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Upcountry - September 14, 2007
6 out of 6 people found this review helpful. PLEASE AVOID THIS PLACE!

Yes all the furniture is super-cool and stylin', but stop daydreaming about how amazing your fantastic new living room is going to look and smell the coffee! You'll pay your deposit then wait and wait and wait some more...and you won't receive your furniture.

I'm waiting for my couch and today they finally told me that the "new management" has removed their entire computer system from the stores so they have no way to look up orders.

On Monday they told me that their new "Head Office" takes care of all the customer service. They said that they don't have a phone number for head office and that they will send them my contact info via email and I'll be contacted within 48 hrs. Are you surprised they never called me back? So Friday I call and they tell me that they will fax my contact info to head office and someone will call me. Also they told me to call back in an hour to speak to the Manager, Pat. Well, how convenient that when I called back an hour later "Pat" is on lunch.

I am completely convinced that I am never going to see the couch I ordered. Its unfortunate because it also paints a bad picture for the manufacturer, GUS Design Group http://www.gusmodern.com/
since UpCountry is the distributor of their products in Toronto. If I was GUS I would be finding a better retailer to work with because their products are so nice looking. It would be a shame if they were boycotted just because of their poor retailer. Who knows, maybe they're related or owned by the same folks.

So if you're a sucker like the rest of us who unfortunately didn't read this forum before putting down a hefty chunk of money, call your credit card company right away and ask for a charge back.

Good luck!

I do not recommend this place.
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