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Lahore TIKA - March 31, 2006
2 out of 2 people found this review helpful. Excerpt from a review at!

[...] We found as quiet a spot as we could. Though I like the music, I didnít want it blaring in my ears. While waiting for our tables, I was looking on with curious eyes at the kitchen pictured in the SpotLightToronto review. The chefs were making Nan bread by putting them into an oven. I love Nan! Nan is like pita bread but so much better!

All food had to be ordered from the front counter, after selecting a cross-section of dishes, I went to the counter and got a number to display for our table. This would be how the waiters will deliver the food to us. I was sure the owners and staff had a sense of humour because they gave me number 88 - the lucky number of choice for Chinese patrons!

The four of us gorged ourselves with an enormous amount of food, eaten on paper plates with our plastic forks and knives. We were wondering why the tables were so messy after people finished eating, the answer was apparent as they carried iron plates overflowing with rice and we tried to dig in. There was so much rice that there was no way you could start eating without spilling any of this onto the table. Was it being messy? I just viewed it as having fun with your food!

Hereís a list of what we got and a brief assessment:

* 2 chicken kabobs, 2 lamb kabobs (I highly recommend the lamb kabobs)
* 4 nan bread (we ordered 2 initially but couldnít get enough!)
* vegetable mixer sizzler (mixed assortment, chick peas and spinach were my favourite; eaten with Nan bread)
* butter chicken (excellent! chosen as a standard measure of Indian restaurants)
* lamb khori (the lamb dishes here have no lamb smell or after taste at all; a definitely delight)
* chicken tikka (one of the best tikka dishes Iíve ever had)
* chicken bryani rice (I love bryani rice, could eat it forever)

Whew! That was a mouthful, and believe me; I was full and satisfied when it was all over. I was more pleased to see all that was only $69 for 4 people before tips. We experienced a real good representation of various Indian cooking styles, and we were also treated to some impromptu drumming by the waiter-turned drummer. (He needs a bit more pratice in my opinion!) [...]

[You can see the full review at isine-at-lahore-tikka.html]

I recommend this place.
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Embrujo Flamenco Tapas - March 31, 2006
8 out of 10 people found this review helpful. The hourly sunday shows starting at 7pm were divine, though I wished the dancer and the guitarist would sing more. I wouldn't mind hearing some spanish folk songs!

The tapas were delicious, flavourful but a bit pricey. I wish we had ordered more Sangria. It was little drafty near the door and the service was attentive and professional.

This was my first tapas experience, and I do like it. As an oriental, I guess I can describe it as Spanish equivalent of Chinese dim sum!

I recommend this place.
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