)

The Animation House  (Other/Misc)

Waggaworld Entertainment  (Other/Misc)

Technicolor  (Other/Misc)

TOPIX  (Other/Misc)

Stargate Studios and Sundog Films  (Other/Misc)

Scene By Scene  (Other/Misc)

Red Rover Studios  (Other/Misc)

Casablanca Magnetic North  (Other/Misc)

Loop Media  (Other/Misc)

Intelligent Creatures Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Ends Clothing  (Retail)

Ends Clothing  (Retail)

Ends Clothing  (Retail)

Corporate Assets  (Other/Misc)

Albern  (Retail)

Baron Metal Industries Inc.  (Retail)

Curtis International  (Retail)

Lentequip Inc.  (Retail)

Tectrol Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Caniaga Co. Ltd.  (Other/Misc)

Active Health Management  (Other/Misc)

Voice Logics  (Other/Misc)

Landlord Source Centre  (Other/Misc)

Olar Limited  (Other/Misc)

Emmett's Custom Framing Ltd.  (Other/Misc)

14C Consulting  (Other/Misc)

Lisa Collins-Sutton Group-Admiral Realty Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Kiddy Kidswear - Eaton Centre  (Retail)

Grand Basket Trading Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Finish Pro Paints  (Other/Misc)

Canasanta  (Other/Misc)

Your Mother Tonuge Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Colgate-Palmolive Canada Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Alternator Exchange Co. Ltd  (Retail)

The Rose & Thorne  (Restaurants)

Hooters  (Restaurants)

Shefali Kumar Inc. Architect  (Other/Misc)

Superkul Inc. Architect  (Other/Misc)

Takvor Hopyan Architect  (Other/Misc)

Tangram Architect Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Tarvo Eistrat Architect  (Other/Misc)

The Arcop Group Architects  (Other/Misc)

Thomas Gluck Architect Inc.  (Other/Misc)

V. W. Kuchar & Associates Architects Ltd.  (Other/Misc)

Wayne Swadron Architect Limited  (Other/Misc)

Fairview Mall  (Retail)

Woodside Square  (Retail)

Shoppers World Danforth  (Retail)

Kneider Architects  (Other/Misc)

Kohn Architects Inc.  (Other/Misc)

K. Kawagishi Architect  (Other/Misc)

Levitt Architect Limited  (Other/Misc)

Lorne Rose Architect  (Other/Misc)

Lynch + Comisso Architects Inc.  (Other/Misc)

L.E. Glazer Architect Limited  (Other/Misc)

SDI Design  (Other/Misc)

Maxine Shabsove Architect  (Other/Misc)

Mesbur + Smith Architects  (Other/Misc)

Michael Bulatovich Architect  (Other/Misc)

Murray Murray & Hershfield Associates Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Moriyama & Teshima Architects  (Other/Misc)

Morrison Hershfield Limited  (Other/Misc)

Murphy Hilgers Architects Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Neil Ironside Architect  (Other/Misc)

Autorite  (Other/Misc)

Absolute Conferences & Events Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Digital Mosaic  (Other/Misc)

Memories Now And Then Ltd.  (Retail)

King Falafel  (Restaurants)

O.C.A. Architects Inc.  (Other/Misc)

PSArchitect inc.  (Other/Misc)

Paul Gordon Architect  (Other/Misc)

Plaston Architect Limited  (Other/Misc)

Project Management Universe Corporation  (Other/Misc)

Queen's Quay Architects International Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Robbie/Young & Wright Architects Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Robin Tharin Architect Inc.  (Other/Misc)

R.V. Anderson Associates Limited  (Other/Misc)

Sander Gladstone Architect  (Other/Misc)

Sharp Architects  (Other/Misc)

Arctec Design Resolution  (Other/Misc)

Long W Architect  (Other/Misc)

Axis Planning & Development Consulting  (Other/Misc)

ACI Architectural Consultants Inc. Architect  (Other/Misc)

Adrian Peel Architect  (Other/Misc)

Andre Sherman, Architect  (Other/Misc)

Andritsos Architect International  (Other/Misc)

API Architect Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Archdesign  (Other/Misc)

Architects Crang and Boake Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Architrave Design  (Other/Misc)

Array International Architects Inc.  (Other/Misc)

A. Fazel Architect  (Other/Misc)

BB&R Architect Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Breathe Architects  (Other/Misc)

Bruce March Architect  (Other/Misc)

Burka Varacalli Architects  (Other/Misc)

Christopher Walker Architect  (Other/Misc)

Climans Green Liang Architects Inc.  (Other/Misc)

C.Y. Lee Architect Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Cusimano  (Other/Misc)

David V. Snell Architect  (Other/Misc)

Drawing Room Architect Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Edward Makauskas Architec  (Other/Misc)

Edward Wojs Architect  (Other/Misc)

Etude Architect Inc.  (Other/Misc)

E.R.A. Architects Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Farid Motamedi Architect Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Giannone Associates Architects Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Giffels Associates Limited  (Other/Misc)

Guthrie Muscovitch Architects  (Other/Misc)

Health Strategy Architects Ltd.  (Other/Misc)

Ivan S. Franko Architect  (Other/Misc)

Jiri Skopek Architect  (Other/Misc)

John L. Johnston Architect  (Other/Misc)

Kirkor Architects  (Other/Misc)

Microplay Games  (Retail)

Microplay Games - Scarborough Town Centre  (Retail)

Microplay Games  (Retail)

Allen's Pub  (Restaurants)

Dora Keogh  (Restaurants)

New York Fries - Centerpoint Mall  (Restaurants)

Apollon Fine Men's Wear - Centerpoint Mall  (Retail)

Bloss Flowers At The Bay  (Retail)

Roses For You  (Retail)

Pacific Florist  (Retail)

Canadiana Flowers  (Retail)

Tom Frost Florist  (Retail)

Baron's Flowers  (Retail)

David W. White Flowers Limited  (Retail)

Rhea Flower Shop  (Retail)

Heavenly Creation Florist  (Retail)

Sweet City Flowers  (Retail)

All Around Flowers  (Retail)

Elford Florists  (Retail)

Trimbee's And The Flowerman  (Retail)

Online Fresh Flowers  (Retail)

Flower Crazy  (Retail)

Eglinton Greenhouse  (Retail)

O'Connor Flowers  (Retail)

Morningdew Flowers  (Retail)

Performance Improvements Speed Shops  (Retail)

Stincor Specialties  (Retail)

Ross Clair Contractors Ltd.  (Other/Misc)

Atripco Delivery Service  (Other/Misc)

Gertex Hosiery Inc.  (Retail)

Willie Moller Door Ltd.  (Retail)

Skyline Limousines  (Other/Misc)

Custom Lampshades  (Retail)

Acoustex of Canada  (Other/Misc)

Red Tag Vacations  (Other/Misc)

Shinex Caregivers Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Shiatsu Academy of Tokyo  (Other/Misc)

Gimpex Limited  (Retail)

Global Village English Centre  (Other/Misc)

Dompas Productions Ltd.  (Other/Misc)

Royal Importing Ltd.  (Other/Misc)

Applied Direct Services Corporation  (Other/Misc)

Senior Tours Canada  (Other/Misc)

True Inspiration Consulting Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Makrimichalos Cugini Architects  (Other/Misc)

Makow Associates Architect Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Forum Architect Corp.  (Other/Misc)

ZeroFractal  (Other/Misc)

Tsui + Macaskill  (Other/Misc)

SPH Planning & Consulting  (Other/Misc)

Brook McIlroy/Pace Architects  (Other/Misc)

Kingsland + Architects Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Dohere Digital Technology Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Covell Design  (Other/Misc)

Rice Bar  (Restaurants)

Bona Via Bakery & Cafe  (Restaurants)

Apricot Catering  (Other/Misc)

Chinadoll  (Restaurants)

Ferillo Mediterranean Seafood and Grill  (Restaurants)

Vecchio Frak  (Restaurants)

Naturalizer - Yorkdale Shopping Centre  (Retail)

Naturalizer - Yonge & Eglinton Centre  (Retail)

Naturalizer Outlet - Woodbine Centre  (Retail)

Naturalizer - Scarborough Town Centre  (Retail)

Naturalizer - Fairview Mall  (Retail)

Naturalizer - Centerpoint Mall  (Retail)

Naturalizer Outlet - Don Mills Cetnre  (Retail)

Super Pet  (Retail)

Irving's Plumbing Supplies  (Retail)

Dynasty Chiropractic Tables  (Retail)

Coopercare  (Other/Misc)

Fitness Depot  (Other/Misc)

Fitness Depot  (Retail)

National Sports  (Retail)

National Sports  (Retail)

EB Games - Eaton Centre  (Retail)

EB Games - Shoppers World  (Retail)

EB Games  (Retail)

EB Games - Dufferin Mall  (Retail)

EB Games  (Retail)

EB Games - Yorkdale Shopping Centre  (Retail)

EB Games  (Retail)

EB Games - Scarborough Town Centre  (Retail)

EB Games - Centerpoint Mall  (Retail)

EB Games  (Retail)

EB Games - Cloverdale Mall  (Retail)

EB Games - Morningside Centre  (Retail)

EB Games - Queen's Square Centre  (Retail)

EB Games - Sherway Gardens  (Retail)

EB Games - Woodbine Centre  (Retail)

LCBO Store #11  (Retail)

LCBO Store #5  (Retail)

LCBO Store #13  (Retail)

LCBO Store #4  (Retail)

LCBO #12  (Retail)

LCBO Store #742  (Retail)

LCBO Store #532  (Retail)

LCBO Store #217  (Retail)

LCBO Store #485  (Retail)

LCBO Store #568  (Retail)

LCBO Store #333  (Retail)

LCBO Store #411  (Retail)

LCBO Store #483  (Retail)

LCBO Store #512  (Retail)

LCBO Store #701  (Retail)

LCBO Store #528  (Retail)

LCBO Store #163  (Retail)

LCBO Store #320  (Retail)

LCBO Store #10  (Retail)

LCBO Store #14  (Retail)

LCBO Store #164  (Retail)

LCBO Store #15  (Retail)

LCBO Store #525  (Retail)

LCBO Store #2  (Retail)

LCBO Store #195  (Retail)

LCBO Store #457  (Retail)

LCBO Store #3  (Retail)

LCBO Store #9  (Retail)

LCBO Store #253  (Retail)

LCBO Store #6  (Retail)

LCBO Store #8  (Retail)

LCBO Store #572  (Retail)

LCBO Store #452  (Retail)

LCBO Store #228  (Retail)

LCBO Store #242  (Retail)

LCBO Store #19  (Retail)

LCBO Store #420  (Retail)

LCBO Store #357  (Retail)

LCBO Store #355  (Retail)

LCBO Store #360  (Retail)

LCBO Store #279  (Retail)

LCBO Store #295  (Retail)

LCBO Store #546  (Retail)

LCBO Store #700  (Retail)

LCBO Store #269  (Retail)

LCBO Store #16  (Retail)

LCBO Store #444  (Retail)

LCBO Store #149  (Retail)

LCBO Store #564  (Retail)

LCBO Store #20  (Retail)

LCBO Store #415  (Retail)

LCBO Store #426  (Retail)

LCBO Store #185  (Retail)

LCBO Store #186  (Retail)

LCBO Store #198  (Retail)

LCBO Store #1  (Retail)

LCBO Store #584  (Retail)

LCBO Store #234  (Retail)

LCBO Store #693  (Retail)

LCBO Store #428  (Other/Misc)

LCBO Store #207  (Other/Misc)

LCBO Store #408  (Other/Misc)

LCBO Store #366  (Other/Misc)

LCBO Store #553  (Other/Misc)

LCBO Store #398  (Retail)

LCBO Store #533  (Retail)

LCBO Store #362  (Retail)

LCBO Store #425  (Retail)

LCBO Store #458  (Retail)

Druxy's Famous Deli Sandwiches  (Restaurants)

Druxy's Famous Deli Sandwiches  (Restaurants)

Foot Locker - Eglinton Square  (Retail)

Footlocker - Eaton Centre  (Retail)

Foot Locker - Scarborough Town Centre  (Retail)

Foot Locker  (Retail)

Don Mills Citivan Arena  (Other/Misc)

Fenside Arena  (Other/Misc)

Flemingdon Arena  (Other/Misc)

Goulding Commnity Centre  (Other/Misc)

Grandravine Arena  (Other/Misc)

Herbert H. Carnegie Centennial Centre  (Other/Misc)

Buck Consultants  (Other/Misc)

Aerosoles - Toronto Dominion Centre  (Retail)

Camarra Pizzeria Ristorante  (Restaurants)

a la Carte Kitchen Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Pinnacle Caterers  (Other/Misc)

10tation  (Other/Misc)

Encore Catering  (Other/Misc)

ohn Booth Arena  (Other/Misc)

Mitchell Field Community Centre  (Other/Misc)

Oriole Community Centre  (Other/Misc)

Pleasantview Community Centre  (Other/Misc)

Roding Community Centre  (Other/Misc)

Victoria Village Arena  (Other/Misc)

Broadlands Rink  (Other/Misc)

Eglinton Park  (Other/Misc)

Fountainhead rink  (Other/Misc)

Glen Long Rink  (Other/Misc)

Irving W. Chapley Rink  (Other/Misc)

Ledbury Rink  (Other/Misc)

Memorial Park  (Other/Misc)

Mel Lastman Square Rink  (Other/Misc)

North Toronto Memorial Community Centre  (Other/Misc)

Otter Creek  (Other/Misc)

Centro Restaurant & Lounge  (Restaurants)

JW's Steakhouse  (Restaurants)

Couture Cuisine  (Other/Misc)

Wallace Emerson Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

Lambton-Kingsway Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

Memorial Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

Norseman Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

North Toronto Memorial Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

Olympium Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

Ourland Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

Park Lawn Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

Pine Point Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

Richmond Gardens Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

Rotary Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

Runnymede Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

Smithfield Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

Smythe Park Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

Swansea Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

Wedgewood Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

West Deane Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

West Mall Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

Westmount Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

Weston Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

Weston Lions Park Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

Agincourt Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

Bendale Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

Birchmount Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

Blantyre Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

Campbell Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

Cedarbrae Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

Centennial Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

DA Morrison Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

East York Community Centre Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

GA Brown Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

Halbert Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

Heron Park Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

Kidstown Public Wading Pool - L'Amoreaux Park  (Other/Misc)

King Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

Knobhill Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

L'Amoreaux Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

Laurier Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

Leacock Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

Leaside Memorial Pool  (Other/Misc)

Maryvale Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

McGregor Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

Midland Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

Mowat Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

Pearson Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

Porter Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

West Hill Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

Wexford Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

Bedford Park Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

George S. Henry Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

George S. Vanier Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

Glen Long Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

Goulding Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

Grandravine Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

Irving W. Chapley Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

Lawrence Heights Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

Ledbury Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

Mitchell Field Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

Newtonbrook Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

Northview Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

Northwood Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

O'Connor Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

Oriold Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

Pleasantview Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

Roding Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

Vaughn Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

Victoria Park Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

Westview Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

York Mills Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

York Mills Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

Yorkwoods Gate Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

DEL Equipment Ltd.  (Other/Misc)

Protek Paint Limited  (Other/Misc)

The Paper Place  (Retail)

Live Girl Productions  (Other/Misc)

Baycrest Arena  (Other/Misc)

Bayview Arena  (Other/Misc)

Cummer Park Community Centre  (Other/Misc)

Crabtree Evelyn - Sherway Gardens  (Retail)

Crabtree & Evelyn - Scarborough Town Centre  (Retail)

Crabtree & Evelyn - Hazelton Lanes  (Retail)

Crabtree & Evelyn - Yorkdale Shopping Centre  (Retail)

Crabtree & Evelyn - Fairview Mall  (Retail)

BatteryPlus - Eaton Centre  (Retail)

BatteryPlus - Scarborough Town Centre  (Retail)

BatteryPlus - Dufferin Mall  (Retail)

BatteryPlus - First Canadian Place  (Retail)

BatteryPlus - Hudson Bay Centre  (Retail)

BatteryPlus - Yorkdale Shopping Centre  (Retail)

BatteryPlus - Don Mills Centre  (Retail)

BatteryPlus - Sherway Gardens  (Retail)

BatteryPlus - Sheppard Centre  (Retail)

Carlton Cards - Royal Bank Plaza  (Retail)

Carlton Cards - First Canadian Place  (Retail)

Carlton Cards - Commerce Court  (Retail)

Carlton Cards - Scotia Plaza  (Retail)

Carlton Cards - Metro Centre  (Retail)

Carlton Cards - Yonge Eglinton Centre  (Retail)

Carlton Cards - Eglinton Town Centre  (Retail)

Carlton Cards - Don Mills Centre  (Retail)

Carlton Cards - Dufferin Mall  (Retail)

Carlton Cards - Parkway Plaza  (Retail)

Carlton Cards - Fairview Mall  (Retail)

Carlton Cards - Cedarbrae Mall  (Retail)

Carlton Cards - Scarborough Town Centre  (Retail)

Carlton Cards - Centrepoint Mall  (Retail)

Carlton Cards - The Shops on Steeles & 404  (Retail)

Carlton Cards - Sherway Gardens  (Retail)

Carlton Cards - Woodbine Centre  (Retail)

Kernels Popcorn - Don Mills Centre  (Retail)

Kernels Popcorn - Eaton Centre  (Retail)

Kernels - Eaton Centre  (Retail)

Kernels Popcorn - Fairview Mall  (Retail)

Kernels Popcorn - Scarborough Town Centre  (Retail)

Kernels Popcorn - Sherway Gardens  (Retail)

Kernels Popcorn - Yonge and Eglinton Centre  (Retail)

Kernels Popcorn - Yorkdale Mall  (Retail)

Kernels Popcorn  (Retail)

Bang Bang Bar  (Bars / Clubs)

Bar Wellington  (Bars / Clubs)

Bb33 Bistro and Brasserie  (Restaurants)

M Lounge  (Bars / Clubs)

Crocadile Rock  (Restaurants)

AY Jackson Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

Bathurst Heights Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

Bedord Park Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

Boylen Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

Broadlands PUblic Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

Cummer Park Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

Cw Jeffreys Public Swimming Pol  (Other/Misc)

Don Mills Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

Douglas Snow Aquatic Centre  (Other/Misc)

Downsview Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

Alex Duff Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

Advitek Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Driftwood Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

Fairbank Park Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

Flemingdon Aquatic Centre  (Other/Misc)

Alexandra Park Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

Beaches Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

Bob Abate Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

Brown Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

D.D. Summerville Public Swimming Pool - Woodbine Beach Park  (Other/Misc)

Earl Beatty Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

Eglinton Park Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

Frankland Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

Geary Ave Parkette W. Public Wading Pool  (Other/Misc)

Giovanni Caboto Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

Greenwood Park Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

Harrison Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

Hillcrest Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

Jimmie Simpson Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

John Innes Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

Joseph J. Piccinini Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

Matty Eckler Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

McCormick Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

Monarch Park Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

Parkdale Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

Regent Park Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

Riverdal Park Public Swimming Park  (Other/Misc)

S.H. Armstrong Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

St. Lawrence Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

Stanley Park Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

Trinity Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

Wallace Emerson  (Other/Misc)

Amesbury Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

Albion Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

Alderwood Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

Amos Waites Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

Annette Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

Baird Park West Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

The Elms Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

Emery Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

Eringate Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

Fairhaven Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

Flagstaff Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

George Harvey Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

Gihon Spring Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

Gord & Irene Risk Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

Gus Ryder Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

High Park Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

Humber Community Pool  (Other/Misc)

Keele Public Swimming Pool  (Other/Misc)

Canadian Himalayan Expeditions Ltd.  (Other/Misc)

Collacutt Travel Limited - Bayview Village  (Other/Misc)

The Cruise People Ltd.  (Other/Misc)

Inter Travels  (Other/Misc)

Grand & Toy - BCE Place  (Retail)

Grand & Toy - The Exchange Tower  (Retail)

Grand & Toy - Metro Centre  (Retail)

Grand & Toy - Toronto-Dominion Centre  (Retail)

Grand & Toy  (Retail)

Grand & Toy - Sheppard Centre  (Retail)

Grand & Toy - Yonge-Eglinton Centre  (Retail)

Grand & Toy - Don Mills Shopping Centre  (Retail)

Grand & Toy - Eglinton Square  (Retail)

Grand & Toy - Fairview Mall  (Retail)

Grand & Toy - Centerpoint Mall  (Retail)

Grand & Toy - Cloverdale Mall  (Retail)

Hallmark - Medi Plus  (Retail)

Hallmark - Eglinton Square  (Retail)

Hallmark - Yonge & Eglinton Centre  (Retail)

Hallmark - York Mills Gardens  (Retail)

Hallmark  (Retail)

Hallmark - Yorkdale Shopping Centre  (Retail)

Hallmark - Fairview Mall  (Retail)

Hallmark - Scarborough Town Centre  (Retail)

Hallmark - Centrepoint Mall  (Retail)

Hallmark - Cloverdale Mall  (Retail)

Hallmark - Sherway Gardens  (Retail)

Gymboree - Scarborough Town Centre  (Retail)

Gymboree - Sherway Gardens  (Retail)

Gymboree - Fairview Mall  (Retail)

Gymboree  (Retail)

Lewiscraft - Yonge-Sheppard Centre  (Retail)

Lewiscraft - Crossroads Centre  (Retail)

Lewiscraft - Don Mills Shopping Centre  (Retail)

Lewiscraft - Eglinton Square  (Retail)

Lewiscraft - Bridlewod Mall  (Retail)

Lewiscraft - Cilffside Plaza  (Retail)

Lewiscraft - Toronto Dominion Centre  (Retail)

Lewiscraft - Cumberland Terrace  (Retail)

Lewiscraft - Fairview Mall  (Retail)

Collega Retail Inc. - Sherway Gardens  (Retail)

Tyler Hair  (Other/Misc)

Trade Secrets - Fairview Mall  (Retail)

Trade Secrets - Sherway Gardens  (Retail)

Trade Secrets - Centrepoint Mall  (Retail)

Trade Secrets - Eglinton Square  (Retail)

Trade Secrets - Holt Renfrew  (Retail)

Trade Secrets - Simcoe Place  (Retail)

Trade Secrets  (Retail)

Trade Secrets - Toronto Dominion Centre  (Retail)

Smart Set - Commerce Court  (Retail)

Smart Set - Dufferin Mall  (Retail)

Smart Set - Fairview Mall  (Retail)

Smart Set - Woodbine Centre  (Retail)

Smart Set  (Retail)

Desire - Woodside Square  (Retail)

Payless Shoe Source - Woodside Square  (Retail)

Traffic - Woodside Square  (Retail)

Happy Kids - Woodside Square  (Retail)

Island Inkjet - Woodside Square  (Other/Misc)

Centerpoint Mall  (Retail)

Don Mills Centre  (Retail)

Armadillo Shoes - College Park  (Retail)

De Boer's  (Retail)

De Boer Studio  (Retail)

Down Under - College Park  (Retail)

Bagel Stop - Commerce Court  (Restaurants)

Be Be Joon Designer Fashions - Commerce Court  (Retail)

Chantele Fashion - Eglinton Square  (Retail)

Cottage Cove - Eglinton Square  (Retail)

Cotton Ginny - Eglinton Square  (Retail)

Lindor/Dorlene - Eglinton Square  (Retail)

Scarborough Town Centre  (Retail)

Business Depot - Shoppers World Danforth  (Retail)

Easy Home/Rent-to-Own - Shoppers World Danforth  (Retail)

Perfect Jewellery - Shoppers World Danforth  (Retail)

J'Adore Inc. - Shoppers World Danforth  (Retail)

Rainbow Kids - Shoppers World Danforth  (Retail)

Everything for a Dollar Store - Shoppers World Danforth  (Retail)

Mac's Shoe Repair - Shoppers World Danforth  (Retail)

Sewing World - Shoppers World Danforth  (Retail)

Avis Rent A Car  (Other/Misc)

Bel Air Travel  (Other/Misc)

Bel Air Travel  (Other/Misc)

Bel Air Travel  (Other/Misc)

Bel Air Travel  (Other/Misc)

Peaches and Green  (Retail)

Strictly Bulk  (Retail)

Strictly Bulk  (Retail)

Strictly Bulk  (Retail)

Strictly Bulk  (Retail)

Villa Bulk Foods  (Retail)

Nature's Remedies  (Retail)

Alpha Plus  (Other/Misc)

Bbt Comp  (Other/Misc)

Certification Express  (Other/Misc)

College Mountains  (Other/Misc)

Intelli Search  (Other/Misc)

Maverick Solutions Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Caa Driver Training  (Other/Misc)

City Driving School  (Other/Misc)

First Canadian Driving School  (Other/Misc)

Elite Academy  (Other/Misc)

AAB Antiques  (Retail)

Addison Used Appliances Ltd.  (Retail)

Antiques on Queen  (Retail)

babyGap - Eaton Centre  (Retail)

babyGap - First Canadian Place  (Retail)

GapKids - Eaton Centre  (Retail)

GapKids  (Retail)

GapKids  (Retail)

babyGap - Yorkdale Shopping Centre  (Retail)

GapKids - Yorkdale Shopping Centre  (Retail)

babyGap - Bayview Village  (Retail)

GapKids - Bayview Village  (Retail)

babyGap - Scarborough Town Centre  (Retail)

GapKids - Scaroborough Town Centre  (Retail)

GapBody  (Retail)

GapBody - Scarborough Town Centre  (Retail)

Old Navy - Scarborough Town Centre  (Retail)

Old Navy - Yorkdale Shopping Centre  (Retail)

Old Navy - Eglinton Town Centre  (Retail)

American Eagle Outfitters - Yordale Shopping Centre  (Retail)

American Eagle Outfitters - Scarborough Town Centre  (Retail)

Guess - Sherway Gardens  (Retail)

Guess - Square One  (Retail)

Guess  (Retail)

Guess - Scarborough Town Centre  (Retail)

Reitmans - Commerce Court  (Retail)

Reitmans - Dufferin Mall  (Retail)

Reitmans - Metro Centre  (Retail)

Reitmans - Shop. World Danforth  (Retail)

Banana Republic - Yorkdale Shopping Centre  (Retail)

Banana Republic - Bayview Village  (Retail)

Banana Republic - Sherway Gardens  (Retail)

Danya  (Retail)

rk Boutique- Bayview Village  (Retail)

rk Boutique  (Retail)

rk Boutique - Yorkdale Shopping Centre  (Retail)

rk Boutique - TD Centre  (Retail)

Roots Factory Outlet Store - Eglinton Power Centre Outlet  (Retail)

Nine West - Sherway Gardens  (Retail)

Nine West  (Retail)

Nine West - Bayview Village  (Retail)

Nine West - First Canadian Place  (Retail)

Nine West - Yorkdale Shopping Centre  (Retail)

Nine West - Fairview Mall  (Retail)

A-Plus Medical Supplies  (Retail)

Ashley Shoes  (Retail)

Corso Shoes  (Retail)

Dack's Shoes  (Retail)

Ecco Shoe Store - Yorkdale Shopping Centre  (Retail)

Ecco Shoe Store - Forest Hill Village  (Retail)

Elapra Shoes  (Retail)

Elite Medical  (Retail)

Golftown  (Retail)

The Body Shop - Bayview Village  (Retail)

The Body Shop - Don Mills Centre  (Retail)

The Body Shop - Yorkdale Shopping Centre  (Retail)

The Body Shop  (Retail)

The Body Shop - Scarborough Town Centre  (Retail)

La Vie en Rose - Eglinton Town Centre  (Retail)

La Vie en Rose - Fairview Mall  (Retail)

La Vie en Rose - First Canadian Place  (Retail)

La Vie en Rose - Scarborough Town Centre  (Retail)

La Vie en Rose - Yorkdale Shopping Centre  (Retail)

Tabi - Fairview Mall  (Retail)

Tabi - Bayview Village  (Retail)

Tabi - Queens Quay  (Retail)

Big It Up - Eaton Centre  (Retail)

Gallery PHILLIP  (Attractions)

Fado Performance Inc.  (Attractions)

Gallery 201 Queen East  (Attractions)

Gallery Moos  (Attractions)

Goodwater Gallery  (Attractions)

Chinese & European Linen  (Retail)

Caesar's Fabrics  (Retail)

Absolutely Diapers  (Other/Misc)

Abstract Reality  (Retail)

Amariche Inc.  (Retail)

Any Direct Flight  (Other/Misc)

Avenue 22  (Retail)

Brava Vintage Clothing  (Retail)

Brown's  (Retail)

Bullet  (Retail)

Chameleon  (Retail)

Charmis Couture  (Retail)

Circa 40 Vintage Clothing  (Retail)

City of Angels  (Retail)

Clifton Fashion  (Retail)

Adult Superstore  (Retail)

A Clown For Any Occassion  (Other/Misc)

100th Monkey Esoteric Books  (Retail)

Abc Book Store  (Retail)

Book City  (Retail)

Book Events  (Retail)

Book Shoppe  (Retail)

Bookman the Textbook & Inc.  (Retail)

City Bokos  (Retail)

Eliot's Bookshop  (Retail)

NDJ Books  (Retail)

Orion Book Store  (Retail)

Pauline Books & Media  (Retail)

Kingsmill Foods Company Ltd.  (Other/Misc)

Greek Music Superstore  (Retail)

Il Fornello Head Office  (Restaurants)

Investment Planning Counsel  (Other/Misc)

Korry's Clothiers to Gentlement  (Retail)

Labiri Shoes  (Retail)

Lick's Homeburgers & Ice Cream  (Restaurants)

National Travel SErvices (N.T.S.)  (Other/Misc)

A Vision Design Studio  (Other/Misc)

20th Century Gallery  (Other/Misc)

7a*11d International Performance Art Festival  (Attractions)

A Space Gallery  (Attractions)

A.W.O.L. Gallery  (Attractions)

Art Gallery of York University  (Attractions)

Diaz Contemporary  (Attractions)

Doris McCarthy Gallery  (Attractions)

Dupont Projects  (Attractions)

Elevator Gallery  (Attractions)

Toronto Island Marina  (Attractions)

Tall Ship Adventures  (Attractions)

John Dandy  (Other/Misc)

Curry's Art Store  (Retail)

Before & After Hair Salon  (Other/Misc)

Bamboo Chinese Restaurant  (Restaurants)

Bell's Tailors & Dry Cleaners  (Retail)

Accord Specialized Investigations & Security  (Other/Misc)

Ackerman Law Office  (Other/Misc)

Akropolis Pastires & Pies  (Retail)

Angel Montessori School  (Other/Misc)

Arion Travel Services Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Athenian Originals  (Retail)

C.I.T.R.N. Immigration Services  (Other/Misc)

Canada-Greec Educational & Cultural Tours Ltd.  (Other/Misc)

Christina's on the Danforth  (Restaurants)

Co-operative Housing Federation of Toronto  (Other/Misc)

Credit Counselling Service of Toronto - Head Office  (Other/Misc)

Credit Counselling Service of Toronto  (Other/Misc)

Credit Counselling Service of Toronto  (Other/Misc)

Credit Counselling Service of Toronto - Bloorwest Village  (Other/Misc)

Credit Counselling Service of Toronto - Jane/finch  (Other/Misc)

Credit Counselling Service of Toronto - Weston  (Other/Misc)

Credit Counselling Service of Toronto - Scarborough Central  (Other/Misc)

Credit Counselling Service of Toronto - Etobicoke  (Other/Misc)

Credit Counselling Services of Toronto - Scarborough North  (Other/Misc)

Credit Counselling Service of Toronto  (Other/Misc)

Credit Counselling Service of Toronto - Scarborough East  (Other/Misc)

Credit Counselling Service of Toronto - Danforth  (Other/Misc)

Papefinch Dental  (Other/Misc)

Papefinch Dental  (Other/Misc)

Fox and Fiddle  (Restaurants)

Fox and Fiddle  (Restaurants)

Fox and Fiddle  (Restaurants)

Fox and Fiddle  (Restaurants)

Greek City Video Greek Music  (Other/Misc)

Babes in the Beach  (Retail)

CitySightseeing Toronto  (Attractions)

Fun Station Fun Park  (Attractions)

Marcels  (Restaurants)

Kit Kat 2 (Club Lucky)  (Restaurants)

Canadian Restaurant and Food Services Association  (Other/Misc)

Better Contracting Services  (Other/Misc)

Diapers N' Kidswear Factory Outlet  (Retail)

The Loot Lady  (Retail)

Club Candy Castle  (Retail)

The Magic Toy Box  (Attractions)

The Avonhill Group  (Other/Misc)

Adelaide Addiction Recovery Centre  (Other/Misc)

Temps4u  (Other/Misc)

Design & Drafting Plus Ltd.  (Other/Misc)

Telepartners Call Centre  (Other/Misc)

Hutton Communications of Canada Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Allied Telecom Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Telanet Canada Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Mil-Tec Technology Solutions Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Bernard Athletic Knit & Enterprises Ltd.  (Retail)

TDM Technical Services  (Other/Misc)

Taylor Electronic Designs  (Other/Misc)

Opulence Caternig & Event Management  (Other/Misc)

Pillar Tapes  (Retail)

Tamarack Day Care Centre  (Other/Misc)

Robert Mede Gallery  (Attractions)

Caledonia Marble Company  (Other/Misc)

Dom Enterprises Mfg. Ltd.  (Other/Misc)

All Saint's Church - Community Centre  (Other/Misc)

Anshei Minsk Synagogue  (Residences)

Art Deco Gallery  (Retail)

Dascan Consulting Ltd.  (Other/Misc)

Sandpipers Sports & Funwear  (Retail)

Shane Knit Ltd.  (Retail)

Straton Knitting Mills Corp.  (Retail)

Dorothea Knitting Mills Ltd.  (Retail)

Roto-Tech Brake Industries  (Other/Misc)

Sun's Clinic for Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture  (Other/Misc)

Viewnell Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Sumo Urban Lounge Gear  (Retail)

Interactive Offices Worldwide  (Other/Misc)

Interactive Offices Worldwide  (Other/Misc)

Interactive Offices Worldwide - First Canadian Place  (Other/Misc)

Roblat Precision Machining Co. Limited  (Other/Misc)

Eastside Stucco Ltd.  (Other/Misc)

Apex Woodworking  (Other/Misc)

Bizzy B's Stamp & Scrap  (Retail)

Chishom Archives Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Beaver Chair Manufacturing Limited  (Other/Misc)

John Ewing & Co. Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Industrial Containers Ltd. - Corporate Office  (Retail)

Mack C.W. Company Limited  (Retail)

Canada Chair Company  (Retail)

388 Nutrition  (Retail)

Rewards By Design Inc.  (Retail)

Languages International Inc.  (Other/Misc)

NRI Industries Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Brook McIlroy Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Rao, Barrett and Welsh  (Other/Misc)

Theatre Q's  (Retail)

Freightworld Logistics Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Yorkville College  (Other/Misc)

Metro News  (Other/Misc)

Herzing College - Toronto Eaton Centre, Galleria Offices  (Other/Misc)

fbf Design  (Other/Misc)

Dreams  (Retail)

Dreams  (Retail)

TheatreBooks  (Retail)

Toronto School of Circus Arts & Cirque Sublime  (Other/Misc)

Medieval Times  (Attractions)

Tall Girl Shop - Atrium on Bay  (Retail)

Tall Girl Shop - Yorkdale Shopping Centre  (Retail)

Tallcrest Shoes - Yorkdale Shopping Centre  (Retail)

Tallcrest - Atrium on Bay  (Retail)

Spadina Therapy Centre  (Other/Misc)

IT Headhunter  (Other/Misc)

Murray Demolition  (Other/Misc)

Que Huong Food Products  (Retail)

Kochman Centre - Humbertown Shopping Centre  (Other/Misc)

the Knowledge Tree Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Homeopathic College of Canada  (Other/Misc)

Eskimo Art Gallery  (Attractions)

The Duke of Gloucester  (Restaurants)

Downtown Electric Fireplace  (Retail)

The Competition  (Other/Misc)

College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario  (Other/Misc)

Twin Dragon Kung Fu & Kickboxing  (Other/Misc)

Twin Dragon Kung Fu & Kickboxing  (Other/Misc)

Twin Dragon Kung Fu & Kickboxing  (Other/Misc)

Sylvan Learning Centre  (Other/Misc)

Sylvan Learning Centre  (Other/Misc)

Safeguardingphotos  (Other/Misc)

Del Hydraulics  (Other/Misc)

Grand National Apparel Inc.  (Retail)

Your Special Day Salon Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Domar Transmission Ltd.  (Retail)

All Languages Limited  (Other/Misc)

Daytech Mfg.  (Retail)

Flaming Fingers Word Processing Inc.  (Other/Misc)

CTC Computer Training Centre  (Other/Misc)

Econolite Canada Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Medicine Man  (Other/Misc)

Auto Trader Magazine  (Other/Misc)

Dream Catcher International  (Other/Misc)

CFRB 1010  (Entertainment)

e-Zsigma (Canada) Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Talk of the Town Travel  (Other/Misc)

Toronto Inline Hockey  (Attractions)

Homeland Market & Garden  (Retail)

Eco Cleaners  (Other/Misc)

Surround Sound DJ Group  (Other/Misc)

Toronto Window Cleaning, Eavestrough Cleaning  (Other/Misc)

Toronto Tours Limited  (Entertainment)

Topsky Technologies  (Other/Misc)

Comspec Computers  (Other/Misc)

A Plus Software Computers  (Other/Misc)

European Hotel & Restaurant Imports Ltd.  (Retail)

Frozen On Time  (Other/Misc)

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Hendriks Feed and Supplies  (Retail)

Parliament Building supplies  (Retail)

Fantasy In Glass Inc.  (Retail)

Smithcraft Fiberglass Supply Centre  (Retail)

Han Stained Glass  (Retail)

Sunglass Hut - Eaton Centre  (Retail)

Tie Rack - Eaton Centre  (Retail)

Leonardo Frame shoppe  (Retail)

Wise Law Office  (Other/Misc)

Toronto Garage Doors  (Retail)

Toronto Eviction Services  (Other/Misc)

Harlequin Cruises  (Attractions)

SSP Stir Sticks & Picks International Inc.  (Retail)

Classically Unique Cabinetry  (Retail)

Anicon  (Other/Misc)

City Duct Cleaning Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Plitron Manufacturing Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Forest Hill Real Estate Inc.  (Other/Misc)

KTS Tooling Supply Ltd.  (Other/Misc)

Viking Engine & Tool Co. Limited  (Other/Misc)

The PeopleWeb Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Tippet-Richardson  (Other/Misc)

Tippet-Richardson - Records Management  (Other/Misc)

Tippet-Richardson  (Other/Misc)

Tibi Hegyesi  (Attractions)  (Other/Misc)

Active Customs Brokers Ltd.  (Other/Misc)

Campbell Valuation Partners Limited (CVPL)  (Other/Misc)

ADR Chambers  (Other/Misc)

Connect4Training  (Other/Misc)

Knapman & Associates  (Other/Misc)

Dickie Canada  (Retail)

Sturdi-Bilt Shutters Inc.  (Retail)

Standart Patterns Ltd.  (Other/Misc)

Quality Patterns  (Other/Misc)

Wm. Prager Ltd.  (Other/Misc)

The Chesnie Cooper Educational Centre  (Other/Misc)

Esmond Manufacturing Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Wireworx Displays Inc.  (Other/Misc)

W & M Wire & Metal Products Co. Ltd.  (Retail)

Casselman Don & Son Limited  (Retail)

Source Centre for Health and Wellness  (Other/Misc)

Amazing Accessories  (Retail)

Heinz Jordan & Company Ltd.  (Retail)

Stein Jonathan Wholesale Diamond Importers Inc.  (Retail)

Boss Promotions  (Other/Misc)

Broadway Whirlpool Inc.  (Retail)

Offspring Communications  (Other/Misc)

Wash N' Go  (Other/Misc)

Self Stor  (Other/Misc)

Bank Bros. & Son Limited  (Other/Misc)

True Blue Natural Family Resources  (Other/Misc)

Toronto Academy of Karate  (Other/Misc)

CityCan Financial Corporation  (Other/Misc)

Lim & Wong Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine  (Other/Misc)

Rayli Enterprises  (Other/Misc)

Websdepot Technology Partners Inc.  (Other/Misc)

AbacusHosting . ca  (Other/Misc)

Interface Industries  (Other/Misc)

WebSystemsInt  (Other/Misc)

Hamidas Textiles  (Retail)

National Discount Fund Rasiers  (Other/Misc)

Resiliency for Life  (Other/Misc)

Delta Decks  (Other/Misc)

Centro Legal Works  (Other/Misc)

Canada Liquidation Outlet  (Retail)

Soho Solutions  (Other/Misc)

Expert Solutions  (Other/Misc)

Softwork Solutions  (Other/Misc)

Covenant Wealth  (Other/Misc)

Cleopawtra Spa for Cats  (Other/Misc)

Imagine Insurance  (Other/Misc) Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Roses Only Inc.  (Retail)

Zdeno Cycle Enterprises INC  (Retail)

Taste-e-Cakes  (Other/Misc)  (Retail)

A Box Broker Inc.  (Retail)

Saatchi & Saatchi  (Other/Misc)

Investorvalue  (Other/Misc)

City Clean  (Other/Misc)

Energy Preserval  (Other/Misc)

TSS Limited  (Other/Misc)

Aegis Infotech Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Mavros Foods and Distributors Inc.  (Retail)

InterActive Arts  (Other/Misc)

Thorncrest Sherway Inc. - Ford  (Other/Misc)

Carnegie Limousine Services  (Other/Misc)

The Bow and Arrow  (Bars / Clubs)

Drop-in Breast Cancer Support Group  (Other/Misc)

Kew Beach Cancer Support Group  (Other/Misc)

Lung Cancer Support Group  (Other/Misc)

Pencer Brain Tumour Centre  (Other/Misc)

Toronto Lost Chord Club  (Other/Misc)

Aboriginal Circle of Life & Wellspring Cancer Support Centre  (Other/Misc)

Autologous Blood and Marrow Transplant (ABMT) Peer Support Program  (Other/Misc)

Watertite Waterproofers  (Other/Misc)

Astek Composites Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Watermark Notaries  (Other/Misc)

Waterelated Products Inc.  (Retail)

Economic Swiss Time Canada Ltd.  (Other/Misc)

Bulova Watch Company Limited  (Retail)

DART Logistics  (Other/Misc)

Volante Point of Sale Systems  (Other/Misc)

Song Savvy  (Other/Misc)

VIP Sitters  (Other/Misc)

Prodesign Limited  (Other/Misc)

VIGO Money Transfers - Delivery Express  (Other/Misc)

Levolor Home Fashion  (Retail)

Automatic Refreshment Vending Machines  (Retail)

Automatic Refreshment Vending Machines  (Retail)

Soy City Foods  (Retail)

TOMCO Industries Inc.  (Other/Misc)  (Other/Misc)

Apex Bearing Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Future Chair Ltd.  (Retail)

Distinctive Designs Furniture Inc.  (Retail)

Avida Health Wear Inc.  (Retail)

Protect Security Services Limited  (Other/Misc)

Kilian Manufacturing  (Other/Misc)

Ideal Woodworking Co. Ltd.  (Retail)

J.N. Mukongolo & Associates  (Other/Misc)

Belbin & Associates  (Other/Misc)

Computer Typesetting of Canada  (Other/Misc)

Two Small Men With Big Hearts Moving Company  (Other/Misc)

Jameson International  (Other/Misc)

Liz Yu  (Other/Misc)

Nu Cool Tattoo  (Other/Misc)

Canadian Tattoo Supply  (Retail)

It's Just Bodyart Tattoo & Piercing  (Other/Misc)

Rising Sun Tattoo Studio  (Other/Misc)

Highway 2 Tattoo & Piercing  (Other/Misc)

Tat-A-Rama  (Other/Misc)

Great Canadian Tattoo Company  (Retail)

Cafe of Life Chiropractic  (Other/Misc)

National Auto Parks Ltd.  (Other/Misc)

Avenue Automotive  (Other/Misc)

Avenue Nissan Sales Ltd.  (Retail)

Parkhurst Auto Centre  (Other/Misc)

Frame of Mind Gallery  (Retail)

Allen Road Mind-Body Clinic  (Other/Misc)

Inspiring Mind  (Other/Misc)

Body Mind Science Resources  (Other/Misc)

Shiatsu School of Canada Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Fastsigns  (Other/Misc)

Ell Graphic Signs  (Other/Misc)

Classic Signs  (Other/Misc)

DC Signs  (Other/Misc)

Rothstein Modern Sign & Engraving Corporation  (Other/Misc)

Image Printing Plus Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Signs 3-D Letter & Logo  (Other/Misc)

Fastrack Graphics  (Other/Misc)

Sign-A-Rama  (Other/Misc)

Sign-A-Rama  (Other/Misc)

Sign-A-Rama  (Other/Misc)

Sign-A-Rama  (Other/Misc)

Canada Stamp & Stencil Co. Ltd.  (Other/Misc)

Selective Signs & Graphics  (Other/Misc)

Neon Shop  (Other/Misc)

Disposable Lawn Signs  (Other/Misc)

Snap Signs Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Sky Signs  (Other/Misc)

Susi Shoe & Repair  (Retail)

Homa Signs Ltd.  (Other/Misc)

BLP Bronze International  (Other/Misc)

Rue Morgue  (Other/Misc)

2nd Site Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Axell Marketing Corporatin  (Other/Misc)

Cole & Partners  (Other/Misc)

Navigant Consulting Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Deloitte & Touche LLP  (Other/Misc)

Deloitte & Touche LLP  (Other/Misc)

Adam Parson  (Other/Misc)

Argals Realty Corporation  (Other/Misc)

Corporate Events Management Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Dr. Dan Dalton Psychologial and Counselling Services  (Other/Misc)

Health Shoppe  (Other/Misc)

IGA Beaches  (Other/Misc)

NKM Chapman's Fine Food Store  (Other/Misc)

Pedimani Nail Spa  (Other/Misc)

Mold Inspections Toronto  (Other/Misc)

Cain Pest & Wildlife Control  (Other/Misc)

Peter Fox Shoes - Manulife Centre  (Retail)

Verona Collestions  (Retail)

Carmen's Designs for children  (Retail)

Carmen's Designs  (Retail)

Angelica Bridal Designs  (Retail)

Awe Couture Design  (Retail)

Carol Beckford Studio A Inc.  (Retail)

Maria Bridals Ltd.  (Attractions)

Maura Miranda Bridal  (Retail)

Agnes European Bridal Gowns  (Retail)

Alred Sung Bridal  (Retail)

Alex Hanson Bridal  (Retail)

Hearts Introduction Service  (Other/Misc)

Chess and Math Association  (Other/Misc)

Don Valley Academy  (Other/Misc)

Math Masters Tutoring  (Other/Misc)

Mostly Math Enrichment Centre  (Other/Misc)

The Mira Math Co.  (Other/Misc)

AfterMath  (Other/Misc)

Complete English Math & Science Academy  (Other/Misc)

Bad Math  (Other/Misc)

Sharpenup Math  (Other/Misc)

Math Lab Tutorials  (Other/Misc)

Bristol Plating Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Rio Algom Limited  (Other/Misc)

Amber Technology Ltd.  (Other/Misc)

Zebra Studios  (Other/Misc)

Isaacs Furniture Company  (Retail)

CJI Express International Courier & Freight  (Other/Misc)

Ashland Post & Transfer  (Other/Misc)

Bit Stream Studio  (Other/Misc)

Broadcast Duplication Network Ltd.  (Other/Misc)

Deluxe Media Management  (Other/Misc)

Digital 7 Productions  (Other/Misc)

Eastern Studios  (Other/Misc)

CyberSynth  (Other/Misc)

Design Union  (Other/Misc)

Dome Productions  (Other/Misc)

Double Black Diamond Productions  (Other/Misc)

Double Dutch Voiceovers  (Other/Misc)

Drastic Technologies  (Other/Misc)

Foresight Corporate Communications Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Hg80 Media  (Other/Misc)

Madden Pictures  (Other/Misc)

Mascarin Studio Services  (Other/Misc)

MassiveNUmedia  (Other/Misc)

MediaGuy  (Other/Misc)

Meld Media  (Other/Misc)

Plates Animation  (Other/Misc)

Paragon Entertainment Corporation  (Other/Misc)

Rude Animation  (Other/Misc)

Shooters Film Company  (Other/Misc)

Sick & Twisted Productions  (Other/Misc)

Six Elements Media Ltd.  (Other/Misc)

Solo Film Productions  (Other/Misc)

Sonic Interactive Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Sound Art Productions  (Other/Misc)

The Film Works Ltd.  (Other/Misc)

Vision Films  (Other/Misc)

Wake Studios  (Other/Misc)

Xpression Video Productions  (Other/Misc)

Medair  (Other/Misc)

United Air Express International Courier  (Other/Misc)

1st Unit Fire Safety  (Other/Misc)

The Pyro Guys  (Other/Misc)

CorkTownWorks  (Other/Misc)

Canadian Backpackers Inn  (Hotels)

City Guesthouse  (Hotels)

College Hostel  (Hotels)

Marigold International Hostel  (Hotels)

Mimico Hospitality House  (Hotels)

New Horizons Boutique Hostel  (Hotels)

The Planet Traveller's Hostel  (Hotels)

Toronto Budget Hostel  (Hotels)

Milk Mart  (Retail)

Mega Save Video & Convience Store  (Retail)

James Video & Variety  (Retail)

Dawes Dollar & Video  (Retail)

Sunshine Convenience Plust Rental Video  (Retail)

B 4 U DVD & Video  (Other/Misc)

Ticketmaster - Hummingbird Centre  (Retail)

Ticketmaster - Rogers Centre  (Retail)

Ticketmaster - Sunrise Records  (Retail)

Ticketmaster - Sunrise Records  (Retail)

Ticketmaster - Greek Music Store  (Retail)

Ticketmaster - T.O. Tix  (Retail)

Inspira New Media  (Other/Misc)

Tam O'Shanter Golf Club  (Attractions)

Dallaluce - from the light  (Retail)

AGR Electronics  (Retail)

Alpha Electronic Service  (Retail)

Queen's Quay Yachting  (Other/Misc)

Aquarius Scuba Diving Centre  (Other/Misc)

Sporting Life Inc.  (Retail)

Gus Cotroneo Service Station  (Other/Misc)

Superfinish Company Limited  (Other/Misc)

Comweb Corporation  (Other/Misc)

Thomas Brown Architects Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Eastern Textiles  (Retail)

Imaging Excellence  (Other/Misc)

Imperial Engravers  (Other/Misc)

Beech Bros. Ltd.  (Retail)

Eunice Denby Limited  (Other/Misc)

Craig Canadian Group Travel  (Other/Misc)

Buxton & Dawe Ltd.  (Other/Misc)

Siena Foods Ltd.  (Retail)

CFA Communications  (Other/Misc)

Sushi Marche  (Restaurants)

The Nautical Mind  (Retail)

Carbo Boutique  (Retail)

Halsall Consultants  (Other/Misc)

Insight Production Company Ltd.  (Other/Misc)

Thyme and Truffles  (Other/Misc)

A Bad Sald Lad Project  (Other/Misc)

A Film Monkey Production  (Other/Misc)

Ant Horasanli  (Other/Misc)

Avion Communications  (Other/Misc)

Bajaj Films  (Other/Misc)

Brett Lamb Graphics  (Other/Misc)

Caruso Visual Productions Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Centre for the Arts  (Other/Misc)

Choice Casting  (Other/Misc)

Coptor Productions  (Other/Misc)

Cuppa Coffee animation  (Other/Misc)

David Eng  (Other/Misc)

De Leo Productions Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Derek Miller Media  (Other/Misc)

Digital Samurai  (Other/Misc)

Drop Productions  (Other/Misc)

Monkey Bars Production  (Other/Misc)

Engine One Productions  (Other/Misc)

Eye Motion Productions  (Other/Misc)

Formula Films  (Other/Misc)

Francis Entertainment/Primal Films  (Other/Misc)

Guerrilla Films Inc.  (Other/Misc)

House of Merv Productions  (Other/Misc)

Human Scale Productions  (Other/Misc)

Influence Productions Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Marinelli-McBride Media Group Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Maverick Films/48 Media  (Other/Misc)

Media Man Communications  (Other/Misc)

Melk Productions  (Other/Misc)

Metrick Entertainment  (Other/Misc)

MillOgen Digital Productions  (Other/Misc)

Monte Media Management  (Other/Misc)

Monte-Brooks Productions  (Other/Misc)

Nobody's Perfect Productions  (Other/Misc)

Pendulum Entertainment  (Other/Misc)

Pocket Pictures  (Other/Misc)

Prisma Light Ltd.  (Other/Misc)

Purefire Communications  (Other/Misc)

Quattro Communications Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Redstone Pictures  (Other/Misc)

Rocket Digital Post & Sound  (Other/Misc)

Sandy Fraser & Associates  (Other/Misc)

Scott Miazdzyk  (Other/Misc)

Sonar Group  (Other/Misc)

Splat Media  (Other/Misc)

Stellar Films  (Other/Misc)

Story City  (Other/Misc)

Sub Versive Meda Arts  (Other/Misc)

Swim Media  (Other/Misc)

Tattoo Music  (Other/Misc)

Taylor Made Original Music and Sound D  (Other/Misc)

The Content Shop  (Other/Misc)

The Win Win Picture Company  (Other/Misc)

Thunder Light Productions  (Other/Misc)

Trailervision Productions  (Other/Misc)

Triumph  (Other/Misc)

Vapor Music Group  (Other/Misc)

ZELOS Communications Network  (Other/Misc)

Zerofractal Studio  (Other/Misc)

Alphachannel FX  (Other/Misc)

Andrei Gheorghiu  (Other/Misc)

Ashanti Digital Productions  (Other/Misc)

Blink Blink  (Other/Misc)

Bullseye Post  (Other/Misc)

Chuck Gammage Animation  (Other/Misc)

Dave Asling : Miniature Effects  (Other/Misc)

Digital Magic House  (Other/Misc)

DJanimation  (Other/Misc)

DKP Studios  (Other/Misc)

Elyptic Production Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Embryo Design  (Other/Misc)

Film Effects  (Other/Misc)

Film Opticals  (Other/Misc)

Fini Films  (Other/Misc)

Fraser Paterson  (Other/Misc)

Stone Gate Lofts  (Other/Misc)

Vault Studios  (Other/Misc)

Sherry Dayton Casting  (Other/Misc)

Performance Network Agency (PNA)  (Other/Misc)

New Millennium Agency  (Other/Misc)

Musicent Productions  (Other/Misc)  (Other/Misc)

Big Studios Inc.  (Other/Misc)

R. Bastow Insurance Broker Ltd.  (Other/Misc)

Feather Industries  (Other/Misc)

Sipco Oil Limited  (Other/Misc)

On the Spot Glass  (Retail)

Arrowspeed Delivery Service  (Other/Misc)

Paul Fenn  (Other/Misc)

Axmith McIntyre Wicht Advertising Ltd.  (Other/Misc)

Citrus Design  (Other/Misc)

Fuimus Corporation  (Other/Misc)

Baycrest  (Other/Misc)

Cardiac Care Network of Ontario  (Other/Misc)

Bayview North Therapy & Rehabilitation  (Other/Misc)

Sport Specialist Rehab Centre  (Other/Misc)

Downtown Chiropractic  (Other/Misc)

West Park Healthcare Centre  (Other/Misc)

Ridley Funeral Home Ltd.  (Other/Misc)

TWH Memory Disorders Clinic  (Other/Misc)

Memory Disorder Unit - Queen Elizabeth Hospital  (Other/Misc)

Claudia Salzmann & Associates  (Other/Misc)

Clear Channel Outdoor  (Other/Misc)

Crystal Indoor Air Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Meridian Windows & Doors Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Sunview Doors Ltd.  (Other/Misc)

Northview Windows & Doors Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Trutech Doors  (Other/Misc)

Empire 2000 Windows and Doors  (Other/Misc)

Alton Windows  (Other/Misc)

Progress Doors  (Retail)

The Granite Store  (Retail)

Toronto Wildlife Centre  (Other/Misc)

byron Barwick Astrologer/Consultant  (Other/Misc)

European Spiritual Psychic  (Other/Misc)

Miki Psychic Consultant  (Other/Misc)

A. Farber & Partners Inc.  (Other/Misc)

A. Farber & Partners Inc.  (Other/Misc)

A. Farber & Partners Inc.  (Other/Misc)

A. Farber & Partners Inc.  (Other/Misc)

A. Farber & Partners Inc.  (Other/Misc)

James B Walker & Co Ltd.  (Other/Misc)

Mendlowitz & Associates  (Other/Misc)

Schwartz Levitsky Feldman  (Other/Misc)

K.O. Bartholomew & Son Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Arcon Engineering Consultation Ltd.  (Other/Misc)

Toronto Drive-Away Service  (Other/Misc)

Time of Your Life Tours Ltd.  (Other/Misc)

Hatcher Florist Limited  (Retail)

Hock Instruments Ltd.  (Retail)

R.S. Kane Limited  (Other/Misc)

Berkim Construction Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Suburban Drug Marts Limited  (Other/Misc)

Omnicom Ltd.  (Other/Misc)

Neil G. McDonald Ltd.  (Other/Misc)

D. Siegel Enterprises Ltd.  (Other/Misc)

McCluggage & Smith  (Other/Misc)

Town Press  (Other/Misc)

West End Offset Plate Service  (Other/Misc)

Kipling Repair Centre  (Other/Misc)

Proscience  (Other/Misc)

Benjamin Moore & Co. Limited  (Retail)

Bevel Stamping  (Other/Misc)

Aquilon Capital Corp.  (Other/Misc)

Pat Sturgeon Yachts Ltd.  (Other/Misc)

Lou's Esso  (Other/Misc)

Dominion Translation Ltd.  (Other/Misc)

Therapist's Choice Medical Supplies  (Retail)

Wiener's Home Hardware  (Retail)

Boomer  (Retail)

Larma Management  (Other/Misc)

Masterfile Corporation  (Other/Misc)

Allen & Miles LL.P.  (Other/Misc)

Dr. J.V. Rennicks D.C.  (Other/Misc)

Duncan Instruments  (Other/Misc)

Campbell Michener & Lee INc.  (Other/Misc)

The Embury Company  (Other/Misc)

Alpha Dental Supplies Ltd.  (Retail)

Kobi's Cabinets Ltd.  (Retail)

Canworld Foods Ltd.  (Other/Misc)

Mulvey+Banani International Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Alnor Material Handling Ltd.  (Other/Misc)

Cyrpus Spa  (Other/Misc)

Puppy Love Pet Boutique  (Retail)

Rennie Park  (Attractions)

Bickford Park  (Attractions)

South Stanley Park  (Attractions)

Trinity Bellwoods Park  (Attractions)

Hillcrest Park  (Attractions)

Nordheimer Ravine  (Attractions)

Sherwood Park  (Attractions)

Cedarvale Ravine  (Attractions)

Jean Sibelius Park  (Attractions)

Ramsden Park  (Attractions)

Craigleigh Gardens  (Attractions)

Vermont Square  (Attractions)

DunDonald Street Parkette  (Attractions)

Cawthra Square Park  (Attractions)

David Crombie Park  (Attractions)

Riverdale Park West  (Attractions)

Cassels Avenue Playground  (Attractions)

East Lynn Park  (Attractions)

Greenwood Park  (Attractions)

Hideaway Park  (Attractions)

Kew Gardens  (Attractions)

Monarch Park  (Attractions)

Norwood Park  (Attractions)

Oakcrest Park  (Attractions)

Withrow Park  (Attractions)

Kensington Natural Bakery & Cafe  (Restaurants)

LIVE - Organic Food Bar  (Restaurants)

Cookbook Store  (Retail)

Fertile Ground  (Retail)

Snow Lion Meditation Supply Store  (Retail)

Cabbagetown Sports and Cycle  (Other/Misc)

Autophile Car Books  (Retail)

Media Encore - Leaside  (Retail)

The Pleasant Book Store  (Retail)

Sleuth of Baker Street  (Retail)

Bayview Flower and Plant Depot  (Retail)

The Flower Nook  (Retail)

Flower Plus  (Retail)

Leaside Flowers and Gifts  (Retail)

Millwood Flowers  (Retail)

Early Canadian Furniture  (Retail)

Nestings Home Furnishings  (Retail)

Ying Bing Roofing  (Other/Misc)

Golden Lion Agency  (Other/Misc)

A & D Movers  (Other/Misc)

Ross J. Brodie  (Other/Misc)

The Partners Film Co. Ltd.  (Other/Misc)

MapArt - Mapmedia Corp.  (Other/Misc)

Garth Grosjean Photography Ltd.  (Other/Misc)

M. Hartley Landscape Architects  (Other/Misc)

Apartments International  (Residences)

Barton Floor Coverings  (Retail)

McGregor & Martin Associates  (Other/Misc)

Artistic Alchemist Inc.  (Retail)

Arthur Murray Dance Studio  (Other/Misc)

Surati Sweet Mart  (Retail)

Cassels Brock  (Other/Misc)

T.S.L. Metal Services Ltd.  (Other/Misc)

DC Documents & Immigration Services  (Other/Misc)

North Star Taxi Services Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Neat Money Bookkeeping & Tax Services Inc.  (Other/Misc)

On The Job Legal Services  (Other/Misc)

Professional Law Clerk Services Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Bay Medical & Health Services Corporation  (Other/Misc)

Galloway Accounting & Consulting Services  (Other/Misc)

Maple Express Courier Service  (Other/Misc)

Executive Furniture Rentals  (Other/Misc)

Haven Furniture & Furnishings  (Retail)

Consumers Discount Furniture  (Retail)

4U Furniture Inc.  (Retail)

Home Furniture Imports Inc.  (Retail)

Boy Conservation Areas  (Attractions)

Dufferin Grove Park  (Attractions)

High Park  (Attractions)

Parc Downsview Park  (Attractions)

H. Williams & Co.  (Other/Misc)

QueenGlad Pawnbrokers  (Other/Misc)

GNS Party Rentals  (Other/Misc)

Hello Anywhere Inc.  (Retail)

Detour's UrbanSource  (Other/Misc)

Natural Life  (Other/Misc)

Wash up & Brush Co  (Retail)

Butterfly Fashion Trading  (Retail)

Elsa Reia N Studio  (Retail)

Adoption Horizons  (Other/Misc)

Adoption Resource  (Other/Misc)

Cornerstone Adoption Agency  (Other/Misc)

Bellwood Health Services Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Breakaway  (Other/Misc)

New Hope Addiction Counselling  (Other/Misc)

Stop Now  (Other/Misc)

Basis  (Other/Misc)

Market Hold inc.  (Other/Misc)

Milk Arts  (Other/Misc)

Moshen Media  (Other/Misc)

Viacom Outdoor  (Other/Misc)

CO2 Creative  (Other/Misc)

Home Again Recycling Depot  (Other/Misc)

Mosaic Beach Studio  (Other/Misc)

Greenware Environmental Systems Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Teddy Bear Diaper Service  (Other/Misc)

Green Tourism Association  (Other/Misc)

Journey South Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Earthwise Solutions  (Other/Misc)

Floorworks  (Retail)

Green Directory Inc.  (Retail)

Kluane's Creations  (Retail)

Bike Week  (Attractions)

Car Free Day In Canada  (Attractions)

Green Awards  (Attractions)

Whole Life Expo  (Attractions)

Peter's Taxi  (Other/Misc)

Carpet Villa Ltd.  (Retail)

Happy Trails Dog Spa & Daycare  (Other/Misc)

Spa Excess  (Other/Misc)

Spanimport Ltd.  (Retail)

MVR Cash & Carry  (Other/Misc)

Carole's Cheesecake Company  (Other/Misc)

Express Hand Car Wash  (Other/Misc)

Queensway Car Wash  (Other/Misc)

Atticus Books  (Retail)

Spoken Word Audio Books  (Retail)

The Eternal Moment Bookstore  (Retail)

Seekers Books  (Retail)

Portuguese Book Store Inc.  (Retail)

Caversham Booksellers  (Retail)

The Book Shoppe  (Retail)

Kester Electric Supply Ltd.  (Other/Misc)

Oldershaw Steel Services Ltd  (Other/Misc)

Airdate Traffic Services Ltd.  (Other/Misc)

Preston Microfiliming Services  (Other/Misc)

Corporate Contracting Services  (Other/Misc)

Bo Andersson Service  (Other/Misc)

Bill & Vito Services  (Other/Misc)

LiveLife Lifestyle Services  (Other/Misc)

Urbandog Services Inc.  (Retail)

The Corner Bakery  (Other/Misc)

Creative Matters Inc.  (Retail)

Creative Style Furniture Ltd.  (Retail)

Ernie Boccia Creative Child Care  (Other/Misc)

Nak Design Group  (Other/Misc)

By Design  (Other/Misc)

Concrete Design Communications Inc.  (Other/Misc)

PiCo Design  (Other/Misc)

Freeman & Freeman Design Inc.  (Other/Misc)

McGregor Design Group  (Other/Misc)

Bettencourt Designs Ltd.  (Other/Misc)

Stanford Design Canada Ltd.  (Other/Misc)

Smash Design Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Smith Grimley Harris Design Partners  (Other/Misc)

Luminart Lighting  (Other/Misc)

Tartaruga Design Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Effort's Hempwear  (Retail)

Friendly Stranger  (Attractions)

The Hemp Company  (Retail)

Ecoman  (Other/Misc)

Sunarts Design  (Other/Misc)

The Simply Bar  (Retail)

Cabbagetown Organics  (Retail)

Garden View Convenience  (Retail)

Health Valley Natural Foods  (Retail)

Furama Cake & Desserts Garden  (Other/Misc)

Lee Wah Heen  (Restaurants)

Tac Chong Food Restaurant  (Restaurants)

S&T Silk Specialist Co.  (Retail)

Hit Top Fashion  (Retail)

Buddhism Art Company  (Retail)

Fusion Restaurant & Bar  (Restaurants)

Coalpot Restaurant  (Restaurants)

Silk Road Cafe  (Restaurants)

Elizabeth Chinese Food Limited  (Retail)

Buddha House  (Restaurants)

Bun Saigon Restaurant  (Restaurants)

Charlie's Bar & Restaurant  (Restaurants)

China China Express  (Restaurants)

Chong Ching Garden Restaurant  (Restaurants)

CTC Restaurant  (Restaurants)

Dia Hing Market Ltd.  (Retail)

Dragon Delight Restaurant  (Restaurants)

Dragon House  (Restaurants)

Enjoyable Chinese & Canadian Food  (Restaurants)

Beaches Cooperative Playschool  (Other/Misc)

Rivoli Travel Service  (Other/Misc)

Super Bakery and Dollar  (Other/Misc)

McWood Studios Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Instant Efile Tax Services  (Other/Misc)

Christian Book Room  (Retail)

Convenience Video & Books  (Retail)

Enoch Travel  (Other/Misc)

Chin Tai Chinese Typesetting  (Other/Misc)

Peter's Travel Tours  (Other/Misc)

Mortgage For Less  (Other/Misc)

Juniper's Playschool  (Other/Misc)

Shift Studio  (Other/Misc)

Beaches Childcare Centre  (Other/Misc)

M-DO Toronto Tabla Ensemble  (Other/Misc)

Canadian Bible Society Book Store  (Retail)

Rich Media  (Other/Misc)

Universal Support Systems  (Other/Misc)

Equity Credit Union  (Other/Misc)

Turbo Computer Systems Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Pefect Travellers  (Other/Misc)

Gotta Dance  (Other/Misc)

Entrada Productions Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Canadian Women in Communications  (Other/Misc)

Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunciations Commision  (Other/Misc)

Canadian Television Fund  (Other/Misc)

Berkeley Studios  (Other/Misc)

Alloray Rug & Carpet  (Retail)

Dudley Moving Systems Corp.  (Other/Misc)

Appllo Brand Sportswear  (Retail)

Axsus Marketing  (Other/Misc)

Ed Kuramoto Woodworker  (Other/Misc)

Rhyme & Reason Day Care Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Haute and Humble  (Retail)

Panther Promotions  (Other/Misc)

Children's Magic Moments  (Other/Misc)

Universal Out  (Retail)

Marcus Wolfe Designs  (Other/Misc)

The Door Store  (Retail)

Graf Auto Centre  (Other/Misc)

Fil-Mor Automotive  (Other/Misc)

427 Auto Coliision Ltd.  (Other/Misc)

Four Seasons Auto Collision Inc.  (Other/Misc)

lambton Park Auto Electric Ltd.  (Other/Misc)

Ryding Auto Body Collision Ltd.  (Other/Misc)

Auto-Edge Appearance Centre  (Other/Misc)

Ken's Auto Centre  (Other/Misc)

Lamar Auto Centre Ltd.  (Other/Misc)

Owen Automotive  (Other/Misc)

Premium Auto Repairs  (Other/Misc)

Cochrane Automotive  (Other/Misc)

Galaxy Auto Collision Ltd.  (Other/Misc)

Nicely Done Auto Service  (Other/Misc)

Albion 5 Bay Tire & Auto Inc.  (Other/Misc)

JJ Auto Collision Ltd.  (Other/Misc)

Daniel's Auto Repair and Service Inc.  (Other/Misc)

One More Time Books  (Retail)

Original Art. Expert Restoration  (Attractions)

Caliber Agency Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Absolute Talent Management  (Other/Misc)

Susan Charness Talent  (Other/Misc)

Actors & Artists Management  (Other/Misc)

Chelsea Jamison Talent  (Other/Misc)

Christopher Banks & Associates  (Other/Misc)

Exposure Talent  (Other/Misc)

Graham Talent Agency  (Other/Misc)

The I.N. Group Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Gino Empry Entertainment  (Other/Misc)

Insport Talent  (Other/Misc)

K.G. Talent  (Other/Misc)

Margo Lane Talent  (Other/Misc)

McGuin & Associates  (Other/Misc)

Law Talent Agency  (Other/Misc)

Lisa Burke Talent Management  (Other/Misc)

MGA Talent  (Other/Misc)

Onset Talent Management  (Other/Misc)

Philpott & Assocaites  (Other/Misc)

Players Group  (Other/Misc)

Premier Artists Mangement  (Other/Misc)

Swaye Talent  (Other/Misc)

Real People Model Management  (Other/Misc)

Trainco Talent Limited  (Other/Misc)

The Rose Group Talent Management  (Other/Misc)

Skye Management  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 93 - Euclid Ave n of Bloor W  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 104 - Ossington Ave n of Bloor W  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 111 - College - Clinton Garage  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 116 - Kennedy Ave n of Bloor  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 130 - Bartlett Ave n of Bloor W  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 141 - Greenlaw Ave s of St Clair West  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 143 - Windermere Ave n of Bloor W  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 144 - Clinton St n of Bloor  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 158 - Queen West of Cowan Ave  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 167 - Ossington Ave n of Queen W  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 168 - Harrison St e of Dovercourt Rd  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 181 - Lamport Stadium  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 188 - Beatrice St s of College St  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 204 - Dundas St e of Ossington  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 218 - Dundas St e of Runnymede  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 220 - St. Clair Ave W and Greensides Ave  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 225 - St. Francis Catholic School  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 11 - Rosehill Garage  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 12 - Alvin Ave n of St. Clair East  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 13 - Delisle Ave w of Yonge  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 29 - Holly-Dunfield Garage  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 39 - Castlefield Ave w of Yonge  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 47 - Burnaby Blvd n of Eglinton  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 49 - Roehampton Ave e of Yonge  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 55 - Bedford Park Ave w of Yonge  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 107 - MacPherson Ave-Rathnelly Ave  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 131 - Eglinton W - Hilltop Rd  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 139 - Sherwood Ave e of Yonge  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 152 - Glenforest Rd e of Yonge  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 155 - Eglinton W - Glen Cedar Rd  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 157 - Bayview Millwood Garage  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 161 - St Clair - Yonge Garage Rd  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 164 - Thelma Ave - Spadina Rd  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 171 - Mt. Pleasant Rd s of Eglinton E  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 195 - Price St e of Yonge  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 217  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 220  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 223 - Yonge St n of St. Clair Ave  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 226  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 400  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 401 - Brooke Avenue  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 402 - Empress Ave  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 403 - Harlandale Ave  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 404 - Beecroft Garage  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 410 - Beecroft West  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 411 - Roe  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 412 - Finch Ave W  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 413 - Warner Bros  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 414 - Jolly Miller  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 415 - Yonge St  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 417 - Pemberton  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 418 - Sheppard Ave W  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 650 - John St n of Weston Rd  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 651 - Locust St  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 652 - Scott Rd  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 653 - Riverview Gardens east side  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 654 - Riverview Gardens west side  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 655 - China House  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 656 - Mould Ave  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 657 - Scarlett Rd  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 658 - Dufferin St  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 659 - Oakwood Library  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 660 - Oakwood Ave n of Rogers  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 661 - Rogers Rd  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 662 - Emmett Ave  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 663 - Shortt St  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 664 - Eglinton - Oakwood  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 668 - Eginton Ave W w of Keele  (Other/Misc)

Infiknit  (Retail)

Ralph Martin Photography  (Other/Misc)

JJN Fine Art Studio  (Other/Misc)

Overbrook STudio  (Other/Misc)

Art Zone  (Other/Misc)

Little Trinity Anglican Church  (Other/Misc)

Cairo Room Bed & Breakfast  (Hotels)

Rolston Ave B&B  (Hotels)

R Courier  (Other/Misc)

Eiger Rope Access Work Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Advocate Placement  (Other/Misc)

Affiliates  (Other/Misc)

AIMCO Staffing Solutions  (Other/Misc)

AIMCO Staffing Solutions  (Other/Misc)

AIMCO Staffing solutions  (Other/Misc)

Alder Centre  (Other/Misc)

Allemby Management Group Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Buckely Search Inc.  (Other/Misc)

C Scott & Associates Inc.  (Other/Misc)

CDM & Associates  (Other/Misc)

Colintex Agencies Ltd.  (Other/Misc)

Compton Graham International Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Cortex HR Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Creative Financial Staffing  (Other/Misc)

Davis Search Group  (Residences)

DGA Careers  (Other/Misc)

Driver Carrier Placement Depot  (Other/Misc)

The Finance Department Limited  (Other/Misc)

First Choice Personnel  (Other/Misc)

Francis & Associates  (Other/Misc)

Grapevine Executive Recruiters Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Hirepower HR Specialists in Hiring  (Other/Misc)

Hospitality Personnel Consultants  (Other/Misc)

HRmax  (Other/Misc)

Pivtoal Executive Resourcing solutions  (Other/Misc)

J Edgar & Associates  (Other/Misc)

Joanne Starr Consultants Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Kelly Services  (Other/Misc)

Link Resource Partners  (Other/Misc)

M.I.S. Consultants  (Other/Misc)

Manpower Professional  (Other/Misc)

Matchpoint Executive Placement Services  (Other/Misc)

Officeteam Staffing  (Other/Misc)

Pal Personnel Services  (Other/Misc)

Phoenix Search Group  (Other/Misc)

Rostie & Associates  (Other/Misc)

Trillium Talent Resource Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Leaside Curling Club  (Entertainment)

Toronto Curling Association  (Other/Misc)

Trillium Curling Camp  (Other/Misc)

Pegasus Childrens Dance Centre  (Other/Misc)

Hogan Chevrolet Oldsmobile  (Retail)

Miller Bernstein & Partners  (Other/Misc)

Harvey Hochberg & Associates  (Other/Misc)

Charles Scheffel Management Ltd.  (Other/Misc)

Lakeshore Accounting  (Other/Misc)

Giroday & Giroday C.A.'s  (Other/Misc)

Smith, Brown Professional  (Other/Misc)

William J. Sutton Co. Ltd  (Other/Misc)

Have Associates  (Other/Misc)

Kopstick and Osher C.A.'s  (Other/Misc)

Webb & Webb C.A.'s  (Other/Misc)

Pascaris & Yoannou  (Other/Misc)

R.M.A. Bookeeping Services Ltd.  (Other/Misc)

Taxmisers  (Other/Misc)

Harvey Cantor C.A.  (Other/Misc)

Willowdale Animal Hospital  (Other/Misc)

Royal York Animal Hospital  (Other/Misc)

Fraser-MacDonald Animal Hospital  (Other/Misc)

Lawrence Veterinary Clinic  (Other/Misc)

Invisible Pictures  (Other/Misc)

Beevision Productions Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Comet Entertainment Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Creative Post Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Treehouse North Productions  (Other/Misc)

2020 Films  (Other/Misc)

Abolute Location Support Services  (Other/Misc)

Angel Films Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Aqua Sound Studios  (Other/Misc)

Arctic Jungle Films Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Dr. Khodadad Dadelahi D.D.S.  (Other/Misc)

Dr. Steve Tannis  (Other/Misc)

Eglinton Dental  (Other/Misc)

Dr. Liliana Draga  (Other/Misc)

Speed Dial - Telus Mobility  (Retail)

Happy Garden Chinese Food  (Restaurants)

Tai Pan Chinese Restauran  (Restaurants)

Chinese Food Gallery  (Restaurants)

Bing Ming Garden Chinese & Polynesian Food  (Restaurants)

China Feast  (Restaurants)

Szechuan King Restaurant  (Restaurants)

China House Restaurant & Tavern  (Restaurants)

Don Mills Garden Chinese Cuisine  (Retail)

Tasty Chinese Restaurant  (Restaurants)

Bell World  (Retail)

The Better Stuff  (Retail)

Aqua Scape  (Retail)

Pambis Appliance  (Other/Misc)

Canadian Jewish Congress  (Other/Misc)

Jet Steam  (Other/Misc)

Lucky Star Japanese Auto Parts  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 26 - Queen-Victoria Garage  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 32 - Bay Street - Lakeshore Blvd W  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 34 - Dundas Square Garage  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 36 - Nathan Phillips Square Garage  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 43 - St. Lawrence Garage  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 52 - University Avenue Garage  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 108 - Esplanade W of Jarvis  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 125 - Richmond-Sherbourne Garage  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 177 - York and Lakeshore  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 1 - Charles Street east of Yonge  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 3 - Isabella Street east of Yonge  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 5 - Wellesley Street east of Yonge  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 15 - Yorkville-Cumberland Garage  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 51 - Lippincott Street s of Bloor  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 68 - Kensington Garage  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 71 - Bellevue Ave s of Nassau  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 79 - Sherbourne St n of Carlton  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 96 - Portland Garage  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 106 - Denison Ave n of Queen W  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 109 - Aberdeen Ave w of Parliament St  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 150 - Larch St Garage  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 163 - Dragon City Garage  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 205 - Huron St n of Bloor  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 212 - Adelaide St e of Spadina  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 215 - Yorkville Ave w of Bay  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 216 - McCaul St n of Baldwin  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 17 - Pape Ave n of Danforth  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 20 - Cedarvale Ave n of Danforth  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 21 - Amroth Ave s of Danforth  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 28 - Pape Ave s of Danforth  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 45 - Broadview Ave n of Queen  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 48 - Lee Ave s of Queen E  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 78 - Erindale Ave e of Broadview Ave  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 87 - Arundel Ave n of Danforth  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 88 - Ferrier Ave (east side) n of Danforth  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 89 - Lipton Ave e of Pape Ave  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 90 - Eaton Ave n of Danforth  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 110 - Danforth Ave e of Coxwell  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 126 - Parliament St s of Front E  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 137 - Gough Ave n of Danforth  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 142 - Langford Ave n of Danforth  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 146 - Gerrard St East w of Broadview Ave  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 149 - Woodycrest Ave n of Danforth  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 156 - Ferrier Ave (west side) n of Danforth  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 170 - Hammersmith Ave n of Queen  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 173 - Rhodes Ave s of Danforth  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 174 - Hiawatha and Gerrard  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 179 - Gerrard St e Broadview  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 180 - Gerrard St e Rhodes  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 184 - Boardwalk s of Queen  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 185 - Joseph Duggan Rd s of Queen  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 186 - Sarah Ashbridge Ave s of Queen  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 200 - Eastern Ave near Queen St e  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 202 - Eastern Ave e Coxwell  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 18 - Keele St s Dundas W  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 19 - Pacific Ave s of Dundas w  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 41 - Norton Ave w of Dufferin  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 42 - Via Italia s of St Clair West  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 44 - Fuller Ave n of Queen W  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 53 - Richmond St West and Walnut Ave  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 62 - Queen W and Abell St  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 64 - Durie st n of Bloor W  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 80 - Keele St n of Dundas W  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 81 - Landsdowne Ave n of Bloor W  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 82 - Emerson St n of Bloor W  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 84 - Salem Ave n of Bloor W  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 85 - Palmerston Ave n of Bloor w  (Other/Misc)

Carpark 91 - Armadale Ave n of Bloor  (Other/Misc)

Leather Sport  (Retail)

Hotcool Wear  (Retail)

Pure and Simple Beauty  (Retail)

Sundown Marketing Group Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Scott Picture Framing  (Retail)

Rabideau & Czerwinski  (Other/Misc)

McLuhan & Davies Communications  (Other/Misc)

Cascade Hand Cut Crystal In.c  (Other/Misc)

Audio Hardware Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Publicité Services  (Other/Misc)

Smith Monument  (Retail)

Stacey Electric Co. Ltd.  (Other/Misc)

Solab Roofing Limited  (Other/Misc)

North Queen Auto Parts Ltd.  (Other/Misc)

Locke Library  (Other/Misc)

Long Branch Library  (Other/Misc)

Main Street Library  (Other/Misc)

Malvern Library  (Other/Misc)

Maria A. Shchuka Library  (Other/Misc)

Maryvale Library  (Other/Misc)

McGregor Park Library  (Other/Misc)

Mimico Centennial Library  (Other/Misc)

Morningside Library  (Other/Misc)

Mount Dennis Library  (Other/Misc)

Mount Pleasant Library  (Other/Misc)

New Toronto Library  (Other/Misc)

Northern District Library  (Other/Misc)

Northern Elms Library  (Other/Misc)

Oakwood Village Library And Arts Centre  (Other/Misc)

Palmerston Library  (Other/Misc)

Pape Danforth Library  (Other/Misc)

Parliament Library  (Other/Misc)

Pleasant View Library  (Other/Misc)

Port Union Library  (Other/Misc)

Queen Saulter Library  (Other/Misc)

Rexdale Library  (Other/Misc)

Richview Library  (Other/Misc)

Riverdale Library  (Other/Misc)

S. Walter Stewart Library  (Other/Misc)

St. James Town Library  (Other/Misc)

St. Lawrence Library  (Other/Misc)

Sanderson Library  (Other/Misc)

Spadina Road Library  (Other/Misc)

Steeles Library  (Other/Misc)

Taylor Memorial Library  (Other/Misc)

Thorncliffe Library  (Other/Misc)

Todmorden Room Library  (Other/Misc)

Toronto Reference Library  (Other/Misc)

Urban Affairs Library  (Other/Misc)

Victoria Village Library  (Other/Misc)

Weston Library  (Other/Misc)

Woodside Square Library  (Other/Misc)

Wychwood Library  (Other/Misc)

Fairview Library  (Other/Misc)

Evelyn Gregory Library  (Other/Misc)

Flemingdon Park Library  (Other/Misc)

Forest Hill Library  (Other/Misc)

Gerrard Ashdale Library  (Other/Misc)

Goldhawk Park Library  (Other/Misc)

Guildwood Library  (Other/Misc)

Hillcrest Library  (Other/Misc)

Humber Bay Library  (Other/Misc)

Humber Summit Library  (Other/Misc)

Humberwood Library  (Other/Misc)

Jane Dundas Library  (Other/Misc)

Jones Library  (Other/Misc)

Kennedy Eglinton Library  (Other/Misc)

Leaside Library  (Other/Misc)

Toronto Public Library - Lillian H. Smith  (Other/Misc)

Agincourt Library  (Other/Misc)

Five Stars Nails  (Other/Misc)

Hair Salon  (Other/Misc)

@2066 Lounge Bar  (Bars / Clubs)

7th Wave Bistro  (Restaurants)

Harry Young Shoes  (Retail)

Pleasant Pheasant  (Retail)

Thread-Lines  (Retail)

Clothes Out Trading  (Retail)

Brigham Enterprises  (Retail)

Clothing For Modern Times Ltd.  (Retail)

Urban Attitude  (Retail)

Toni Plus  (Retail)

Strellmax Ltd.  (Retail)

Obesseions Dress Designs Ltd.  (Retail)

ICO Sportswear Ltd.  (Retail)

Luca's Wear  (Retail)

Squeezed  (Retail)

Active America Corp.  (Retail)

Gordon Contract  (Retail)

U And Me Fashion  (Retail)

Laura Jayne Bridal Design  (Retail)

Margell Mechanical Contractors  (Other/Misc)

Selectronics Limited  (Other/Misc)

Laminated Textiles Co.  (Other/Misc)

Starquip Industrial Products Ltd.  (Other/Misc)

Albert Campbell Library  (Other/Misc)

Albion Library  (Other/Misc)

Alderwood Library  (Other/Misc)

Annette Street Library  (Other/Misc)

Armour Heights Library  (Other/Misc)

Barbara Frum Library  (Other/Misc)

Bayview Library  (Other/Misc)

Beaches Library  (Other/Misc)

Bendale Library  (Other/Misc)

Brentwood Library  (Other/Misc)

Bridlewood Library  (Other/Misc)

Brookbanks Library  (Other/Misc)

Burrows Hall Library  (Other/Misc)

Cedarbrae Library  (Other/Misc)

Centennial Library  (Other/Misc)

City Hall Library  (Other/Misc)

Cliffcrest Library  (Other/Misc)

Danforth Coxwell Library  (Other/Misc)

Davenport Library  (Other/Misc)

Dawes Road Library  (Other/Misc)

Deer Park Library  (Other/Misc)

Don Mills Library  (Other/Misc)

Eatonville Library  (Other/Misc)

Eglinton Square Library  (Other/Misc)

PHD Canada  (Other/Misc)

CanStage  (Attractions)

Annona Restaurant  (Restaurants)

Auberge du Pommier  (Restaurants)

Beerbistro  (Restaurants)

Calypso Palace Ontario  (Restaurants)

Scene It Ltd.  (Restaurants)

Mar & Mars  (Restaurants)

Pasta Gourmet  (Other/Misc)

Outer Layer  (Retail)

Name  (Retail)

Charter House Financial Group  (Other/Misc)

Horner Insurance  (Other/Misc)

Canadian Final Expense Plan  (Other/Misc)

Baron Management Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Canada Protection Plan  (Other/Misc)

Robertson & Robertson Yacht Insurance  (Other/Misc)

George McFarlane Insurance  (Other/Misc)

Guthrie Insurance Brokers Ltd.  (Other/Misc)

Heinsoo Insurance Brokers Ltd.  (Other/Misc)

H.G. Porritt Real Estate Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Thorpe Benefits  (Other/Misc)

Symbolic Immersion Therapy  (Other/Misc)

Microbix Biosystems Inc.  (Other/Misc)

C & B Dental Laboratories Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Micrylium Laboratories  (Other/Misc)

Peters Dental Ceramic Studio Ltd.  (Other/Misc)

The Nail Gallery  (Other/Misc)

Caryl Baker Visage  (Other/Misc)

Caryl Baker Visage  (Other/Misc)

Caryl Baker Visage  (Other/Misc)

New Roots Studio  (Other/Misc)

Bliss Laser and Electrolysis Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Star Beauty Bar  (Other/Misc)

Salon Yanna  (Other/Misc)

Truefitt and Hill  (Other/Misc)

Hair On College  (Other/Misc)

Spring Day Spa Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Barrymore Furniture Co. Ltd.  (Retail)

Dwight Taaffe Designs  (Retail)

Rick's Work Room  (Retail)

Cooper Bros. International  (Retail)

Blake Jarrett & Company  (Retail)

Shower Door of Canada  (Retail)

Dekkor  (Retail)

Bizon America Inc.  (Retail)

Andrew Richens Antiques  (Retail)

Bedding for Home  (Retail)

Borgo  (Retail)

Canada Mattress  (Retail)

The Arthur Press Ltd.  (Other/Misc)

Markham Litho Ltd.  (Other/Misc)

Howell-Versatel Graphic Communcations  (Other/Misc)

Morris Marketing Communications Group Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Kendall Printing Co.  (Other/Misc)

Canadian Printing Resources  (Other/Misc)

C.J. Stafford  (Other/Misc)

D & S Personnel Services  (Other/Misc)

Derhak Ireland & Parnters  (Other/Misc)

Three In A Box Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Hess Associates  (Other/Misc)

Ace Personal Services  (Other/Misc)

Essentials Beauty & Spa  (Other/Misc)

Triumph Manufacturing  (Retail)

Yoshi Kimono  (Retail)

Jodi International  (Retail)

The Work Room  (Retail)

Arrow Heating & Air Condition  (Retail)

Gordon W. Martin Florists Ltd.  (Retail)

Tidy`s Flowers  (Retail)

Ciano Florist  (Retail)

Roots & Shoots Florist  (Retail)

Plants & Flowers  (Retail)

Vanderfleet Flowers Inc.  (Retail)

Toytown  (Retail)

T.W. Gilchrist Vending Ltd.  (Retail)

Edward Dworkin Distributors Ltd.  (Retail)

Angelo Royal Gift Centre  (Retail)

George's Trains Ltd.  (Retail)

Efston Science Inc.  (Retail)

2 The Beat Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Music Instruments of Canada  (Retail)

Mashino  (Retail)

Art's Jewellery Inc.  (Retail)

Hayk's Fine Jewellery  (Retail)

Elegant Factory Direct Jewellers  (Retail)

Harold Weinstein Ltd.  (Retail)

Alex Schleicher Inc.  (Retail)

Marino's Fine Cars  (Other/Misc)

Parkway Honda  (Other/Misc)

Mark Derry's Car Sense Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Clubb Auto Brokers  (Other/Misc)

Car Sense Used Cars  (Other/Misc)

Kipling Auto Centre  (Other/Misc)

Blue Flame  (Other/Misc)

Aggett Ltd.  (Other/Misc)

Hydronic Parts Group Limited  (Other/Misc)

Allied Plumbing & Drain Ltd.  (Other/Misc)

Sprint Mechanical  (Other/Misc)

Don Park Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Plaiter Place  (Retail)

The Beadery  (Retail)

Bead Cafe Inc.  (Retail)

Bead Junction  (Retail)

Beads of Colour  (Retail)

Bling Bling On Queen  (Retail)

John Bead Corporation Ltd  (Retail)

Geo Designs  (Retail)

Armadillo Shoes  (Retail)

The Australian Boot Company  (Retail)

The Australian Boot Company  (Retail)

Ludlow of London Ltd.  (Retail)

Taylor's Shoes  (Retail)

Nick's Shoes  (Retail)

Barnstorm Leathers  (Retail)

The Saddle Bag  (Retail)

Enchin Leather Supplies Ltd.  (Retail)

Accessories By Eva  (Retail)

Acton Leather Co.  (Retail)

Betty Hemmings Leathergoods  (Retail)

Export Leather Garments  (Retail)

Global Leather Goods And Gifts Co.  (Retail)

Kaba Leather Goods  (Retail)

Perfect Leather Goods  (Retail)

Sik Sun Leather Goods Co.  (Retail)

Bentley Leather Inc.  (Retail)

Bentley Leather Inc.  (Retail)

Classic Leather  (Retail)

De Ritz  (Retail)

Furla  (Retail)

J's Leather  (Retail)

Laco Sac  (Retail)

The Leather Mart  (Retail)

Leather One  (Retail)

Mecca  (Retail)

Mr. Cheapies  (Retail)

Newstart Trading Co.  (Retail)

Prime Leather  (Retail)

Nad Bank Inc.  (Other/Misc)

The Canadian Jewish News  (Other/Misc)

Russian Infotrade Ltd.  (Other/Misc)

Ontario Newspaper Services  (Other/Misc)

Rocky's Kidz  (Other/Misc)

Icon Model Management Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Velocci Fashion Productions Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Ideal Creations Company  (Other/Misc)

Robert Lowrey's Piano Experts  (Other/Misc)

Bodyclinic  (Other/Misc)

Annex Clinic  (Other/Misc)

Alternative Heath Care Services  (Other/Misc)

Acupuncture & Shiatsu Clinic  (Other/Misc)

A & P Acupuncture & Herbs  (Other/Misc)

Acupuncture Clinic  (Other/Misc)

ALIVE Holistic Health Clinic  (Other/Misc)

Greenway Acupuncture & Tuina Massage Therapy Clinic  (Other/Misc)

Asian Acupuncture & Shiatsu Clinic  (Other/Misc)

LHH Nature Health Clinic  (Other/Misc)

Jina's Day Spa  (Other/Misc)

Hospital For Sick Children  (Other/Misc)

Rouge Valley Health System  (Other/Misc)

St. Joseph's Health Centre  (Other/Misc)

Bridgepoint Health  (Other/Misc)

Radical Roots  (Restaurants)

Red Room  (Restaurants)

Shanghai Cowgirl  (Restaurants)

Blink Pictures  (Other/Misc)

Awe Goblin  (Other/Misc)

Video Invasion  (Other/Misc)

xxx travision  (Other/Misc)

Germin Video Electronics  (Other/Misc)

Beachtek  (Retail)

Fashion Wigs  (Retail)

Pella Window & Door Store  (Retail)

Stained Glass by Chris  (Retail)

Aradia Fitness  (Other/Misc)

Polson Pier  (Attractions)

The Interior Design Show  (Attractions)

The Moose show  (Attractions)

Zero Gravity Circus  (Attractions)

Fizzical Fizzicks  (Attractions)

Yuk Yuk's  (Entertainment)

Upstart Crow Theatre Group  (Entertainment)

iTickets  (Retail)

Ticket Centre  (Retail)

Ticket Time  (Retail)

T.O. Tix  (Retail)

Be There  (Retail)

Pages Books & Magazines  (Retail)

Karma Co-op  (Retail)

Whole Foods Market  (Retail)

Toronto animal Rights Society  (Other/Misc)

101 Apartments  (Residences)

Minto Yorkville Deluxe Rentals  (Residences)

Princess Management  (Residences)

American Appraisal Canada  (Other/Misc)

Videoscope  (Other/Misc)

Tribal Rhythm  (Retail)

Crawford Boys  (Retail)

Mickey Land Children's Wear  (Retail)

Funky Baby Inc.  (Retail)

Valu-Mart  (Retail)

Lady York foods  (Other/Misc)

Asian Food Centre  (Retail)

The Car Rental Place  (Other/Misc)

Rent-A-Wreck  (Other/Misc)

Direct Car Rentals  (Other/Misc)

Snug  (Retail)

Gala Slacks  (Retail)

Avenue Travel Service  (Other/Misc)

Overseas Travel  (Other/Misc)

Goway Travel  (Other/Misc)

Santa Cruz Travel  (Other/Misc)

Compass Rose Travel  (Other/Misc)

Georgia Hardy Tours  (Other/Misc)

Helen Thompson Travel  (Other/Misc)

A Stroll in the Park  (Other/Misc)

Paterson Photographic Works Inc.  (Other/Misc)

John Narvali Photographer  (Other/Misc)

David Scott Photography  (Other/Misc)

Dean Maher Photography Inc.  (Other/Misc)

Yoga Bear Kids  (Other/Misc)

Sage Yoga and Meditation Centre  (Other/Misc)

Firstlook Fashions  (Retail)

Jeremy Potvin  (Retail)

Mackle Fashions  (Retail)

Four Seasons Knitting Products  (Retail)

Passion Knit  (Retail)

Village Yarns  (Retail)

Wool Works  (Retail)

360 Restaurant  (Restaurants)

Amuse-Bouche  (Restaurants)

Act Two  (Retail)

Exile  (Retail)

Shanti  (Retail)

Grace Textiles  (Retail)

Legs Plus & Bra Boutique  (Retail)

MissBehav N  (Retail)

Alex Furs  (Retail)

Hollywood Canteen  (Retail)

Linea Intima  (Retail)

Nearly Naked Lingerie  (Retail)

Kitsch Boutique  (Retail)

The Brick Shirt House  (Retail)

Katz's Deli  (Restaurants)

Willowdale Dairy Queen  (Restaurants)

Leonard's Restaurant  (Restaurants)

Balzac's Coffee  (Restaurants)

The Olde Yorke Fish & Chips  (Restaurants)

Jake's Restaurant  (Restaurants)

The Flame Restaurant & Tavern  (Restaurants)

Coleman's Restaurant & Deli Catering  (Restaurants)

Gus' Restaurant & Tavern  (Restaurants)

C'est What  (Restaurants)

Zorba's Restaurant  (Restaurants)

Chappa Corner Cafe  (Restaurants)

Quasar Mode Inc.  (Retail)

Parade  (Retail)

Morningstar  (Retail)

Tessi Ladies Wear  (Retail)

Girl Friday  (Retail)

Monique's Collection  (Retail)

The Spanx Shop  (Retail)

My Bump Maternity  (Retail)

Tender Thoughts  (Retail)

Roach-o-Rama  (Retail)

The Beatlemania Shoppe  (Retail)

Curves  (Other/Misc)

Joseph's Hair Styling  (Other/Misc)

Petros Hair Design  (Retail)

Therapeutic Beauty Centre  (Other/Misc)

Another Story Book Shop  (Retail)

CBC Museum  (Attractions)

Elixir Spa and Manicure Bar  (Retail)

FactoryDirect  (Retail)

The Baby Shop  (Retail)

Dairy Treats European Cafe & Bakery  (Retail)

Lower East Side Tattoo Studios  (Other/Misc)

A Different Booklist  (Retail)

Preloved  (Retail)

Tiffany's Bridal Store  (Retail)

Bright Anvil Studios  (Retail)

Andreas Photo  (Other/Misc)

The Film Buff  (Entertainment)

Children's Own Museum  (Attractions)

Club Bass  (Retail)

MapleMusic  (Other/Misc)

DSR Harcourts Ltd.  (Retail)

Gucci  (Retail)

Channel Boutique  (Retail)

Hoax Couture  (Retail)

Toronto Aerospace Museum  (Attractions)

Spadina Historic House and Gardens  (Attractions)

Reiss Gallery  (Attractions)

Spence Gallery  (Attractions)

Totto Spa & Salon  (Other/Misc)

Salon Fortelli & Spa  (Other/Misc)

Betty Oliphant Theatre  (Entertainment)