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Barberian's Steak House - January 18, 2007
3 out of 3 people found this review helpful. Stumbled on this place by accident while out looking for someplace to eat. The atmosphere was great - dimly lit, rustic feel. I was amazed at the wine list...or rather wine catalog. It was 30 pages or so and quite overwhelming. With all the wines on their list I would have loved to see their wine cellar. The food menu on the other hand was quite simple - steak seemed to be their specialty though they also offered rack of lamb and several seafood dishes.

As far as taste goes, their food was excellent - juicy steak cooked to perfection, crisp, flavorful asparagus and a Spanish Merlot that had an amazing smoked flavor.

Make no mistake though, the prices here are for those with thick wallets. Look to spend around $50 per person and much more if there is alcohol involved. Myself and three others had a $500 tab. I'm not sure but I think we had a $200 bottle of wine.

Definitely not the kind of place I'd normally frequent but since I didn't have to pay, I thought it was great!

I recommend this place.
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