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Novo Spa & Salon - August 7, 2007
6 out of 7 people found this review helpful. This Yorkville spa is a wonderful place to relax, which specializes in color therapy and specialized services. The medium-size facility is clean and spacious with numerous service rooms, offering comfortable men and women-only lounges, a tea room with complimentary tea, and a lunch menu; saunas in the change rooms, and a friendly and professional staff. The facility also features a full service hair salon on site.

I went for couples' side-by-side massage, a special package that includes champagne and truffle chocolates for two, plus use of the special in-room color therapy shower. It was very relaxing and we had a great time.

Change rooms include personal lockers, and they give you a very comfy robe, towel and slippers to use within the facilities. There's also a shower, and a vanity which has face cream, body lotion, deodorant, and hairspray for
your use, along with hair brushes and a hair blow dryer.

Prices are typical for spas in the Yorkville area, but not ridiculous, as with some spas like the Stillwater down the street. See their website for more details.

I recommend this place.
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Melissa Nail - July 8, 2007
7 out of 13 people found this review helpful. This nice, clean new nail spa is a great place to go for a $35 manicure/pedicure. While the service is a bit brusque, the ladies here are very thoughtful and take good care of your hands and arms, feet and legs. The pedicure massage chairs all works, are well-kept, and face a widescreen TV playing MuchMusic. Service was fast, and my mani/pedicure was finished within an hour.
I recommend this place.
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Everest Cafe & Bar - July 2, 2007
7 out of 10 people found this review helpful. Remember that Italian/French/Chinese restaurant on Seinfeld? Well, that's what Everest seems to be. Their menu is perfect for the group of diners who just can't decide between Tibetan, pizza, Thai, or "other".

While not the best food I've ever had, the location is prime, right across from the Chum City building, and it sports a narrow patio (not great for large parties.) The service is fast and friendly, and the atmosphere is reminiscent of a zen-lounge/modern noodle house cum fancy restaurant.

I had the Tibetan Momos--glorified beef and spinach dumplings lightly pan-fried and served with a side salad and pickled carrots that weren't really pickled. A good effort, but not terribly authentic. Prices were a little high for what you got: in the $9 to $15 range. But, really, you're paying for a great spot to people watch and enjoy drinks.

I recommend this place.
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Sobeys - June 24, 2007
9 out of 14 people found this review helpful. This 24-hour supermarket on Dupont west of Christie is a great place to shop, especially if you need to get groceries at weird hours of the day. Their signature brand of no-name "Compliments" products are comparable, budget-friendly alternatives to like brand-name products, spanning across the aisles from fresh produce to household goods. The building is fully wheelchair accessible, and sports a good parking lot. Services include a full-service deli, fish market and butcher, and a florist's area. There's also a wine store en suite (though they only sell a limited selection of Canadian wines).

One of the best features of the store: recipe cards in the fresh produce sections that recommend meals you can try. Something new and different. That way, if you ever ask yourself, "Hmm, smelt. How do I cook smelt?" all you have to do is pick up a recipe card.

I recommend this place.
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Sierra Grill - April 9, 2007
9 out of 13 people found this review helpful. This grill serves a melange of North American cuisine, including steaks, burgers, pasta, fish, and so forth. Entree prices range around $17 to $25, and most of the meals include their all-you-can eat salad buffet - their star feature that makes the trip uptown worthwhile. The Salad Market includes dozens of choices, from a number of quality fresh-baked breads, soups, roasted vegetables, bean and pasta salads, fruit, and other gourmet fare you're more likely to find at a high-end grocer's takeout stand. You can get just the salad bar for $15, though I recommend an entree anyhow. They also have daily specials, including their Saturday prime rib special which includes a potato side and the salad buffet for $20.

Sierra Grill also serves what appears to be a good selection on their brunch menu.

It's a very busy restaurant, and not the best place to bring a date. They also don't take reservations after 6:30 pm.

I would have given this place a 5-star review except that our party of 15 had a reservation and the hostess was harassing us and threatening to take our tables away after we'd sat down because some of our guests were late arriving. Their seating policy is not posted anywhere, and we were not informed of it over the phone. The resulting disagreement wholly unsettled my stomach and soured the entire experience for me. If not for the fabulous salad bar, I would call this place a glorified Ponderosa or a mediocre The Keg, and recommend you go to Whole Foods Market for takeout gourmet salad instead.

Fortunately, the rest of their staff was helpful and friendly, and the food was satisfying. A good place to take a party of maybe no more than 6, if you don't mind the wait.

I recommend this place.
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